Find out what's on our Mother's Day Wish List

It is that time of the year again and Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift is actually quite easy. The truth is mothers will like your gift no matter what you buy! However, if you are looking to do something nice for your significant other who is, or is about to be a mother, it is time to put on your creative cap and get down to some serious research!

Coming up with unique gift ideas for Mother’s Day can be a breeze for some and quite a challenge for others. But as a general rule, what works best is a nice combination of thoughtful gestures and actual material gifts. So don’t think to buy one thing and nothing more is going to get you off the hook! Mothers work round the clock, all 7 days a week, and they deserve serious pampering at least once a year.

So here are some great Mother’s Day gift ideas that every mother out there will definitely appreciate:

1. A Day Off

This is hands down the one item that you will find on every single mother’s wish list. Being a mother means having to put your family’s needs before your own and most often you end up having to make sacrifices every day. Even something as simple as taking a leisurely bath may seem almost impossible for a mother.

So give her the day off. Get together with your family and plan ahead. Make sure you cover the entire day from breakfast until a bed in a way that mommy won’t have to lift a finger.

Here’s what the day should typically look like:

  • Start with breakfast in bed

  • Move on to delegating chores

  • Make lunch

  • Clean up after lunch

  • Let mom take a nap (yes, this is a rare luxury that she will definitely appreciate)

  • Get dinner ready while mom takes a nap

  • Spend some time as a family after mom wakes up on a fun activity

  • Serve dinner

  • Go out for ice cream

  • Let mom chill in front of the TV while you clean up the kitchen

  • End the day by watching a fun movie together

  • And that my friends, will later be described by mom as the best Mother’s Day ever!

2. You Can Never Go Wrong With Jewelry


I don’t know about you but I have yet to meet a woman who doesn’t care for bags. Sure everyone has their own taste but a handbag is a handbag and it is a go-to gift for a reason.


This Mother’s Day, surprise mom with this personalized handbag which she will love to carry to work or a day out with her pals. It is available in different styles at

3. A Spa Day


If you want to take “giving her the day off” to the next level, a spa day is the best way to do it. Get her an all-expenses-paid pass to a fancy spa where she can relax and be pampered to her heart’s content.


Top it off with a nice home-cooked dinner waiting for her when she gets back. (Actual gift plus thoughtful gesture, remember?)


4. Nursing shawl

For moms who are expecting a baby soon, nursing shawls can be a lifesaver. They are incredibly easy to slip on and allow you enough privacy to feed your newborn baby in publicFind a variety of nursing shawls with us here at aBaby.

aBaby Gift Card

For those who still aren’t quite sure about what mom would want this Mother’s Day, you can always go for a gift certificate. This way, mom can choose what she needs and you will still get the credit of having bought her something. And what better gift card to get her than an 

aBaby gift certificate? Ahem, don’t forget the thoughtful gesture!

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