How to Choose Diaper Bags

Babies come with lots of packages. Outings of any sort entail gathering all baby's essentials, which may include the kitchen sink! Try carrying all that around. Diaper bags organize your paraphernalia for easy toting.

You’ll be carrying a diaper bag everywhere you and your child go for the next several years, so you want to be sure it’s perfect for you. Whether that means a traditional navy tote bag with tons of room or a sleek backpack in a modern print, carefully reflect on your lifestyle and what will work best for your family.









Much like purses, baby diaper bags aren’t one size fits all. What appeals to your best friend may not be your cup of tea, style-wise. Today, there are so many great styles on the market that you don’t have to settle for a ho-hum selection when you can choose one that’s ideal for your needs—and your sense of fashion. Find your style, be it flashy and modern or more classsic, there’s plenty out there for you.

Designer diaper bags are perfect for modern moms with a great sense of style. Fleurville and Oi Oi diaper bags are both functional and fashionable and help you feel like you can be both a mom and the stylish woman you were before the kids arrived. Bold stripes, animal prints, and retro patterns decorate the outside, while the inside is made just for baby gear. Find the look that represents you. Don’t be afraid to be different. Be bold. Find the perfect bag to suit your sense of style and help you feel good.

There are many variables to consider when picking out your bag. From size and style to the material and accessories—it’s worth thinking about what’s essential for you and what you can live without.



Many moms think they need the largest baby diaper bag on the market, and while a big bag can certainly come in handy, a smaller bag has its advantages too. If you lug your child’s gear back and forth to daycare every day, you may want a larger bag. If you’re a stay-at-home mom who usually makes short trips, a smaller bag may suffice. Or solve the problem by purchasing a large bag for longer outings and a smaller bag for quick trips. Keep in mind that the larger your bag is, the more you’re likely to put in it, and the harder it’ll be on your back.

Pockets and compartments

Having enough divided sections for storage is crucial. If your diaper bag doubles as your purse, you’ll need pockets for a cell phone, money or a wallet, keys, and other essentials. Pockets for bottles are also essential for the first year. The number of bottle holders may depend on whether you’ll be nursing or bottle-feeding. Make sure there’s room for food, toys, clothes, and diapering accessories.





Quick Tip: When planning your outings, be sure to give yourself some extra pack-up time.



Sometimes the style of your diaper bag is dependent only on your taste; other times, your lifestyle may dictate your choice. For example, if you’ll spend a lot of time on public transportation, you may want a backpack diaper bag to keep your hands free for other things. In addition to the traditional tote, messenger, and backpack styles, diaper bags today can look like your favorite purse or even a business attaché. For ultimate flexibility, choose a bag that converts from one style to another (or two) by using adjustable, removable straps.



A diaper tote will give you a diaper bag that most closely resembles your own handbag or pocketbook. Diaper totes generally featureless pockets and accessories and are smaller than traditional diaper bags. Totes have become the trend for new moms, as they are available in a large variety of fabrics, colors, and also leathers.



New fathers are especially in favor of diaper backpacks. They feature two straps, one going over each shoulder, leaving both hands free. Backpacks help make the load feel lighter as they distribute the weight evenly on your shoulders and back. Most diaper backpacks feature many compartments and pockets to help keep baby’s things in order. Dads like these since they don’t have that feminine look most traditional diaper bags have. 







The newest style diaper bag on the market today is the messenger diaper bag. Messenger diaper bags leave both hands free and include many of the same features as the backpack diaper bag. Messenger bags, however, have only one wide strap which is worn over the shoulder and across the body, thereby distributing its weight along the length of the back and not the shoulders.


From easy-care nylon or microfiber to natural cotton, diaper bags come in a variety of materials to suit your lifestyle and taste. Keep in mind that if the outside material isn’t waterproof, it will be more difficult to remove stains that appear on the bottom and sides. Whatever material you choose for the outside, it’s a practical idea to look for a bag that’s lined in vinyl, nylon, or another waterproof material. Spills happen, but with a waterproof lining, you’ll only need a damp cloth for cleaning the inside. If you plan to use your diaper bag for a few years or for more than one child, make sure that you choose one with sturdy construction and durable stitching.



There’s no doubt that you’ll need accessories to make the most of your diaper bag. Here are some common accessories that may come with your bag; Waterproof changing pad, insulated bottle/snack holder, pacifier pod, wet clothes pouch to keep dirty/wet items separated from the rest of the bag’s contents, and a wipes case. You can purchase many of them separately as well.

The Bottom Line

With so many diaper bags on the market, there’s one for every taste and lifestyle. Sort through the different styles, materials, and accessories to find one—or more—that will be ideal for you. Personalized diaper bags are a fantastic way to make a diaper bag unique to you and your baby.









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