Fast-Rising Baby Trends Headed Your Way!

2019 has brought with it a ton of new baby trends that are catching on like wildfire! These trends include popular baby names, room decor ideas, trending toys, etc.

  1. Minimalistic Décor

Minimalistic décor for baby rooms and nurseries is in! Plenty of floor space, the crib, and an elegant glider are usually the contents of these trending baby rooms. This minimalistic theme has little to no furniture besides the essentials, and this is balanced by the use of a lot of rugs, bold linen, and a chunky crib.



  1. Pastels

Another top trend this year is pastels. Whether it is pastel clothing, accessories, toys, or room decor, the popularity of this theme is definitely prominent in 2019 and is projected to continue. Perhaps it is because pastels are soft and calming to look at. Or maybe it is because babies themselves are a bit pastel! Either way, this seems to be one of the most popular baby trends in 2019.




  1. Diaper Pants 

Strangely enough, diaper pants seem to be gaining more popularity over regular diapers. This may be because it is easier to make the transition from diaper pants to underwear after the baby is potty trained. Moreover, children themselves can remove the diaper with ease if needed. But perhaps the biggest advantage is that they have more space which leads to better ventilation and reduced diaper rashes.




  1. Breastfeeding

Some time ago, a majority of mothers preferred formula over breastfeeding for various reasons. And to be honest, it is an easier option. However, now a lot of new mothers are making the shift back to exclusive breastfeeding, on-demand for the first few months. As difficult as it may be for mom, it is great for mother-child bonding and really does help with the baby’s health in the long run.


  1. Homemade Baby Food

The popularity of packaged baby food is fast depleting.  No matter how good the brand is and what claims they make, at the end of the day, the food is packaged and does require a certain amount of preservatives, which are most definitely not okay for a baby to consume, even if they claim to be “safe.” Homemade baby food is now in. Mothers are heavily relying on recipes online to make sure their little ones are getting the nutrition they need through as many natural products as possible.


  1. Night Gowns For Infants

This is a bit of a weird one, but it is prominent enough to have made it onto this list! Believe it or not, nightgowns for infant girls are quite popular. Dressing baby in a soft, loose gown has made itself into a baby’s bedtime routine! However, you can decide whether this one is a trend that you want to adopt!




  1. Baby Naming Trends 

Two very big trends are naming children after family members who are still alive and naming little girls after states in the country. Grey’s Anatomy made the name “Arizona” very popular, and the trend has caught on since.


  1. Gender neutrality 

Some countries like India do not allow disclosure of the sex of the baby to expecting parents. However, in countries that do allow, most parents now prefer to be surprised. This has given way to a gender neutrality trend. With everything from room decor, clothing to toys, parents are going gender-neutral. Green, yellow, and white are now favorite colors for clothing and room decor.




So now that you have read some of the 2019 Top Trends for Baby & Kids, it is up to you to decide which ones best fit into your lifestyle. Buy trending products for your little one at aBaby today.


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