How To Design a Theme Nursery or Bedroom

Of all the rooms in a family house, the children's room or nursery is by far the most fun room to decorate.

OK, maybe not once they're tweens and teens and demand something hideous such as a black paint job or walls papered with posters. However, if your kids are still of the malleable sort (a.k.a babies, toddlers and grade-schoolers), now is the time to let your imagination run amok. Decorating the room around a central theme is definitely the way to go for an unforgettable children's room. And what theme you say? Anywhere your imagination takes you and believe it or not, this time the sky is not the limit. Fairies and spacewalkers definitely hold a spot high in the realm of theme bedrooms.

So you chose a theme. Now what? Read on for the most stupendous and astounding theme decorating ideas.



Hear ye, Hear ye.

If your baby is a princess and her room is her castle, than its time to call in the royal decorators. Now- the easy way to do this is too surf the net, find every princess furniture piece, artwork and wall décor and just scatter it across the room. Problem is, without a bit of genuine fairy dust, the room might look like it has a mumbo jumbo of princess stuff rather than that regal abode you’ve been aiming for. The correct way to go about this, is to create a princess atmosphere with a few special princess furnishings and decor reining strong. Don’t know where to begin?

Read on for the official diktat on princess decorating.

1. Diamonds! Paint a harlequin pattern on an accent wall or the entire room for instant royal wow factor. If you’re especially creative a border of Fleur de Lis would add the ultimate touch.

2. The Bed: A canopied bed or crib is a must. Depending on your budget choose from exquisite handcrafted poster beds, bed crowns with billowing tulle drapes, or simp
ly hang a tulle canopy from the ceiling.

3. The Furniture: Furniture with lots of carvings and molding, will definitely look  
however simple white furniture embellished with some gold leaf will look very girly and princess like.
4.The Bedding: Which little girl doesn’t love daydreaming about the frilly dresses, the princes, the coaches and balls, and imagining just what her life would be like as a princess. (OK, maybe it still crosses our adult minds, too!) Either way, even if your home isn’t a castle, there’s no reason your little girl shouldn’t have a room fit for a princess. Remember, the bed is her thrown and the linens need to be very beautiful and comfortable in keeping with her princess status ( think princess and the pea). Linens in velvet and satin are a must in colors of pink and purple and even gold, mauve and blue. A billowing tulle bed skirt would add a beautiful touch. The windows should be adorned with drapes in matching fabrics, with panels of sheer tulle for additional coverage.
5.A dressing table is essential. After all, every princess needs a dressing area to get ready for her balls. Make sure to add the quintessential princess accessories, a tiara and gold brush and comb
6. Your princess project is not complete after making the bed. Beautiful décor is essential. A simple mirror can be embellished with rhinestones to make it fit for her royal highness. Banner art personalized with her name can serve as her royal crest.
This royal diktat is coming to an end; there is though one more proclamation. Have fun! Get creative. Involve your princess to put her own royal spin on this whole princess affair.
Definitely deserves Two Thumbs Up!
When I found out I was having a girl, I immediately knew I wanted to do a Princess themed room using pink and black. I decided not to paint the walls because I didn't want to it to be too overwhelming. I used wall stickers (castle, "princess," and the saying, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the cutest of them all?") and bought a luxurious princess carriage painting. The crib satisfied my "royal" preference and the bedding is definitely fit for a princess - pink, satin, and super girly. The black glider is perfect for story time while the armoire and dresser store a plethora of baby boutique clothing. Every princess deserves to have a variety of sunglasses hung from a Juicy Couture rack! I decorated the Princess lampshade myself. Also included on the dresser is: a princess jewelry hanger, a castle picture frame, a princess picture frame, "Always the Princess" piggy bank, a damask headband holder & another headband tower, and tiaras for the pretty princess herself! The 16x20 framed picture of my daughter is there because it placed her 3rd in a baby contest - not to mention she looks like such a princess in it! The princess highchair was of course bought on & adds to the room until the princess is old enough to use it. :) The crown chandelier is one of my favorite items in the room. The crystals provide a beautiful glow throughout the room that my princess loves to stare at. Hope you like the princess nursery as much as I do!
Kayla Hullett-Gregory


Are you ready to don wings and take a magical flight to the world of fairies? When you enter a fairy room, you’re entering a magical world, where fairies live in toadstools, have tea among the flowers and play pixie tag on the rainbows. Here’s how to capture the magic for the little fairy most special to you.
Let’s start at the beginning. The walls can be in any color, the fairy’s favorite would definitely be a winner. For that pixie dust touch, we
would recommend painting clouds on the ceiling in a complimentary color. Imagine sleeping under a sky of pink fluffy clouds. What could be more magical than that?
The rest of the room – it’s easy – just remember two things, tulle and flowers. A tulle canopy is a must to create genuine fairylike sleeping quarters. Use a bed crown or simply hang filmy tulle from the ceiling to cascade over the crib or bed. A billowing tulle bed skirt and sheer tulle
drapery, will all add to the delicate ethereal atmosphere you’re trying to create. However, there’s one important rule. Embellish, embellish, embellish! The canopy, the drapes even the walls should all be
embellished with beautiful blossoms. After all, where do fairies live if not amid the flowers? Use pickets adorned with flowers and even a birds nest to create a garden fence headboard.
If you’d like to get “fairy creative”, fashion your fairy’s name out of twigs, floral tape and wire. And if dad is really handy, he can fashion a mini door made just for fairies, or you can always splurge and buy this magical door, ready.
Last but not least, sprinkle some fairy dust and watch all the magic come true.


