How to Choose Infant Bedding

The most beautiful bedding for the most beautiful baby! Make your dreams come true. A bassinet or cradle is a great idea for your baby’s first infant bed. Of course, you want it to be as unique and beautiful as possible. Your child will only be this small once, and what better way to make memories than with cozy, gorgeous bedding that surrounds them in a cocoon of comfort and style?


Bassinet Bedding

If your doctor gave you a sneak peek at the gender of your baby, then you know whether to look for baby girl bassinet bedding or baby boy bassinet bedding. When making your selection, keep in mind the gender of the baby, where you will be putting it, and the impression you want to make.


Your baby will only be seeing the inside of the bassinet. Therefore, the bassinet liner should be white and bright for stimulation. There’s no reason to be concerned about the softness or color of the outside of your bassinet. It can be as attractive as you like since it won’t be touching the new baby’s skin. If you are having a girl, you can go pink with ribbons, ruffles, and lace– true princess style! For your little prince, you can still go frilly- in blue, or you can choose something a bit more sophisticated. It’s a way of welcoming that new little addition, so roll out the red carpet and let the child within you take over.


If you’re planning to keep your bassinet in the nursery, you’ll want one that coordinates well with your nursery décor or fits in with your nursery’s overall theme. For a bassinet in your bedroom, you can easily find something more mature to match your theme. If you’d prefer something neutral- two tones, ivories and whites will fit in perfectly anywhere you put it. For a bassinet that will be in the living room, you’ll want to look for something more elegant that coordinates with your living room décor and color scheme.


There are so many designs and fabrics available, and you’re sure to find one to match everything from your lace drapery to your silk tapestries and everything in between. There’s no need to be concerned about fabric content unless you have toddlers around who may soil the bassinet skirt. For that first party, you’ll host, you’re sure to want a bassinet that’ll make a statement.


If you’re a hip mom go with something more modern, like stripes, polka dots, funky prints and bright solids in unconventional colors. If you have classsical taste, look for something a little more traditional. With all that’s on the market, you’re sure to find a style you love. The many designers out there already designed the bassinet of your dreams; so let your dreams become a reality.


Cradle Bedding

Choosing your cradle bedding will be one of the most joyous aspects of designing your nursery. Whether your style leans more toward pastels or intense primary colors is one factor, as is the overall theme and color of your greenhouse. If environmental issues are important to you and you want to keep as many chemicals away from your baby’s skin as possible, consider organic cradle bedding. 

Cradle bedding comes in so many styles and colors, and you’ll have so much to choose from! There are standard sets in ginghams, toiles, and soft colors. For the modern mom and dad, there are many contemporary patterns and designs. Fine silks and satin sets are available for those looking for something truly exquisite. If you’d like your cradle bedding to fit in with the theme of your nursery without overpowering the room, look for solids that’ll coordinate with your color scheme. Another option, for those with classsic taste, is to create your own set of both solids and patterns to match the theme of your nursery without being too loud.


Cradle bedding sets are a popular option as well. If you’re interested in one-stop-shopping for your baby cradle bedding, this is the choice for you. Look for bedding sets that come complete with the sheet(s), bumper, and perhaps a matching comforter. Decorative pillows are also available as an enhancement with many games. If you do purchase a pillow, be sure to remove it from the cradle before putting your baby inside.


Finding the Right Fit

The easiest way to ensure that you get the perfect fit is to purchase bedding along with your bassinet or cradle. However, if you have an heirloom bassinet, you’ll need to measure it to make sure you’re ordering bedding in the proper size. To ensure that your bassinet sheet will fit, measure your mattress (usually oval) at the widest and highest parts of the mattress. Your bassinet bumper pad size is also determined by how big your mattress is, so order it in the same size as your sheets. For the bassinet skirt and bassinet liner, take your sheet measurements into consideration and also measure the top of your basket to the floor if you’d like a long skirt.


If standard bedding doesn’t fit your bassinet, there are many designers out there who can design something custom made for you. There are always bumpers, veils, and other enhancements available to customize your bassinet and give it that extra special appearance you want.


When fitting an existing or heirloom cradle, measure the inside of the cradle lengthwise and widthwise to determine what size cradle sheets and cradle bumpers you need. Bumpers are essential for keeping your little one padded and protected from getting his little fingers stuck in the bars or hit on the wood/metal inside the cradle. So, look for bumpers that are at least six inches high.


Additional Tips For Bassinet and Cradle Bedding

  • Stock up on other sheets, so you always have a clean one on hand for middle-of-the-night changes.

  • Look for sheets and mattress protectors that are machine washable.

  • The bumper you purchase should be stimulating as that’s what your baby will be looking at most of the time.

  • Make sure sheet materials are soft enough for baby’s delicate skin.

  • Read the product descriptions carefully before ordering, so you know what does—and doesn’t—come with your order

The Bottom Line

When choosing bassinet or cradle bedding for your infant, it’s essential to select a style that you love for this once-in-a-lifetime period. Look for something that will make a statement wherever you plan on keeping it. If you have an heirloom bassinet or cradle, measure your furniture carefully before ordering your bedding to ensure a proper fit.

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