How to Select the Right Bedding Size for Your Bassinet

By: Busy Bee

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Every Bassinet deserves to be ensconced in a beautiful bedding set. Ribbons and lace for sweet baby girls and crisply tailored designs for dashing baby boys. You analyze, you scrutinize, you evaluate... and behold, you've found the perfect bedding ensemble, just right for your new arrival. You're ready to purchase, however, you're stumped – what size to choose.  Don’t despair. Read on for all the directions you need to select the perfect size.


Note that since the inside lining and outer skirt of the bedding set are connected in order to be able to dress your bassinet your hood will need to be removable (no hood is fine too). If your hood is stationary click here to view our selection of bedding sets that will work for your bassinet or email our Specialists waiting to assist you.

Measure the circumference of the rim of the bassinet. Figure A

  • If your rim measures 90” or greater – select bedding sets labeled 16” x 32.


  • If your rim measures less than 90” than you need to measure the length and width of the base. (Where the mattress lays.) Figure B



  • If the length and width of the base measure 13” W x 29” L or less than select bedding sets labeled 13” x 29”.


  • If the length and width of the base measure greater than 13” W x 29” L than select bedding set labeled 17” x 31”.


  • Bedding sets labeled 15” x 30” are designed for bassinets from the Badger Basket Brand Only.
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