Hear ye, Hear ye.

If your baby is a princess and her room is her castle, than its time to call in the royal decorators. Now- the easy way to do this is too surf the net, find every princess furniture piece, artwork and wall décor and just scatter it across the room. Problem is, without a bit of genuine fairy dust, the room might look like it has a mumbo jumbo of princess stuff rather than that regal abode you’ve been aiming for. The correct way to go about this, is to create a princess atmosphere with a few special princess furnishings and decor reining strong. Don’t know where to begin?

Read on for the official diktat on princess decorating.

1. Diamonds! Paint a harlequin pattern on an accent wall or the entire room for instant royal wow factor. If you’re especially creative a border of Fleur de Lis would add the ultimate touch.

2. The Bed: A canopied bed or crib is a must. Depending on your budget choose from exquisite handcrafted poster beds, bed crowns with billowing tulle drapes, or simp
ly hang a tulle canopy from the ceiling.

3. The Furniture: Furniture with lots of carvings and molding, will definitely look  
however simple white furniture embellished with some gold leaf will look very girly and princess like.
4.The Bedding: Which little girl doesn’t love daydreaming about the frilly dresses, the princes, the coaches and balls, and imagining just what her life would be like as a princess. (OK, maybe it still crosses our adult minds, too!) Either way, even if your home isn’t a castle, there’s no reason your little girl shouldn’t have a room fit for a princess. Remember, the bed is her thrown and the linens need to be very beautiful and comfortable in keeping with her princess status ( think princess and the pea). Linens in velvet and satin are a must in colors of pink and purple and even gold, mauve and blue. A billowing tulle bed skirt would add a beautiful touch. The windows should be adorned with drapes in matching fabrics, with panels of sheer tulle for additional coverage.
5.A dressing table is essential. After all, every princess needs a dressing area to get ready for her balls. Make sure to add the quintessential princess accessories, a tiara and gold brush and comb
6. Your princess project is not complete after making the bed. Beautiful décor is essential. A simple mirror can be embellished with rhinestones to make it fit for her royal highness. Banner art personalized with her name can serve as her royal crest.
This royal diktat is coming to an end; there is though one more proclamation. Have fun! Get creative. Involve your princess to put her own royal spin on this whole princess affair.
Definitely deserves Two Thumbs Up!
When I found out I was having a girl, I immediately knew I wanted to do a Princess themed room using pink and black. I decided not to paint the walls because I didn't want to it to be too overwhelming. I used wall stickers (castle, "princess," and the saying, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the cutest of them all?") and bought a luxurious princess carriage painting. The crib satisfied my "royal" preference and the bedding is definitely fit for a princess - pink, satin, and super girly. The black glider is perfect for story time while the armoire and dresser store a plethora of baby boutique clothing. Every princess deserves to have a variety of sunglasses hung from a Juicy Couture rack! I decorated the Princess lampshade myself. Also included on the dresser is: a princess jewelry hanger, a castle picture frame, a princess picture frame, "Always the Princess" piggy bank, a damask headband holder & another headband tower, and tiaras for the pretty princess herself! The 16x20 framed picture of my daughter is there because it placed her 3rd in a baby contest - not to mention she looks like such a princess in it! The princess highchair was of course bought on & adds to the room until the princess is old enough to use it. :) The crown chandelier is one of my favorite items in the room. The crystals provide a beautiful glow throughout the room that my princess loves to stare at. Hope you like the princess nursery as much as I do!
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