10 Cute Little Spooky Costumes That Only Babies Can Pull off This Halloween

With Halloween coming up soon, costume planning for schools, parties and competitions is the one thing on everyone’s mind! Costumes for kids are especially challenging to put together. However when they do come together in the end, they are definitely the most adorable outfits you have ever seen!

Here are 10 Halloween costumes that your darling baby would totally rock this Halloween.

1. Evil pumpkin

This is a spin on the classsic Halloween pumpkin costume. Not only does the baby look adorable as an evil pumpkin, it’s comfortable and doesn’t need extra make up, making it the perfect infant Halloween costume.


2. Wicked witch

Witches may be wicked but a baby dressed as a witch is bound to make everyone “oohh” and “aww”. Whether you use a knitted pointy hat or go all out with a cape and a nose, this little this Halloween costume for baby girls is a definite hit.


3. Batman

You can never go wrong with superhero costumes. Since Batman is the only popular “dark” hero around, this makes for a perfect baby Halloween costume. Not just that, babies look so cute in this costume that you just want to nibble their toes.


4. Dracula

Another Halloween classsic, Dracula is always a go-to for many parents and even adults! It’s super easy to throw together since it mostly involves a tuxedo and a red cape. Throw in some fake teeth and you’re done! Minimal effort for a classsic costume.


5. Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington is a creepy, but much loved Tim Burton creation. If you were a kid of the 90s you most definitely grew up watching “The Nightmare before Christmas.” Here is an opportunity for you to dress your little darling up as one of your favorite Tim Burton characters.


6. Ventriloquist dummy

Here is a creepy yet unusual idea for a baby Halloween costume. This one is a two-part costume since it requires the parent to dress up as a ventriloquist. The baby represents the dummy. Eerie but cool right?


7. Skeleton

Here’s another Halloween classsic—the skeleton. Another, super easy costume to throw together. Paint on a black onesie with white fabric paint and voila! Baby’s comfort isn’t compromised and he can spend all day in it looking totally spooky!


8. Harry Potter

Harry Potter – that classsic kids growing up in the 90s enjoyed as soon as they learned how to read! If you are a Harry Potter fan, you will love this costume! Dress your baby up as little Harry and watch as he becomes the talk of the town!


9. Edward Scissorhands

For those of us who can’t get enough of Johnny Depp, this is the costume to try this Halloween! This one will work better on kids who are a tad older. This costume is bound to get everyone all cut up!


10. The Joker

A classsic DC villain, the evil crown prince, the craziest of the crazies and the spookiest of the spooky - the Joker needs no introduction. A costume based on this character is bound to win your little one all awe and admiration this Halloween. This is one costume every boy should try at least once.



So there you have it. 10 spooky and creative Halloween costume ideas for your little ones. Which one is your baby going to try this Halloween?

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