Shiver me timbers! Ahoy ye mateys and atlast thy chase for a booty of pirate decorating ideas are right here on this site which marks the X. Wave yer flag, mark thy place, say aaaaaargh! And yer ready to begin.

Ok, let’s be honest. A room awash with Jolly Rogers, skull and crossbones and skeletons is not for everyone. If Mom and Dad are landlubbers and the offspring are swashbucklers then here’s some great ideas without having Mom running for the plank.
First set the mood. Dark furniture with bedding awash with blacks and blues is the key. Simple wood planks adorned with a jolly roger flag makes a great headboard. In lieu of a shelf use  
  fish netting onto the wall to store his prized gear. Fish netting works great on the windows too! It’ll add the perfect combination of eeriness and maritime character. Plants should fill your capt’n sleeping lagoon and adorning the plants with pirate ornaments should fill your swashbuckler’s hunger for skulls and bones.
Now fer the finishing touches. An old steering wheel personalized with yer buccaneers name makes fer a splendid piece of art. An old map is a must. You can craft one yerself with some parchment paper burned on the edges to make it look old. Last but not least, you need
a toybox shaped like a treasure chest to store all the booty.
Ahoy mateys! We’re raising our sails and getting’ ready to depart!
Definitely deserves Two Thumbs Up!
  A pirate map ceiling by Wendy Connelly for her son's nursery - what a stupendous idea!
Wendy Connelly - you rock the seas!

Wild West

Whether you’ve got a hankerin’ for a western themed nursery or you got a little Buffalo Bill or Calamity Jane that needs a room fixed up straightaway we’ve got just the ideas to get you started.
Just like every horse needs a barn so does every peewee pardner need his cabin. You want to use warm vibrant colors throughout the room - starting with the walls. Beige, brown, red, and denim are all great paint and accent colors. For a real barn feel - use wood beadboard wall panels and plank flooring. “Out on the range” more your style – line the walls with a split rail fence or use it to fashion a headboard for a real cowpoke bed.
Furnish the room with rustic country furniture – that’s big in scale and small on fussy detail. Handmade log furniture and wrought iron beds are great ideas that are sure to lasso ‘em in come nighttime.

Let’s talk bedding. Denims and red paisley bandanna prints are the obvious choice but there are so many ways to get creative. Try Swede bed skirts cut with a fringe, a patchwork quilt in a traditional wedding ring pattern, decorative pillows in genuine animal hide patterns, solid bedding with a Native American throw… are just some great ideas to get you started.  Remember, not to forget to coordinate the windows.

Mosey on over… we rustled up duds and décor for your lil wrangler.

Roundup dad to turn some shutters into barn doors for great way to frame the windows. Turn horseshoes into hooks to hang their gear – spurs, a holster, and of course a cowpoke hat. Horseshoes can be further used to make an interesting ceiling or chair rail border.
Use western boots as a decorative centerpiece on a dresser or in lieu o a lamp base on the night table.
Lasso your child’s name to the wall with handcrafted letters created from rope. Wrap rope around your bedposts, dresser posts and chandelier base.
 A wanted poster is an absolute must, as well as pictures of horses galloping on the open range. Hang lanterns for ambient lighting and finish the room with a genuine animal hide rug.
Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam. And the deer and the antelope play.


Do you hear the call of the wild? Do you conjure images of romantic treks through dense safaris and winding rivers… do you want baby to sleep with the tamed beasts of the jungle…
…read on for some extraordinary inspiration.

A safari nursery is all about the setting. You want natural hues of beige, brown and green. You want minimalistic

furniture in either rugged wood or exotic wrought iron. You want bedding in a plethora of animal prints and natural fibers including fur and suede.

Now that you’ve got the basics, let’s continue your journey with some more rumbling jungle inspiration.

Go Natural! Bamboo paneling or moldings, palm leaf thatching on the windows, mosquito netting for a canopy and drapes all conjure up images of a safari cabin. Don’t forget an abundance of tropical plants all around the room set with large stuffed animals for a wild setting. Try vines wrapped around your window drapes and giant palm leaves hanging from the ceiling. A painted sky ceiling will invoke feelings of treks along the desert plain.

