Are you ready to don wings and take a magical flight to the world of fairies? When you enter a fairy room, you’re entering a magical world, where fairies live in toadstools, have tea among the flowers and play pixie tag on the rainbows. Here’s how to capture the magic for the little fairy most special to you.
Let’s start at the beginning. The walls can be in any color, the fairy’s favorite would definitely be a winner. For that pixie dust touch, we
would recommend painting clouds on the ceiling in a complimentary color. Imagine sleeping under a sky of pink fluffy clouds. What could be more magical than that?
The rest of the room – it’s easy – just remember two things, tulle and flowers. A tulle canopy is a must to create genuine fairylike sleeping quarters. Use a bed crown or simply hang filmy tulle from the ceiling to cascade over the crib or bed. A billowing tulle bed skirt and sheer tulle
drapery, will all add to the delicate ethereal atmosphere you’re trying to create. However, there’s one important rule. Embellish, embellish, embellish! The canopy, the drapes even the walls should all be
embellished with beautiful blossoms. After all, where do fairies live if not amid the flowers? Use pickets adorned with flowers and even a birds nest to create a garden fence headboard.
If you’d like to get “fairy creative”, fashion your fairy’s name out of twigs, floral tape and wire. And if dad is really handy, he can fashion a mini door made just for fairies, or you can always splurge and buy this magical door, ready.
Last but not least, sprinkle some fairy dust and watch all the magic come true.

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