Shiver me timbers! Ahoy ye mateys and atlast thy chase for a booty of pirate decorating ideas are right here on this site which marks the X. Wave yer flag, mark thy place, say aaaaaargh! And yer ready to begin.

Ok, let’s be honest. A room awash with Jolly Rogers, skull and crossbones and skeletons is not for everyone. If Mom and Dad are landlubbers and the offspring are swashbucklers then here’s some great ideas without having Mom running for the plank.
First set the mood. Dark furniture with bedding awash with blacks and blues is the key. Simple wood planks adorned with a jolly roger flag makes a great headboard. In lieu of a shelf use  
  fish netting onto the wall to store his prized gear. Fish netting works great on the windows too! It’ll add the perfect combination of eeriness and maritime character. Plants should fill your capt’n sleeping lagoon and adorning the plants with pirate ornaments should fill your swashbuckler’s hunger for skulls and bones.
Now fer the finishing touches. An old steering wheel personalized with yer buccaneers name makes fer a splendid piece of art. An old map is a must. You can craft one yerself with some parchment paper burned on the edges to make it look old. Last but not least, you need
a toybox shaped like a treasure chest to store all the booty.
Ahoy mateys! We’re raising our sails and getting’ ready to depart!
Definitely deserves Two Thumbs Up!
  A pirate map ceiling by Wendy Connelly for her son's nursery - what a stupendous idea!
Wendy Connelly - you rock the seas!

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