How to Dress a Bassinet

By: Busy Bee

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Baby’s first bed has finally arrived. With great anticipation, you open the box… but oh-my! How do you assemble this gorgeous little nest where the baby will grow and rest? Assembling the bassinet itself is obviously dad’s forte, however, dressing it in sumptuous bedding is a mom’s special task. Ready to despair? Don’t! Read on and all will be crystal clear.

  • Assemble the bassinet following the user manual you will find in the box. Do not attach the hood and do not place the mattress in the basket. See Figure A.



  • Unpack the bedding. Take time to admire the cloud-soft bedding, the billowing tulle, the luxurious lace, the crisp cotton… We recommend ironing the bedding to remove any wrinkles that might otherwise mar a perfect little bed for baby.


  • If a bassinet petticoat was ordered, attach now to the bassinet. Our petticoats come with rubberized tops for easy dressing.


  • Take note – your bassinet has two buttons/ hooks – one on either side. These buttons will be used to attach the hood. Just locate the buttons at this time – do not attach the hood. See Figure B.


  • Dress the bassinet, making sure to locate the buttonholes in the bedding and slip them through the hooks on the bassinet. Our bassinet skirts come complete with soft quilting for the inside of the bassinet to ensure the baby sleeps in the utmost comfort. The hood comes dressed for your convenience. See Figure C.

  • Put the mattress protector and/or sheet (if ordered) onto the mattress pad and place the mattress into the bassinet


  • Attach the hood to the bassinet. See Figure D.

  • Attach all bows and trimming and… voila! You have a beautiful bassinet for baby! offers many products to meet your needs. To View - Click the following links.
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