Kiddie Activity - Pool Party Ideas

By: aBaby Designer

Kiddie Activities: Pool Party Ideas



Make a giant splash this summer at your very own pool party! Have fun choosing a theme, gathering ideas, setting up....and before you know it, your guests will be having a grand time. We've compiled some really cool food ideas that you can use for your pool party. Scroll down and take a dip into some awesome pool fun!

Use your creativity to carve a hungry-looking shark out of a watermelon. Fill with all sorts of fruit, and you can be sure this platter will be the center of attention at the party!

Beach Snack Flip Flops

With some cream cookies, frosting, and licorice strings, you can put together these awesome looking flip flops. Easy to make and adorable for your pool party, you'll watch these cookies disappear from the plate!

Dig out the goodies!

This a great way to get all that party junk out on the table. Pick up some cheap sand pails and shovels at your local 99 cents store or toy shop. Load them with candies and let the kids have fun digging up lots of goodies.

Sail Away Refresher Cup

Kids will love this drink as a cool refresher on a hot day. Have them make it themselves with some water, blue food coloring, an orange slice, a toothpick, and a paper sail.

Pool Noodles!

Use your noodles to come up with some great food names that correlate with the pool!

(Image above) Here is another creative way that you can name simple veggies and dip cups!

Banana Dolphins!

These dolphin snacks are adorable and will get kids excited to eat a healthy snack. Just draw two eyes on the peel with a marker, slice the banana at the stem for a mouth, and stick a grape in to keep it open.



Pool Party Decor

This Umbrella Door Artwork adds a nice party touch to your front door.For the neutral pool themed parties, use this idea to set up your cutlery.

pool decor


Enjoy the Party!

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