Have You Tried These 5 Books for Your Kids This Holiday Season?

It is that time of the year again, the holiday season is upon us! With Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas just around the corner, it is time to start thinking of gifts we can give to our loved ones, especially our children.


In this media and the technology-dominated world, books are a breath of fresh air. Their sheer thrill and ability to keep anyone entertained with mere words ensures that they never go out of style. So this holiday season, let’s put the X-boxes aside and try something old and better for our kids.

 Here are five amazing books that every kid must have on their bookshelf:


 1. The Harry Potter Series by J. K. Rowling


This set of 7 is really something that took the world by storm in its day. The Harry Potter series has the power to captivate any ordinary pre-teen in a peculiar way, where they can relate, but still, escape into a magical world full of thrilling secrets. If you have read this series, you know what I am talking about. These books were aimed at children aged 13 and up but a good amount of adults have been swept away by their magic as well (you can make that confession now). So if you have kids aged 10 and above, invest in these books. They will thank you for it!


2. Any (children’s) Book by Roald Dahl


Roald Dahl is one of the best authors out there. Most of his work is for children but he has written some incredible short stories for adults as well. His unique (and by unique I mean, completely absurd) style and whacky imagination set him apart from any other children’s book writer. If you have read (not seen) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, that is just a tiny glimpse of what Roald Dahl can do with a pen. Get started with George’s Marvelous Medicine, Matilda or The Witches. He may come across as a tad bit queer but trust me when I say, the man was a literary genius!



3. How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss


This is the perfect time of year to introduce your little one to this book! We’ve all read it, we’ve all seen the movie and we all know that Dr. Seuss has a way with words. His insane ability to rhyme nonsensical words and still make complete sense never ceases to amaze. This is definitely one of the best books for kids out there. 

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4. The Berenstain Bears and the Joy of Giving by Stan and Jan Berenstain


Another classsic, perfect for the holidays, is this popular children’s book about an adorable bear family. The Berenstain Bears is a series of many books that basically revolve around real-life situations that most kids would experience and most often, these books have a gentle massage. It really is a fun way to talk to your kids about abstract concepts like generosity and care and even sibling rivalry, especially with the adorable bear illustrations!


5. The Little Engine that Could by Watty Piper


This book needs no introduction. It has been a part of our lives growing up and is truly one of the most motivational storybooks for kids. It teaches determination, perseverance, the reward of hard work and so much more. You will find your kids cheering for the little engine in the end. Every time your little one wants to give up or is afraid to try something, remind him to tell himself “I think - I can.” 

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While you check out these books, consider our collection of personalized kid bookcases and bookshelves that can enhance the charm of book-reading and help build beautiful memories with your children. Of course, there are so many more books that deserve to be on this list but I can’t go on forever! After reading this article I really hope you are inspired to buy a book for your little one this holiday season.

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