Wild West

Whether you’ve got a hankerin’ for a western themed nursery or you got a little Buffalo Bill or Calamity Jane that needs a room fixed up straightaway we’ve got just the ideas to get you started.
Just like every horse needs a barn so does every peewee pardner need his cabin. You want to use warm vibrant colors throughout the room - starting with the walls. Beige, brown, red, and denim are all great paint and accent colors. For a real barn feel - use wood beadboard wall panels and plank flooring. “Out on the range” more your style – line the walls with a split rail fence or use it to fashion a headboard for a real cowpoke bed.
Furnish the room with rustic country furniture – that’s big in scale and small on fussy detail. Handmade log furniture and wrought iron beds are great ideas that are sure to lasso ‘em in come nighttime.

Let’s talk bedding. Denims and red paisley bandanna prints are the obvious choice but there are so many ways to get creative. Try Swede bed skirts cut with a fringe, a patchwork quilt in a traditional wedding ring pattern, decorative pillows in genuine animal hide patterns, solid bedding with a Native American throw… are just some great ideas to get you started.  Remember, not to forget to coordinate the windows.

Mosey on over… we rustled up duds and décor for your lil wrangler.

Roundup dad to turn some shutters into barn doors for great way to frame the windows. Turn horseshoes into hooks to hang their gear – spurs, a holster, and of course a cowpoke hat. Horseshoes can be further used to make an interesting ceiling or chair rail border.
Use western boots as a decorative centerpiece on a dresser or in lieu o a lamp base on the night table.
Lasso your child’s name to the wall with handcrafted letters created from rope. Wrap rope around your bedposts, dresser posts and chandelier base.
 A wanted poster is an absolute must, as well as pictures of horses galloping on the open range. Hang lanterns for ambient lighting and finish the room with a genuine animal hide rug.
Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam. And the deer and the antelope play.

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