Do you hear the call of the wild? Do you conjure images of romantic treks through dense safaris and winding rivers… do you want baby to sleep with the tamed beasts of the jungle…
…read on for some extraordinary inspiration.

A safari nursery is all about the setting. You want natural hues of beige, brown and green. You want minimalistic

furniture in either rugged wood or exotic wrought iron. You want bedding in a plethora of animal prints and natural fibers including fur and suede.

Now that you’ve got the basics, let’s continue your journey with some more rumbling jungle inspiration.

Go Natural! Bamboo paneling or moldings, palm leaf thatching on the windows, mosquito netting for a canopy and drapes all conjure up images of a safari cabin. Don’t forget an abundance of tropical plants all around the room set with large stuffed animals for a wild setting. Try vines wrapped around your window drapes and giant palm leaves hanging from the ceiling. A painted sky ceiling will invoke feelings of treks along the desert plain.

Get Creative. This is one time we believe murals can go a long way. A painted statement wall for those of you on a broad budget or try some stick on mural accents around the room. Imagine an elephant peeking from the doorway or a monkey swinging from the window. Want something more subtle; try a menagerie of small animals marching along the dresser or chair rail, a border of wild animal tracks, or a set of painted animal silhouettes. Hand painted zebra of leopard print accents are simple to do and can really upgrade your furniture.

As for the décor- it’s easy, just use animals. Jungle prints on the wall, animal figures on the shelves, animal hide for a rug. For a most original idea- create an exotic collage of stuffed animal heads peaking out of picture frames.

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