How to Choose Kids' Chairs

When Dad comes home after a long day of work, he relishes the comfort of a plush armchair or recliner. Kids deserve this comfort too. After a long hard day at play, they also need to have a spot to relax with their feet up.






By the time your child’s personality is apparent, you’ll know exactly what kind of items to pick. If you have a princess-in-training, what could be sweeter than a little girl’s rocking chair, perhaps upholstered with plush pink fur? If you have a mini sports fanatic, how about a soccer ball bean bag chair? There are more styles than ever that combine attractiveness, safety, and durability.

What should I look for when purchasing a chair for my child?

There are many chair styles on the market today; wooden, plastic, upholstered, rocking, beanbags, and table and chair sets. Before you start looking, consider where you plan to use your chairs. If you plan to use them outdoors, your best bet is plastic. If it is in your living room, you’ll probably want to go for something more elegant. A large playroom can fit a large chair or table set while a small room is better off with something that’ll fold away easily.

It’s always good to choose chairs with solid construction for durability, made of non-toxic material that’s chip-resistant, and have no rough edges. Also, make sure that you adhere to the age and weight guidelines the manufacturer suggests. When considering the size, keep in mind both the size of the room, it will be in, and the age of the child who will be using it. Children’s chairs that fold are great for portability, but make sure that yours has a mechanism that locks it in place. If you want to make it easy on yourself, purchase kids’ chairs that come already assembled. If you want to personalize your chair, purchase one that allows you to add your child’s name.

Kid’s Table and Chair Sets







The first step is to decide what you want in your set. If you are looking for a set for your child to sit, color, and play, your best option will be a standard set. If you’re hoping to have your kid’s table and chairs last a while, look for classsic pieces that will stand the test of time, such as wooden sets. Kid’s plastic tables and chairs are kid-tough and can be used both inside and out. If you’re looking for function, as well as design, pick one that doubles as an activity table, computer table, art table, or chalkboard table to keep your little one busy. If you want to be able to store it easily, chose one with a foldable option. Some parents, however, are likely to choose a kid’s table and chairs that conform to the theme of the room—anything from sports to animated characters.

Upholstered Kid’s Chairs

The beauty of kid’s plush chairs is that they’re comfortable, so ensure that the one you choose is thickly padded—preferably with fire-retardant materials. If you’re searching for durable options in upholstered kid’s chairs, consider tink armchairs, which offer a patented foam-filled comfort that never breaks down over time. A kid’s upholstered chair offers comfort, but you also need to ensure they’re safe for your child. Look for a child’s upholstered chair with a hardwood base for stability.

Kid’s Rocking Chairs

Many children’s rocking chairs are so comfortable that you’ll wonder if they come in adult sizes. If you want to treat your little one, consider child chairs that are customizable—everything from their name on the chair to adding an ottoman, to choosing whether you want a skirt on your kid’s chair.









It’s especially important to keep safety in mind when selecting children’s rocking chairs. If you have younger children whose feet might be crushed by the curved rockers, consider a glider option. Also, look for kids’ rocking chairs with a stable base, and buy one that’s easy for them to climb onto. Children in rocking chairs that are too big may fall and injure themselves.

Bean Bags






One of the cool new trends in kid chairs is bean bags—and they’re a lot more fun than the bean bag chairs you remember. Of course, safety and long-term wear are important in selecting kids’ bean bag chairs. Look for a bean bag chair with durable fabric that will outlast even the toughest use, and make sure the seams are solidly sealed so the “beans” won’t escape. And if an environmentally-friendly option is important to you, look for recycled materials on the inside of the bean bag. Other conveniences to consider in beanbags are removable, machine-washable outer coverings and pockets to hold small toys or remotes. But the best part is that children’s bean bag chairs come in so many fun styles—from fruits and vegetables to sports themes.

The Bottom Line

Kids’ chairs are a fun and functional way to provide your child with a comfortable place to play, dream, and relax. Look for chairs with sturdy bases and construction, non-toxic finishes, and washable surfaces. If you want a place where your child can express his creative side, select a table and chairs set that doubles as an artist’s desk.


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