Do you or your kid just love sports? Are you more fanatic then fan? Then we say – why not design a room that’ll capture the spirit and thrill of the game, or rather simply a room that’s a SLAM DUNK!
Designing a sports theme nursery and children’s room can be a heck of fun. First though you should decide if you’re going “All Star” or narrowing the field to one game or team. Either way – the options are endless and fun.
As always we start with the walls. Blues Beiges and Reds are classsic sports colors. Paint plaids or stripes for that all star look. Yes coach (ahem… Dad) you can do it. Another way to play it is to go
with your favorite team’s colors and right off the bat you’ll already have a sports themed room. And for those of you who are super creative we love the look of white or beige walls painted with rows upon rows of red baseball stitching.
The same colors work for bedding, just make sure they complement your walls and you have a home run. A great idea is to revitalize old jerseys as pillows for a scoring touch.

As for the furniture- anything black or brown will do. Be imaginative with baseball bats – use it for the headboard, a peg shelf and even the curtain rods. Another major league idea is locker style furniture for a nightstand and dresser.

Now for the decorating part…
Pennants, Pennants, Pennants! Use them as art, as a border and a window valance. Hang posters of your favorite players, of dad in his good ol’ days and of course your peewee slugger. Another must is Balls. Attach them to crib and bed posts, curtain rods and shelves. A great centerpiece for the nightstand or dresser is simple clear container filled with autographed balls.Don't forget, a shelf for all kinds of memorabilia is a must. Last but not least, old jerseys and caps can be hung on display or framed for a great finishing touch.
For a final thought we love one mom’s ingenious idea. Turn a basketball hoop into a laundry basket. Now which kid will resist to dunk? offers many products to meet your needs. To View - Click the following links.
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