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ALOHA! Is your kid a Hawaiian lovin’, beach goin’, surfer aficionado? So put on your grass skirts, don your sandals and lets Luau! Better yet, read on and learn how to create their very own tropical paradise.
When you imagine a tropical paradise you think of rushing surf, tropical lies, swaying palms and swishing grass skirts. Agree? Good – now we’ll show you how to design a room every beach dude will envy.
Let’s start with surf.
Surf can be the ocean and an excellent color pallet for their room. Cool blues and sea foam greens are great in the walls and bedding. However, don’t forget to add some bright colors for that tropical punch as in a Hibiscus throw or wallpaper border. Try rows of colorful leis in lieu of closet doors or window drapes.
Surf is for Surfboard too! Make your very own surfboard shelf, or surfboard headboard. Use one in the width or three standing up and you’ll have the coolest headboard you’ll ever find. Buy a surfboard ceiling fan and of course some surfboard art. Or get creative and paint a border of brightly colored stripes to mimic their favorite… surfboard!

Swaying palms – fill their room with tropical plants – they don’t need to be real. A collection of green plants in a corner, a single orchid on the nightstand… all will bring the tropics to their room.

Now for those famous grass skirts… you’ll want to recreate it as a bed skirt and even as

a window valance, to really capture the spirit of “Aloha”.
Can you feel the warm breeze, the sand trickling through your toes… create a room so authentic it’ll almost feel like the real thing. offers many products to meet your needs. To View - Click the following links.
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