width= 5 Fall Party Ideas for Kids

By: aBaby

Fall is the time of year that everybody looks forward to! If your kid has his birthday in the fall, what better way to celebrate it than to have a fall themed party? Here are 5 great game ideas for your fall themed party.

  1. Cookie Decorating Bar
    Every kid, no matter how old, likes cookies! Take advantage of this set up a cookie bar (you will have to provide the already baked leaf-shaped sugar cookies.) Put orange, red and yellow sprinkles at separate stations along with fall colored frosting. Let the kids go wild decorating their own fall themed cookies.


  2. Leaf Blow Race
    This is a great game to play if you have a party with lots of kids.
    Set up a long table. Make 3 or 4 divisions in it lengthwise depending on how big the table is. Each division should be about a foot wide. Make a definite start and finish line at both the ends of the table. Give each child a straw and a leaf. 4 (or 3) kids can go at a time. The objective is to blow the leaf across the table to the finish line. If it falls off, go back and start again. The winners of each round can then compete against each other.

  3. The Popcorn Race
    bowl_of_popcornSince October is the official popcorn month, and since all kids love popcorn, it is great to have a few popcorn themed games. One is the popcorn race. Have two large bowls of popcorn and place them on a table at one end. Have two empty bowls placed in line with these bowls at the other end. Divide the children into two groups and line them up in between the two sets of bowls. Give them each a plastic cup. The objective of the game is that the popcorn has to reach the empty bowl, cup by cup. No child is allowed to move their feet. They can only pass the popcorn from their cup into the next person’s cup. The first team to empty out the large bowl wins.


  4. Scare Crow Piñata
    Kids love Halloween. And we all know why, don’t we? Candy, candy and some more candy! So why not give them what they love? Make a piñata of a scarecrow (witches and pumpkins are too over done). Fill it up with healthy Halloween candy. Give each child a turn to hit the piñata with a pole. Be sure that everyone gets a turn and that everyone gets some candy.

  5. Pop Goes the Pumpkin
    This game will probably be the highlight of your kid’s party. Blow up about ten orange balloons and fasten them to a board in a fun shape. Give each child 3 turns to shoot at the balloons with a pen or arrow. The child, who pops the most balloons, wins.

    And you know what would go really well with all these kiddy parties? Ababy’s range of really fun gift and party favors- all under $25!!!

    Now go out and have the best party this Fall. And remember, the secret to a fantastic party is: Safety first, Fun: close second!

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