Get Creative. This is one time we believe murals can go a long way. A painted statement wall for those of you on a broad budget or try some stick on mural accents around the room. Imagine an elephant peeking from the doorway or a monkey swinging from the window. Want something more subtle; try a menagerie of small animals marching along the dresser or chair rail, a border of wild animal tracks, or a set of painted animal silhouettes. Hand painted zebra of leopard print accents are simple to do and can really upgrade your furniture.

As for the décor- it’s easy, just use animals. Jungle prints on the wall, animal figures on the shelves, animal hide for a rug. For a most original idea- create an exotic collage of stuffed animal heads peaking out of picture frames.

Shhh… the lion sleeps tonight.


Do you or your kid just love sports? Are you more fanatic then fan? Then we say – why not design a room that’ll capture the spirit and thrill of the game, or rather simply a room that’s a SLAM DUNK!
Designing a sports theme nursery and children’s room can be a heck of fun. First though you should decide if you’re going “All Star” or narrowing the field to one game or team. Either way – the options are endless and fun.
As always we start with the walls. Blues Beiges and Reds are classic sports colors. Paint plaids or stripes for that all star look. Yes coach (ahem… Dad) you can do it. Another way to play it is to go
with your favorite team’s colors and right off the bat you’ll already have a sports themed room. And for those of you who are super creative we love the look of white or beige walls painted with rows upon rows of red baseball stitching.
The same colors work for bedding, just make sure they complement your walls and you have a home run. A great idea is to revitalize old jerseys as pillows for a scoring touch.

As for the furniture- anything black or brown will do. Be imaginative with baseball bats – use it for the headboard, a peg shelf and even the curtain rods. Another major league idea is locker style furniture for a nightstand and dresser.

Now for the decorating part…
Pennants, Pennants, Pennants! Use them as art, as a border and a window valance. Hang posters of your favorite players, of dad in his good ol’ days and of course your peewee slugger. Another must is Balls. Attach them to crib and bed posts, curtain rods and shelves. A great centerpiece for the nightstand or dresser is simple clear container filled with autographed balls.Don't forget, a shelf for all kinds of memorabilia is a must. Last but not least, old jerseys and caps can be hung on display or framed for a great finishing touch.
For a final thought we love one mom’s ingenious idea. Turn a basketball hoop into a laundry basket. Now which kid will resist to dunk?



Surfs Up

ALOHA! Is your kid a Hawaiian lovin’, beach goin’, surfer aficionado? So put on your grass skirts, don your sandals and lets Luau! Better yet, read on and learn how to create their very own tropical paradise.
When you imagine a tropical paradise you think of rushing surf, tropical lies, swaying palms and swishing grass skirts. Agree? Good – now we’ll show you how to design a room every beach dude will envy.
Let’s start with surf.
Surf can be the ocean and an excellent color pallet for their room. Cool blues and sea foam greens are great in the walls and bedding. However, don’t forget to add some bright colors for that tropical punch as in a Hibiscus throw or wallpaper border. Try rows of colorful leis in lieu of closet doors or window drapes.
Surf is for Surfboard too! Make your very own surfboard shelf, or surfboard headboard. Use one in the width or three standing up and you’ll have the coolest headboard you’ll ever find. Buy a surfboard ceiling fan and of course some surfboard art. Or get creative and paint a border of brightly colored stripes to mimic their favorite… surfboard!

Swaying palms – fill their room with tropical plants – they don’t need to be real. A collection of green plants in a corner, a single orchid on the nightstand… all will bring the tropics to their room.

Now for those famous grass skirts… you’ll want to recreate it as a bed skirt and even as

a window valance, to really capture the spirit of “Aloha”.
Can you feel the warm breeze, the sand trickling through your toes… create a room so authentic it’ll almost feel like the real thing.

Trains, Cars & Trucks

Stop! Bring Motor Mania to your kid’s bedroom. If your kid likes all modes of trains, cars and trucks then a transportation room is just for you. Just listen to our good advice and you’ll go from zero to race ready before we can say zoom.

First set the scene. You’ll want to paint the top half of the wall blue and the bottom half green. Next paint a curving road all around the room or just on your accent wall. No artistic skills necessary. All roads naturally curve and so can yours. Now paint puffy white clouds on the ceiling and voila! You’ve got your scene. For the finishing touch attach toy cars to the road and hang model airplanes from the ceiling.
Just note, your blues and greens can be as bright or as light as you want it – depending on the mood you want to create.

Now for the furniture. A car bed is a great splurge but totally unnecessary for a great room. White or wood tone furniture will work just as well. A great idea for accent pieces is shiny locker style furniture. You can attach hubcaps to the furniture sides for an interesting effect. A collage of hubcaps on the wall is a great idea for décor, as well.
Want to designate different areas in the room - a play, study or rest area? Use traffic cones. To bold for you- try mini cones as bookends.
Make sure to hang traffic signs throughout the room. For a special touch create a street sign with your child’s name. Another way to personalize the room is the paint an airplane onto the wall or ceiling with your child’s name in its vapor trail.
Now it’s time to Ready – Set – Go… Decorate!


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