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Kiddie Activities: Outdoor Summer Fun


Enjoy the great outdoors this summer! Here are some awesome fun outdoor activity ideas that will keep your kids busy and cool in the hot summer. What can be better than keeping all the mess outside?! Great for all ages, moms and kids will love these ideas.

Swing With The Balloons

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Aim: Children need to swing across the monkey bars without popping or dropping any of the water balloons in the way!
How to assemble: Fill some water balloons with water. Attach to monkey bars with heavy-duty string or rope so that they hold up. (Water balloons are too heavy for regular string)

Now let the children line up and try the challenge. If the balloons fall or pop, it'll give everyone a great cool shower!

Twister On The Lawn

This great and easy-to-create activity is always enjoyed by kids, teens, and even adults! Great pool-time activity for kids! (see instructions below)

Materials needed: Cardboard box, razor knife, colored spray paint
Instructions: Trace a circle on the inside of the box and cut it out with a razor knife. Place the box on the floor in your lawn and spray within the circle. Keep moving the box template to create more circles. Continue until you have 4 or 5 rows of about 6-10 circles each.

Gather a group together and start twisting!

Shoot for the target!

Practice throwing, aiming, and scoring! All you need to do is hang one of those plastic fabric storage covers in your yard. Cut out some shapes and mark them with different scores. Set a starting line and let them aim! The game can be played with water balloons, beanies, or balls.

Balloon Letters

Write a letter and attach it to a helium balloon. Make sure to write your contact info because you may get lucky and get a letter back from the person who finds your balloon. You never know how far balloons can travel and where they'll land up! This is a fun and creative activity that your kids will greatly enjoy!

Chalk Doll All Dressed


 What a fun activity! Your kids will have a good laugh as they create a doll dressed in their clothing on the floor. Let them choose an outfit from their closet and place it on the sidewalk. With some colored chalk, have them use their imagination and draw a face, hands, and feet. Don't forget to photograph them lying beside their creation.



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