What's Trending Now in the Nursery?

By: aBaby

Planning for the arrival of a new baby is both an exciting and overwhelming prospect for new mothers. Getting the nursery prepared before the baby comes takes a huge load off and makes mom feel a little more settled and ready for her new baby. The process of readying the nursery is extremely important to a new mother.

What’s even more important is having a nursery in which every single item of furniture pulls the whole room together beautifully and provides a warm, safe and secure feeling to whoever enters the room, especially the new baby.

Let’s have a look at what is trending in nurseries in 2016.


1. Wood All Around!


Granted, this one is not really a recent trend, but it is an age-old goodie that never disappoints. Unpainted dark wood provides a feeling of warmth and security and its chocolate richness makes the room look extremely elegant. Besides, with a nursery full of wooden furniture, your baby is sure to grow up with extremely good taste! Choose from over 300 of aBaby’s wooden cribs and other baby furniture.



2. Soothing Colors


It is important for the whole feel of the nursery to give off a calming effect. This can be accomplished with soft, neutral colors that will leave your baby feeling calm and at peace all through the day.



3. Florals


When it comes to nursery décor ideas for baby girls, floral prints are in. Wallpapers with gentle floral designs, sheets, and blankets with soft flowery prints and furniture with patterns of nature are what a lot of new moms today are going for today. This floral rug is just one of the many beautiful floral nursery accessories that aBaby.com offers.



4. Stripes


Rooms with a calming essence are great but the baby also benefits from stimulating patterns, and stripes are a great way to provide balanced stimulation.


5. Wall Mirrors


For those rooms that are small and let in limited light, full-length wall mirrors are a great addition. The trend today in nursery decorating ideas is to convert the smallest wall in the room into a mirror from floor to ceiling. This allows a lot of light to reflect making the room brighter and also makes the room look bigger and more spacious. What’s more, you can keep the baby entertained for hours with his own reflection!


So there you have it – 6 of the hottest new trends in nursery décor for 2016. Are you keeping up with them?


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