Trending Winter Wear for Your Baby

When the days go rogue in the winter, it is wise to layer up. Then again, it is not necessarily the right thing to do with children, especially infants and babies. Too many layers can make them very uncomfortable – not to mention there would be chances of overheating!

Here’s a look at what is trending in the winter wear category for babies – so you can have your baby looking fashion-forward even in the chills:


1. Whimsical Hats

Hats protect your baby’s head against the cold winter winds. They do not need to very tight, but they do need to be snug and long enough to cover the earlobes. You can get them custom-knit or choose from the many online stores that make warm winter hats in a variety of colors and designs. There are ones that have bunny ears or teddy bear ears. You can even get hats made with long elf ears like in the Lord of the Rings, the Star Wars ears or the big ol’ Shrek ears!


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2. Denim Jackets/Overalls

Jeans have thick material and are sturdy enough to withstand any season. You can get denim jackets that have fur on the inside. They go with everything! You do not have to stick with the traditional blue; choose from a variety of pop art colors like orange, red or even mint green!


3. Knitwear

Yes, we gasp at the Holiday knitted sweaters, but it is a must-have for children of all ages. These days, you can have custom-made knitwear that has a matching hat! You can even get matching mittens, booties, and a pajama that gives a well-coordinated look.

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 4. Rompers

Rompers are such a staple in every baby’s wardrobe. In the winters, you could experiment with the many designs and colors available online or in stores. There are those for girls that come with frills and layers at the bottom and are especially cute with matching boots.


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5. Tutu Coat Dress

Coats that double up as dresses are a great find! They would typically have the second half in lace or crepe to give the illusion of a skirt.


6. Snood Set

You can get a combination of a hat and a similar design snood that snugly fits around the neck and shoulder area and keeps the baby very warm. They tend to be bulky, so you will need to be vigilant around your babywearing one.


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When it gets to the winters, the easy solution for any parent is to reach for the drab thermal wear or bring out those (dreadful) Holiday sweaters that grandma knits. Older children can be a little defiant to such sweaters.

Everyone seems to be fashion-conscious today, so why not have your babies get in on the action, too?

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