How to Get Your Baby to Sleep While Traveling and Away from Home

By: aBaby

“Mothers never get vacations, and they just take care of their kids in a different place.”

Traveling with a baby is a big deal. You need more bags, more food, more baby wipes, more everything! The good news, however, is that motion soothes most babies, and they will be asleep through most of the journey. But after you get there, it is a whole different ball game!

Going to a new place can be unsettling for babies, so when you arrive at your destination after having traveled relatively peacefully, you might find your baby cluster feeding and a bit more wakeful than usual.

Here are seven tips to make sure your travel and stay are smooth for you as well as the baby.

1. Stick to Your Routine


The first and most important thing is to stick to your routine. Babies get a lot of security from their routine, and so the last thing you want to do on vacation has broken that routine. Stick to nap times and meal times no matter how tempting it may be, not to! It isn’t always easy, but a happy, rested baby makes for a relaxed mommy!


2. Bring a Collapsible Stroller


We hope you weren’t planning on carrying your little bundle around the whole time! You absolutely cannot travel without a foldable baby stroller. It is the perfect place for your little darling to take a nap, keep themselves occupied, or simply sit and observe.

Collapsible strollers have the added benefit of being easy to carry. And they aren’t just for travel, and you can use them at home every day. So invest in a good one. You won’t be sorry!


3. Prepare Baby for the Trip


If a baby is going to spend a lot of time in the stroller, you’d best prepare her. Take away sleep anxiety by creating a familiar ambiance. A happy, safe, and secure baby is one who is more likely to fall asleep with ease. So a few days before the trip, allow baby to spend a little extra time in the stroller to get familiar with it. Pop in a few of your baby’s toys and other things that she sees around every day to make the transition easier.


4. How to Dress a Baby for Travel?


Don’t get caught up in trying to dress your little angel in something cute and complicated! Keep it simple, use button up rompers for quick and easy diaper changes. A bonus tip: carry more than what you think you will need in that to-go diaper bag!


5. Create Familiar Smells


Don’t underestimate the power of smell! Think about which smells are familiar to your little one. Lotion, your perfume, baby’s bedsheets, daddy’s aftershave, everything has a smell. So when trying to create a familiar environment away from home, don’t forget to put in the smells as well! Spray a small amount of your perfume at the back of the stroller or put an item of your own clothing in the stroller with a baby to keep reminding her that you are right there.


6. Carry a Security Blanket


Bring along a toy, book, blanket, or any item that your little one is fond of. Make sure it is always around when you’re trying to put the baby to sleep. The familiar feel and smell of the security blanket will soothe your little one and make it easier for her to fall asleep.


7. Control Stimuli


Overly stimulated babies to get cranky, tired, and anxious and are unable to sleep well. So even though you are on vacation and will probably go everywhere to see everything, whenever baby’s nap time is approaching, make sure you let your little bundle wind down. Dismantle the mobile attached to the stroller, remove bright lights, and try to control the noise factor - but most importantly, remove any visual stimulus around. Create a calm, soothing environment and only then attempt to put the baby down for her nap.

Now that you have these practical tips on your side don’t be overwhelmed. Vacations are about fun and relaxation. You, baby and family, can have a good time. Practice our advice, trust your instincts, and you are good to go!

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