5 Helpful Charts for New Parents

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How exciting is it to have a new baby around the house?! New parents go through various stages of thrill and terror in anticipation and even after the birth of a new baby. Fortunately for us millennials, we have a little something called the internet that can get us through almost any life-altering experience.

There are tons of books, articles, case studies, parenting tips and documentaries online that will more than prepare you for the arrival of your new baby. But who wants to spend hours reading a book, combing through case studies or watching a boring documentary, when you have something much more entertaining that can prepare you just as well? 

Enter, baby charts. If you already have kids then you know that these are great little graphs and scales that give you loads of information about various aspects of newborn baby care. They tell you what to expect and when, show you when to relax and when to panic and most of all, they really lighten the entire experience with their creative wit and sense of humor. 

So here are 5, super entertaining charts that will give you a whole bank of information and ammunition to confidently tackle that new bundle of joy that is just waiting to meet you!


1. Baby Growth Chart – Milestones

One of the primary concerns for most new parents is whether or not their little bundle is meeting each milestone in time. This baby milestone chart is a great baby monitoring tool. It shows you exactly what your baby should be able to do and by when. It also clearly specifies red flags and how to seek help if you suspect that your baby isn’t progressing as he should. Please remember that all babies are different. And all babies will develop as and when they are physically and mentally ready. The worst thing you can do is compare another baby’s progress to your own. 

Take a look at these baby growth charts and see what you can do to gently encourage your baby to meet his milestones when the time comes.




2. Growth Tracker – Height

Everybody has memories of their parents measuring their height and making new marks on a wall or a door frame every year. You can do the same for your little one and you don’t have to wait until he can stand. You just need to be spread out onto a surface and all you need to do is lay your baby down on it and measure away! Once your toddler begins to toddle around you can permanently mount the chart on a wall in your home.

What’s more, these amazing, baby growth charts can be customized with your baby’s name on them!



3. Poop Alert! – Colors and Textures

Another thing that has a pediatrician’s phone ringing off the hook is the color of a baby’s poop. A new born’s poop goes through various stages of colors and consistencies in the first 2 weeks alone. Additionally, these stages will differ depending on whether the baby is breastfed or formula-fed. Furthermore, any supplements that your baby may be taking can affect the color of his poop as well. For example, iron supplements will make the poop appear green or sometimes even black. But there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

This really helpful chart shows (in great detail) what to expect in terms of poop and when to be really alarmed.



4. Baby Cues – Hunger

This is a great chart that will teach you how to read your newborn baby for hunger cues. Once you have these down, you can almost always avoid your baby crying (because of hunger). Let’s face it, a hungry, crying baby is not easy to calm down. She won’t feed if she is crying and she won’t stop crying until she is fed. So, avoid getting into this situation and study this chart thoroughly!


5. Breastfeeding Fun Facts

If you have decided to breastfeed your baby on demand, kudos to you! It is far from easy, you will be seriously sleep-deprived for 6 months and you will get fat. But, let me assure you that it is more than worth it. If you watch your diet, you won’t have to deal with colic as much and your baby will more than double her birth-weight before she completes three months. At the end of it all, you will have a strong, healthy baby who will laugh in the face of germs and be secure enough to play on her own and be held by other people without getting upset.

Dear Formula Moms, the magic of breastfeeding is seriously underrated. Take a look at this chart and who knows, maybe you will change your mind and decide to breastfeed your baby too!



The truth is no one really gets the hang of how to look after a baby until much after the baby is born. Parenting is parenting, but having a new baby is nothing short of an incredibly rattling roller coaster ride. There is no better analogy to explain the whole experience. So here’s some parenting advice: buckle up! It’s going to be a ride you will never forget!

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