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It's All in a Name!

If you want to put a smile on a child's face, gifts do the trick! There is a certain magic in gift-giving that creates excitement and joy. It's exhilarating to watch a child's face light up when being presented with a gift unexpectedly.

What kind of gift would make the perfect birthday gift for my dear grandkids? Do you know the type of grant that's an all-time favorite?! That's what I want to get!










Personalized gifts are the way to go! Many of us would opt for a personalized gift over the standard kind of gift, whether you're giving the gift or receiving it. In recent years, personalized gifts have become much more accessible and preferred. Although giving a personalized gift involves more time and effort on the giver's part, it is unique, meaningful, and appreciated by the receiver. Even if the gift is a simple pacifier, giving it a personal touch will make the item more valuable and different from the everyday old pacifier. Don't tell anyone, but a significant perk of providing a personalized gift is that you can be sure that your gift will never get passed on to someone else!

Great idea! They'll be thrilled to receive a monogrammed gift from their darling grandma, but where in the world do I find the right kind of monogrammed gifts that my grandkids will adore?? offers you a huge variety of monogrammed gift choices.







You can choose from an assortment of personalized children's bedding, tables, and chairs, rugs, nursery décor, toys, jewelry, etc. Children, in general, love receiving personalized gifts because it makes them feel loved and special. They will always remember who it was that gave them that gift and what occasion they got it for., here I come! But wait for a second, how do I know which font to choose? I'm buying for a girl and a boy!


When placing a monogram on an item, you want to make sure that you're choosing the appropriate font that targets the gender and age of the child receiving the gift. You may want to keep the occasion in mind too. A curly font is more feminine and perfect for a toddler while a script is a little finer and is great for infants and young girls. Serif font with all capital letters is just right for boys of all ages.

Thanks, that was a great help! Now, I would also like to buy something else for them to share with each other. Should I place two names on it?

Are you thinking of buying one personalized gift for two siblings? A great idea would be to personalize it with the family name and initial. Doing so allows many family members to enjoy your gift and make use of it. A family name/ initial is also great if you are buying a gift in honor of a baby shower, and you don't know the baby's name beforehand.

So smart! One more – I want my grandson to be able to learn how to spell his name. Is there anything I can buy that will encourage him?









Specializes in personalized items that encourage educational learning. We offer you a personalized name puzzle, which is a great gift idea for any special time of the year. Your child will love seeing his/her name spelled out on this adorable puzzle. It allows the child to form his name by placing each letter in its designated spot. You can choose from bright primary colors or soft pastels and create a fun educational game that will encourage fine motor skills, spelling, and name recognition. You can also purchase a personalized step stool, and you can be sure that your child will learn how to identify his name in no time!

Thank you so much! I am so excited to give my grandkids personalized gifts!


The Bottom Line

Were you looking to purchase the perfect gift for any child? Go for personalized gifts – it's worth it! All you've got to do is monogram a simple item, and it will become an impressive gift! Happy choosing!

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Caron Webber, 37, is the mother of five children, ages 2 to 12.

"It's awesome when people buy personalized gifts for my kids! I get loads of blanket gifts by each birth, and I'm always thrilled when one comes with a monogram on it. To tell you the truth, that's the one that gets used the most, while the others get stored away. My six-year-old son, Jackie, still sleeps with his "Jackie" blanket that he got when he was born. He refuses to give it up, and I don't blame him!" offers many products to meet your needs. To View - Click the following links.
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