10 of the Best New Baby Products for 2018 You'll Wish You Had

By: aBaby.com

Come 2018 and with it come a flood of new trends, not just with fashion but also with baby care! Thanks to technology and the innovation of some radical thinkers, baby care gets more comfortable and more relaxed with the years. Think back to when there was no such thing as a breast pump! It is probably the single most important product to a working mom!

Here are some more radical new products that will come into the market this year. You absolutely won't want to miss out on these!


1. Soothing Mat


This incredible soothing mat works wonders for infants. It mimics the sounds and motions your little one would have experienced in the womb! How's that for technology? With this incredible invention, your baby is more likely to sleep longer and give mommy a chance to rest properly in between feeds. Use this mat in the stroller, crib, and on the go to soothe your little one in the first few months. (https://www.tranquilomat.com/)


2. Sink Boss


This amazing creation can change any regular sink into a sanitary washing and drying space. This crazy contraption folds up nicely so you can take it with you wherever you go. Effortlessly wash and clean bottles and other baby feeding equipment when you travel. So if you are someone who travels a lot, this is definitely worth the investment. (https://sinkboss.com/)


3. Safety Cushion Bath Tub


Another super cool baby care product is this Safety Cushion Bath Tub. Coming soon to the U.S., this marshmallow-soft bathtub is so soft that an egg dropped into it from a height won't even crack! This plastic tub fits comfortably into any sink and is ergonomically designed to provide complete support to your baby's spine. (https://www.sobble.co.kr/baby-bath-products)


4. Stroller Wagon


This incredible stroller converts into a fully-fledged wagon once your child outgrows it. It is sturdy and durable with the step on/step off brakes and adjustable handles. It also has a canopy to protect from rain and sunlight. (https://thepumpingmommy.com/17-of-the-best-new-baby-products-for-2018-youll-wish-you-had)


5. Toddler Luggage Seat


Coming to the market this march, this fun invention is just what every parent at an airport needs! It attaches onto any suitcase where your child can sit while you pull it along! Works for children as young as eight months and as heavy as 50 pounds! If you're looking for something to free up your hands, this is just the thing! (https://think-king.com/product/sitalong-toddler-luggage-seat/)


6. Mobile Changing Station


Pre-orders are open for this amazing mobile changing station! It's a portable charging station with you everywhere and doesn't ever worry about changing your baby on the go. It folds up nicely making it the perfect companion for a family on a road trip! (https://beanko.com/products/mobile-changing-station)


7. Twin Sleeper Bassinet


This is the perfect bassinet for twins. This amazing bassinet has adjustable height and spins around 360 degrees, allowing you access to either baby without having to move! It also has a see-through mesh in the middle allowing both babies to look at each other and bond. Quite cool if you ask us!


8. Motorized Recliner


Yep, it's exactly what it sounds like! This super comfortable and incredibly chic motorized recliner gives you the best of both worlds! Just put it in the nursery to make mommy's night time feeds a lot easier on her. It is a definite must-have for any new parent! (https://www.dailybreak.com/break/abc-kids-expo-2017)


9. Potty Boss


A real lifesaver for any traveling family, this Potty Boss is the ideal travel toilet seat. It folds flat so it can be easily stored in your car under the seat or in between bags. Its unique design allows you to clean, store and handle it without having to touch any of the dirty parts. A definite winner in our books! (https://www.dailybreak.com/break/abc-kids-expo-2017)

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