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Shop for your baby’s nursery decor with aBaby, a company that specializes in baby products. We have all the necessary nursery organization products you need to make the nursery comfortable for your baby. Our baby nursery decors include lighting, play storage, bookend, rugs, mirror, wall letter, growth chart, and much more. Our nursery furniture will help to create the baby room of your dreams, and the customs department can help design a nursery according to your personal preferences.

Lighting >

Children’s Lighting - what a bright idea for the kid's room!

Wall Art >

Thrill your child with our fun filled wall art!

Ceiling Fans >

Let your kids feel that light tropical breeze that gently lulls them to sleep. Our kids’ nursery ceiling fans, with inbuilt lamps, come in a range of prints and colors. You can also custom design ceiling fans for your child’s nursery. Start today.

Wall Letters >

Find Nursery Wall Letters in All Shapes and Sizes. Perfect For Names or an ABC Display.

Mirrors >

Who is the fairest one of all? Our Kids Wall Mirrors!

Window Treatments >

Because nice matters... Check out our Kids Window Valances and Curtains to complete their room.

Bed Crowns >

And for the crowning touch... Kids Bed Crowns!

Kids Clothes Stands >

Cleanup in a jiffy - with a cute Kids Clothes Stand!

Kids Furniture Knobs >

Nothing brightens furniture as well as our Kids knobs.

Growth Charts >

Look Mom, see how much I grew! Watch 'em grow with our fun Growth Charts.

Kids Rugs >

Sink into sumptuously soft Kid’s Rugs!

Frames, Clocks & Room Decor >

Baby Nursery Bedroom Décor & Accessories

Playroom Storage >

Storage is good! Storage is neat! And baby shelves & storage can be fun, fun, fun!

Bookends >

Our charming bookends sure do a good job keeping books neat.

Wall Decals >

Wall Decals add punch to your walls without a paint job!

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Think of Baby Nursery Decor as their introduction to magic

Now that you’ve got all the necessary furniture pieces for your baby’s nursery, it’s time to decorate the room. A child’s room or baby nursery should have warmth, personality, and splashes of color created by fun artwork, lamps, and, of course, rugs. It should be a special place where imagination is real, and sweet dreams do come true. You’ll love our collection of nursery and toddler’s room decor because each piece is truly unique.

Wallpaper, stenciled lettering, wall decals, and wall art are the best way to add a personal touch to the room. From watercolor baby animals or modern splashes of color, we’ve got the wall art to match your style.

When it comes to baby nursery decor or toddler room decor, we’ve rounded up a collection of totally kid-friendly art and décor pieces.

Our imaginative and creative lighting collection includes chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps and sconces in all shapes, colors, and themes- the perfect way to brighten the nursery or kid’s room.

Just because it's on the floor doesn't mean a rug shouldn't be as special as the rest of your kid’s room decor. Area rugs and floor mats, while adding a colorful splash to your baby’s nursery décor, provide toddlers with a comfortable place to play and crawl around on. That's the idea behind our assortment of colorful and quality rugs.

With a little planning and creativity, you can use our fabulous collection of nursery organization decor to design your baby’s room and make it a space that the whole family will enjoy spending time in.