FAQ Custom Mattress Guide

FAQ Custom Mattress Guide


FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the aBaby Custom Mattress Guide! Do you have an heirloom cradle, an antique bassinet, or perhaps a European size crib that you want to put to use? You've come to the right place! aBaby makes custom mattresses in all shapes and sizes. Whether you need a square mattress, an oval mattress, or an angled mattress, we'll customize just the right mattress to keep your baby comfortable and safe.

Have a specific concern? Can’t find exactly what you are looking for? Below is a collection of our most frequently asked questions; your concern may just be one of them. Still, need help? Our Custom Mattress Specialists are ready to assist you by phone at 877.552.2229 or via email sales@ababy.com.



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How do I measure my bassinet or cradle?

Measure the interior base dimensions (length and width) where you will lay the mattress. Note whether you need rounded corners or straight corners. Back to top

Do I measure the cradle or the old mattress?

If your old mattress fits into your cradle perfectly, then you can measure the mattress. Otherwise, measure the base of the cradle. Back to top

Do I give you the exact measurements, or do I round them?

Measurements should be exact to the half inch. If your cradle base measurements include quarter-inch increments, we would generally tell you to round to the nearest half-inch. Note that at the time the mattress is sealed, it is always slightly smaller than the specified dimensions. Back to top

My mattress is an odd shape...

We can do any shape, we’ve done boat-shaped, bows, egg-shaped, circles, and more. We do recommend you send us a template, which is a drawing of the base of the cradle where the mattress will lay on. To place your order, please contact our mattress specialists, and we will be happy to assist you. Back to top

Do you do half sizes? I can’t find it on the dropdown menu.

The half-size options are listed below the full-size options. Just scroll down past the hole sizes on the options dropdown, and you will find all the half sizes. Back to top

I don’t see the size I need to be listed.

If you cannot find the size you need, just give us a call or email us. We can make mattresses with any dimensions. If you are looking for a quarter-inch measurement, we would generally recommend rounding to the nearest half size. Note that at the time the mattress is sealed, it is always slightly smaller than the specified dimensions. Back to top

How thick is recommended and safe?

The most common size for a cradle would be the 2".  The 1" would work fine as a changing table pad. The main concern is that the baby should not be too close to the top of the cradle. (Federal law requires 7.5" from the top of the cradle until the mattress. Generally, a 10" deep cradle will work fine with a 2” Mattress.) Back to top

What is the difference between a rectangle with straight corners and a rectangle with rounded corners? Are the rounded corners and an oval mattress?

Refer to the diagram below. The rectangle with square corners has pointy edges that form a perfect right angle. Rectangle with rounded corners has corners that are slightly rounded as if the corners were chipped off. It is meant to work for cradles that have slightly dented corners or not so perfectly square corners. If your corners are extremely rounded, you will need to choose our oval custom mattress and send us a template, which is a tracing of your mattress board. See below for instructions. Back to top

Why do you need a template for an oval mattress?

No two oval cradles are the same. Oval can mean egg-shaped, oblong, bowed, etc. Since the mattress is custom made for you, a template assures that the mattress will fit your cradle perfectly. Back to top

How do I make a template for my mattress?

Making a template is a very simple process. Take some wax paper, old newspapers, or gift wrap and lay it out in the base of your cradle. Trace the base of your cradle with a marker. Cut out your shape and mail it to our factory. Back to top 

Where do I send my template to?

After you place your order, we will send you an email with the address you need to send your template to. Make sure to add orders@ababy.com  to your address book, so you don’t miss it. Back to top

My cradle gets wider as it goes up. Do I need an angled mattress?

Most cradles are wider on the top than on the bottom. You only need an angled mattress if it is on an extreme angle. Please contact us if you need an angled mattress. Back to top

What are the custom mattresses made of? Are they waterproof or do I need a waterproof mattress protector?

The custom mattresses are made of foam on the inside with a vinyl, waterproof, wipe-clean covering on the outside. We recommend you purchase a waterproof custom mattress protector as well. The protectors are removable, machine-washable, and will save you lots of time with midnight messes. Back to top

How do I clean my mattress?

You can wipe it clean with a wet soapy cloth. Back to top

Do I select the same size sheets as the mattress, or do I go a bit bigger?

Select the same size sheets as you did for the mattress. Back to top

Do you sell custom mattress protectors?

Yes, we offer custom mattress protectors in all sizes and shapes. (Item #A002405) Back to top

I’m looking for a custom changing pad. Do you offer it?

Yes, our custom mattresses can be used as custom changing table pads. We usually recommend that you select the 2” thickness. If you would like a custom contour changing table pad, please contact us. Back to top

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