6 Funky Ideas for Your Kids Shared Bedroom

By: aBaby

Having fewer rooms in a home can be quite a challenge if your kids have to end up sharing a room. However, sharing a room as siblings has more advantages than limitations. Sure, your kids may fight about using each other’s stuff and complain about not having any privacy, but let’s face it, these things are bound to happen whether they share a room or not!

Siblings bond and grow together and believe it or not; they learn to respect each other’s privacy a lot when they share a room.

Kids love it when their rooms have a theme – so you could consider going with a theme-based bedroom for your tiny tots. When it comes to exploring room décor and arrangement options, it depends on how creatively you can think and how practical your thought is. Here are some fun ideas that you might find helpful in setting up a shared bedroom for your kids :


1. Portable Partitions

The most economical way to divide up a room for two siblings is to get your hands on a movable partition. Ceiling-suspended curtains are also another option, but you may not be able to move the apartment around now and then as much as you would like to. A portable partition is easily relocated; no drilling or screwing required.

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2. Half and Half 

If you have a son and a daughter, it is not hard to find a boy and girl shared room ideas. The most popular, cost-effective and fun way to go about decorating the bedroom would be to choose two different wallpapers (or better yet, have your kids pick them out), and plaster the wallpapers on each side of the room. This leaves a clear distinction of who belongs to which team and may prevent many future “space” fights. You can go the extra mile and decorate each side specific to each child. Pink vs. Blue, vanity dresser vs. chest of drawers, etc. This will give them a sense of belonging and prevent fights over “sharing” the room.

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3. Bunk Beds

 Ah, the age-old bunk bed idea! Taking about smart room ideas for kids, a bunk bed is the perfect solution to a space problem in small bedrooms and is a longstanding hit with the little ones. Not only do they fit neatly in a corner, but they are also incredibly exciting for those who use them. You kids can take turns sleeping on the top bunk (if you anticipate them fighting for it).

You don’t have to stick to the traditional bunk bed style either. The market is full of cool, bunk bed designs for kids. You can even get one custom-made according to what your kids want.




4. Rooms within a Room

If your office allows for this option, give it a try. Build two or three (depending on how many kids you need to accommodate) rectangular spaces into one wall in such a way that each block of space can help one bed. Then either with curtains or sliding doors, enclose that space to make a small room for the beds. That leaves the rest of the room completely free to arrange other furniture and even set up a small play area or study area. It also gives each child their own safe space to retreat into whenever they need privacy or want to be left alone.




5. Creative Angles

Angling furniture in specific ways in a small room can make a massive difference. There are many ways to make a room look more open and spacious by merely arranging furniture in a certain way. Since beds are usually the bulkiest piece of furniture in a bedroom, why not get creative with the arrangement?

Leaving a lot of floor space visible will make the room look open and will also give the kids some space to relax and play. Arrange your beds in a right angle, up against two walls to make the most effective use of your remaining floor space.

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6. Elevated Beds 

As far as decorating ideas for a room shared by a boy and a girl goes, high beds are definite winners. Elevating the beds gives you access to the entire floor area in the room, thus giving you more space for additional furniture. It also provides the room with something of a 4th dimension. Whether you elevate your beds on stilts or whether you suspend them from the ceiling, kids will love it either way. It is the ultimate solution to all your space problems.




All you need is a little bit of imagination and a dash of creativity to come up with a funky solution to any space problems in your home.


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