How to Keep Your Toddler Busy This New Year

If you are not a first-time parent, you already know that a toddler cannot realistically be kept busy with the same activity for more than 5 minutes. If you are lucky, he/she may make it to 7 minutes, but more often than not, they don’t even make it to 5. So take it on as a challenge and succeed in keeping your toddlers busy and interested in stimulating and educational activities.

The truth is that toddlers can make a toy out of almost anything. Anything from a plastic bowl to a little piece of lint on the floor can hold their attention for a few long minutes. So the key is to have enough “interesting” looking things around the house for your little one to explore.


1. Tents, Castles, Doll Houses


We all know exactly how exciting it is for little ones to crawl into tents or dollhouses. What’s even more stimulating is building the toy together with your tiny tot. This way, you get to spend some quality time with your little one before he/she leaves you alone for a good long while.

Another great way to keep them engaged with the tent for longer is to put a whole lot of baby items in there that they haven’t yet had the pleasure of exploring. There’s nothing like “new stuff” to get your little one engrossed in play.

2. Art!


There probably aren’t very many children who are not stimulated by colors. Give your tot a Rubik’s cube and watch him/her inspect it with the utmost concentration. Or even better, give him/her an art corner! When your toddler sees that he/she can be the creator of many fantastically colored things, the scribbling may never stop!

The sheer simplicity of crayons and paper will never cease to amaze you. If ever you want a quick way to keep your toddler occupied for a few minutes, hand him a box of crayons and some sheets of paper and just watch how he doesn’t come looking for you!

3. Miniature Musical Instruments


Sound is a potent stimulus for toddlers. While bright and plentiful colors work like magic on little children, sound puts an entirely different trance over them altogether. What would get them excited is being able to make these sounds themselves! So what better way to make this happen than to introduce them to musical instruments?

With this classsic aBaby creation, keep your toddler engaged throughout the day. 5-minute attention span or not, he/she will keep coming back for more!


4. This and That


There is no shortage of baby gifts and items that will keep your toddler occupied for a while. The key is choosing the right ones after taking cues from your little one about his/her likes and dislikes, moods, and inclinations.

Remember, there is nothing your toddler would love more than to sit down with his mommy and daddy and read a story or play a game. A few minutes of undivided attention during the day will fulfill your little one’s need for safety and love and will ensure that he/she stays out of your hair for the rest of the day!


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