Roll Out The Red Carpet - The Baby's coming

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The baby is coming! I’m sure you can hardly contain your excitement. And I’m willing to bet that so close to your due date, you are more than prepared to receive that little bundle when the time comes. You’ve probably combed through that newborn baby checklist dozens of times to make sure you are good and ready.

Granted, your little one won’t register much of what is going on and needless to say he/she won’t remember a thing about that day. But you definitely will, for years to come! So, why shouldn’t you go out of your way to celebrate in style? If you are the type to splurge and you want to celebrate your baby’s arrival, here are some welcome home baby ideas that you can try to make your baby’s birthday extra special.


1. Banners


There is no better way to kick start your celebration than with some customized banners. Cute banners that say “Welcome Home Baby” or something along those lines is a great way to decorate the nursery and create a festive ambiance. And if you have chosen her name, it needs to be up there in the banner!



2. Grand Entrance


Make the new mommy and her little angel feel special by bringing baby home to a decorated entrance with petals, stuffed animals, balloons or even a real red carpet!

3. A Special Gift


Give the new bundle of joy a special customized gift on her very first day at home. It could be a hand-embroidered blanket with his/her name on it, a special stuffed toy or even a little outfit that has been customized for the little one.

If you are planning to hire someone to look after or walk the dog, don’t wait till the baby comes. Get your pet accustomed to that person well in advance so that they don’t see it as a consequence of the new baby’s arrival.

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4. Celebrate with a Cake


What’s a party without cake? Of course, baby won’t be able to indulge but mommy dearest will definitely appreciate a good binge! Get a nice cake to welcome baby home with perhaps a special message from the parents.


5. Your First Ever Home Video


Nothing can make a day more memorable than recording it with photographs and videos. Request a close friend or family member to video record the whole homecoming celebration. Then you can edit it later and make your very first home video!

Apart from these grand gestures be sure the take into account the things that really matter. - Baby and new mommy will most likely get overwhelmed if there are too many people around. - Try to make it a small, quiet celebration. - There aren’t many things you need for a newborn, so don’t stress over buying unnecessary gadgets and fancy equipment that you see on TV. - There are tons of baby needs checklists online that can give you an idea about what you would potentially require.


You have been looking forward to this day for months and this is an occasion that will be remembered in your family for years. You will tell your baby about it when he/she is older. So welcome your new baby with a bang and don’t forget to cherish every tiny moment of it!.


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