5 Tips to Keep Your Little Ones Safe this Halloween

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Halloween period is arguably the best period of the year. We adults enjoy Halloween because the theme-based parties are a delight, and pretty much every store in town slashes their prices for Halloween sales.

It is probably every child’s favorite holiday. Dressing up in cute little costumes , going trick-or-treating and eating massive amounts of candy are just a few of the perks that Halloween brings with it. How can anybody not be eagerly awaiting such a holiday?

However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before allowing your little ones to go off and enjoy their Halloween parties. Here are a few tips on how to ensure that your kids have a safe Halloween:

  1. Always Trick or Treat with a Responsible Chaperone

  2. Kids look forward to trick or treating the most on Halloween. They get to go door-to-door and simply ask for candy. There is no doubt that they will encounter plenty of strangers and it is always best to have an adult accompanying every group.
    Dress Your Kids in Light Colored Costumes
    The excitement of Halloween seems to put children into a sugar rush long before they have even collected their candy. They tend to run about no matter how much you tell them not to. Light colored clothing will ensure that they are visible to drivers at night in the event that your child should break free from his/her group while trick or treating. Using reflective tape on costumes is also a great idea.

  3. Use Face Paint Instead of Masks

  4. Masks are often a generic size and don’t usually fit children well. In the case of toddlers, they are either too loose or do not sit correctly over the child’s face. This can hamper your child’s visibility, especially at night. Opt for organic face paint instead. It is safer and can be reused as part of a costume on many other occasions.

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  5. Light up Your Halloween!

  6. Make sure each of your kids has a glow stick or a flashlight that works well before you send them out. Instruct them to stay in areas that are well-lit, to only visit houses that are bright from the inside-out, and to avoid walking in the dark. Light up your home as bright as you can to encourage trick or treaters to visit you and to contribute to making sure your street has enough light so everyone can have a safe & cheerful Halloween.

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  7. Inspect the Candy

  8. Instruct your child beforehand that he/she must wait to come home before he/she eats any of the candy he/she collects from trick or treating. At the end of the night, sit with your children and go through all the treats that they have collected to ensure that they are safe to eat. It is best to eat only candy that is factory- wrapped. Steer clear of any dicey looking or unheard-of brands. Candy that looks like it has already been opened should be discarded immediately.


    Remember to be extra-cautious and keep your children well informed about the accidents that are likely to occur on Halloween. There is no reason why you and your kids shouldn’t be able to have a fun and safe Halloween.
    Happy Halloween, folks!

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