How to Choose Kids' Room Decor

Design, decorate, and delight in the done deal! Decisions about what type and style of furniture to purchase for your nursery or older child’s room can be fun but exhausting. But finishing off the room with decorative touches is just plain fun! Decor elements such as artwork, wall letter, plaques, and rugs add unique style to your child’s room, and with just a few helpful hints, you’ll be on your way to a fantastic-looking room.










Decorating walls with artwork is a beautiful way to bring color and flair to the baby decor as well as an older child’s room. Now is your chance to let your creativity take the lead. Start with your color or theme and work your way from there. It can be anything from a spaceship to a princess castle to flowers to mod prints. Whimsical wall art lends a dreamy air to your child’s room, while a more modern print adds a sophisticated feel. Give in to the artist within you!









Children’s canvas art can act as an introduction to the world of painting for your child. When picking out canvas art, look for a piece that’s durable and easy to wipe clean. Many artworks are available with frames of different styles and colors to enhance both the artwork and the room’s appearance. Wall hangings are another perfect option for a child’s bedroom. To make it easier on you, select a wall hanging that comes ready to hang with a dowel.

Much of the children’s artwork out today come in groups of different themes or color patterns. Be bold. Explore your options, and don’t hesitate to make your own combinations.



  • Make sure the artwork you select for your child’s room doesn’t come with glass that could shatter and potentially injure him or her.

  • Consider the dimensions of the artwork and how a piece of that size will look on your child’s wall.

  • Ideally, kids’ artwork should flow with the shape of the wall where it will appear. A mural-style piece would look at home on a long, narrow wall, for example.

Wall Letters

One of the most popular nursery room accessories to emerge over the last several years is wall letters. Wall lettering is an easy way to personalize your new baby’s space, but it’s also great for toddler rooms on up. As your child begins to recognize letters, she’ll love to see her own name on the wall. When making your choice, consider wooden wall letters for the nursery. These provide a classsic look in any room and can be painted to match your decor. Wooden wall letters are available in a variety of colors and designs—and even fonts—to ensure a flawless addition to your nursery home decor.









How the letters are mounted may be an essential factor for you. If you’d like to avoid using nails, look for letters with an adhesive-mount option. Wooden hanging letters are a great twist on the classsic design. Select products that allow you to choose the color and pattern of the ribbon.


  • Make sure the painted finish is non-toxic.

  • The size of the nursery letters may be different than how they appear in the picture, so look closely at the actual dimensions before you order. Also, remember to take into consideration the length of the ribbon with hanging letters.

  • For added functionality, select letters with wall hooks attached.


Wall Plaques

Decorative wall plaques allow you and your child’s imaginations to run wild! From small to huge, sports to nameplates, there’s something for any taste. A personalized name plaque is a universal hit with parents and children alike. Look for personalized plaques with a coordinating ribbon to make hanging easy. Wooden wall plaques offer versatile style. When selecting a wooden wall plaques, your first decision needs to be the piece’s overall style. Next, look for the ability to customize your plaque: color, font size, ribbon, and any other detail that’s important to you.








A baby name plaque is a great way to celebrate baby’s birth for years to come. Similarly, a baby plate personalized with your child’s name, birth information, or favorite hobby is a sentimental addition.


  • Look for a plaque with a design that’s heat-sealed to ensure that it lasts for years.


Kids’ rugs serve a variety of purposes: pure decoration, traction, and warmth. When selecting your rug, keep in mind its primary purpose. When choosing a nursery rug, for example, look for something that will highlight or complement the rest of your baby nursery decor through its color or style. For older kids’ rooms, let them help decide what they’d like, whether that’s a ballerina or butterfly theme for a girl’s rug or a racecar or fire truck theme for a boy’s rug. If you have a large nursery or one with hardwood floors, kids’ area rugs may be the right choice for you. Make sure you select an area rug with dimensions that won’t overpower a smaller room.






The material of your rug is relevant as well. Shag rugs and rag rugs are a right choice if your child wants a soft rug with a unique look. A wool rug provides warmth underfoot, so these are especially nice on hardwood floors or in rooms that can get chilly. If you’re drawn to a specific pattern and/or texture, look for a rug that comes in multiple sizes, shapes, and colors so you can be sure it will complement your room.


  • For durability, look for a rug that’s backed in canvas.

  • Most high-quality rugs need to be professionally cleaned, so make sure you check before you attempt to clean it yourself.

  • If you find your rug slipping on hardwood floors, line it with special adhesive tape that keeps it from sliding but is safe for your floors.

  • Keep in mind where in the room you plan to put the rug in order to determine the size you will need


The Bottom Line

Putting the finishing touches on your nursery or child’s room through artwork, wall letters, wall plaques, and rugs is a wonderful way to create a unique, personalized space. Consider the theme and tone of your child’s room and then choose custom details. Allow the designer within you to dominate and lead the way to a beautiful room.

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