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Do it right! Add that personalized touch! New moms all over appreciate an item designed especially with "my little one" in mind.

Your friend is having a baby, which means that you get to select a baby shower gift for her and her new bundle of joy. There are so many options—from high chairs to hampers—but if you want your gift to stand out, really consider the recipient. What new baby gifts would she most enjoy? Probably something that’s customized for her precious baby!

I’m looking for unique baby shower gifts. Where do I start?
New moms are grateful for every gift they receive. But if you ask an experienced mom what gifts stand out in her mind from her baby shower, she’ll undoubtedly list the ones that were clearly chosen with a lot of thought. A great way to blend a custom gift with one that will get a lot of use is to take an item that will be used on a daily basis, such as a baby pacifier or pacifier clip, and then make it special.

Personalized pacifiers, either with the baby’s name or an adorable expression, means that your pal will never have to worry about getting her pacifiers confused with anyone else’s! If your friend knows the gender and name of her baby ahead of time, go ahead and put the name on the pacifier. If not, wait to give personalized pacifiers as a newborn baby gift. Or, if the parents-to-be haven’t nailed down a name, select a cute expression for the pacifier. Chose anything from “Princess” to “Angel” to “Flirt.” This is a handy gift idea whether you know the gender or not.

Is jewelry appropriate for babies?
When your friend is expecting a baby girl, you’ll undoubtedly want to contribute to her wardrobe of cute clothing. But a baby bracelet? Actually, yes. Fashion-forward moms are requesting baby jewelry such as bracelets and earrings on their registries at increasing rates. Just make sure the jewelry you select is specifically designed for babies. Look for bracelets that are available in a variety of sizes or lengths so you can choose whether you’d like her to wear it right away or when she’s older.

Purchasing an extender piece for the bracelet makes it wearable even longer. For a truly unique baby gift, select a bracelet that you can customize with her name, charms that you (or mom) like, and even the shape of the beads. When it comes to giving baby earrings, be sure that the mother-to-be has specifically said that she intends to get her baby’s ears pierced. Though many moms decide to do so, it’s by no means a given. Select baby earrings made of pure metals that won’t irritate baby’s skin.

I’m working on my own baby registry. Any advice?
Of course you want to include the items that your friends and family have told you are “must-haves” for your baby. You absolutely need furnishings, linens, layette items, and gear such as strollers and car seats. But what about the things that you would simply love to have—personalized baby gifts just for your child? Don’t shy away from including those items on your registry. Loved ones will delight in selecting pieces that are customized for your baby alone. Consider including items on your registry such as a pacifier clip designed with your child’s name as a special way your friends and family can make a baby gift personalized.

The Bottom Line
Whether you’re putting together your own baby registry or selecting a baby gift for a friend, consider items that are personalized for the child. It’s always a good idea to buy something special for your friend that she wouldn’t buy for herself. Even everyday items get a special boost when they’re customized with a name or unique design.

Our Mom Expert
Caron Webber, 37, is the mother of five children, ages 2 to 12.

“With the birth of our last two children, people were kind enough to still give us gifts—even though we had tons of baby gear for both genders. We really didn’t need anything, so the gifts we received were more fun and whimsical—I loved it! My youngest daughter received a gorgeous pink and white pearl bracelet that she still wears, and my youngest son still sleeps with his personalized blanket five years later. In fact, I decided that every mom, even if it’s her first child, deserves fun personalized baby gear in additional to the practical items that you see at every shower. So now I include pacifiers with an expression like ‘Mute Button’ with every shower gift I give.”

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