7 Tips for Keeping Baby Healthy & Warm This Winter

By: aBaby.com

Although winter is the most wonderful time of the year, it can be quite harsh on little ones. Adjusting to the extreme cold is difficult enough for us as adults. Special care needs to be taken to ensure that babies stay warm enough in the winter.

Here are some quick tips for new mommies who are anxious about keeping their little ones warm this winter.


1. Blankets and Comforters


The first and most basic thing is to get your hands on a good quality baby blanket or comforter. It is always better to obtain an organic one so that the baby is absolutely safe when he sleeps and is not breathing in harmful chemicals and microfibers. You will find a large range of organic baby comforters online.

2. Keep The Feet Warm


Keeping your little one s extremities warm works wonders for regulating their body temperature. Even if you prefer not to put mittens on, socks work perfectly. Just keep the little feet warm, and the baby should be fairly comfortable.


3. Layer Rule


When taking baby outside in the winter, the general rule to follow is the one more layer rule. Your baby will be comfortable in one more layer than what you have on. So, if you are comfortable in 2 layers, your baby needs 3. Easy peasy!


4. Co-Sleeping


The best warmth is body warmth. Sleeping in the same bed is probably the safest and most comfortable thing for both mommy and baby. Remember, if the baby is next to you in bed, he does not need to be under the covers with you. Simply dress him in warm clothes, and he should be comfortable through the night.


5. 68 to 72 Degrees Fahrenheit


The temperature of a baby’s room should be somewhere between 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a comfortable temperature for a baby to sleep in, and it also allows the baby’s body to automatically regulate its own temperature. Remember, when indoors, the baby would not need any more layers than he usually would.


6. The Proper Hat Is Absolutely Vital!


If you plan to step outside, be sure to cover the baby’s head with a soft, comfortable hat. Baby’s lose body heat very fast from the top of their heads, so try to make sure you keep that little head covered!


7. The Tummy Will Tell


Whenever in doubt about whether your baby is warm enough, you can always check the back of his neck of his tummy. If it is too warm or if it feels clammy, you need to do away with a layer or two. It is always better to check as you go and adjust accordingly. Remember, you do not want the baby to get too warm. It interferes with their sleep and breathing patterns and makes them downright uncomfortable.


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