The Complete Holiday Gift Guide For Every Parent!

Yes, it has been a whirlwind of a year and the season to be jolly, la la la la the holidays, is finally here! You must be excited to see your children gushing and dashing towards their presents. It’s exceptionally beautiful to see the glee on your children’s faces when they open the presents to find a wonderful gift that’s exactly what they would enjoy, and not a jar of pickles from the fridge (get the Blackish reference?).

If you do have a to-do list and a little one or two waiting to be showered with the right gifts, you don’t have to fret anymore, because here is a complete holiday gift guide for every parent – sorted according to the age groups – to make it more convenient and hassle-free for you.


 1. For children (12-18 months)


Yes! You don’t have to buy just rattles or teething cloth books anymore. After they turn a year old, their development rate is so fast that you will be amazed at how quickly they comprehend things. To engage and satisfy the increasing levels of curiosity ought to be the goal for this age group.

Wooden Activity Cube

This activity cube is a lot of fun, from all sides! It’s a great learning toy for teaching alphabets, numbers, or just the simple learning of cause-and-effect. It’s a great way to keep your toddler busy!


Shape Sorter

It’s mainly in this age that the love for all kinds of shape sorters begins to blossom. Plus, it is delightful to see the look of accomplishment on your kids’ faces, won’t you agree?

• Ride-on Vehicles

For any toddler, these are even more exciting than walking. Some models also come with handles that adults can use to push the child if they get tired (or go off the track)



2. For children (18-24 months)


At this stage, your child is so excited about the newfound independence that they want to get into everything! A lot of unstructured play is necessary at this age, so with that in mind, the gifts ought to measure up.

Toy Instruments

It doesn’t matter if they aren’t in tune; kids have a natural love for music. With a toy drum or a piano, you’ll get to hear many original compositions.


• Puzzles

This is a straightforward way in which your toddler can get the satisfaction of achieving something by themselves. 


• Train Sets

This is one of the classsic gifts, best given during the holidays. Your toddler will love the feeling of running them on the carpets, and across the floor.

3. For children (2+ years)

Now that your toddler is becoming more and more independent, he or she will love to test their limits. Gifts that can channel all that energy and also give fruit to their developing minds are the best ones.

• Child-size household equipment

These are great for some real fun for your children. You can even buy a handy broom for the clean-up fun afterward.


• Construction Toys

With such a gift, you can open up new construction possibilities for your toddler. You could get giant pieces that can be linked together, or even snapped together. They can have a lot of fun building something out of big blocks like transport vehicles or even a house with furniture!

• Balls

Balls are fun at almost any age. It’s especially fun at this age as your toddler learns to throw at a target. Some can even catch!


4. For children (3+ years)

Your 3-year-old champ starts turning into a slightly complex individual at this point. With an attention span that’s longer than before, you have a whole lot of opportunities to dig in and get the best gifts for him/her this holiday.

• Memory Games

Board games that test their concentration could be exciting and fun.

• Wooden Play Shapes

Get the ones that have the most number of pieces so your toddler will be able to create more mix ’n match items.

• Castle

You could get the cardboard kind that has a lot of space for a fun-filled adventure for your toddler and their playdates!


There you go! We’ve presented you with some creative gift ideas to make your little ones happy this December.


Let us know which one(s) you’ve gone with (or add your suggestions in the comments section below)!

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