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Article: 9 Tips for Your First Summer Vacation with Baby

9 Tips for Your First Summer Vacation with Baby

9 Tips for Your First Summer Vacation with Baby

Hudi Ababy
The summer is supposed to be a fun and relaxing time spent with friends and family. The first summer vacation with your baby can teach you a lot! If you plan to travel with baby this summer, there are some things you should know. So here are some quick and valuable tips that will help you to have a happy, safe, and memorable first summer with your little angel.

1. Do I have the right stroller?

You may already have the perfectst roller,but when it comes to travel, you need to rethink your strolled needs. A lightweight, collapsible stroller is what you will need to get your hands on for your trip with baby. Not only are they easy to cart around, but they can also be gate-checked at most airlines. Be sure to get baby used to this new stroller by using it a bit before the trip and adding familiar toys and blankets that make baby feel safe.

2. Stick to schedules/routines

Yes, you are on vacation, but your baby will only allow you to enjoy your vacation if her routine remains undisturbed for the most part. Try to stick to the same nap and feeding schedule. Use the same methods to feed and put the baby to sleep that you use at home. This will help her settle quickly to her new surroundings, which will reduce the likeliness of unwanted fussing.

3. Is it worth considering a travel crib?

Depending on where you are going, it might make sense of investing in a travel crib. In the unfortunate event that your hotel room doesn't have the necessary accommodations, the travel crib is a Godsend. Also, if you're going camping, the travel crib is a convenient option. Again, remember to bring familiar blankets and toys to put around the crib, so your little one feels as "at home" as possible. Travel cribs can also double as a playpen, giving you a safe space for baby to play by herself every now and then.

4. Pack Smart

Use smaller toiletry pouches and packing cubes to pack your things into compartments, so they are easy to find later. Try getting a good quality stroller bag that is large enough to hold your stuff as well as baby's things so that you have fewer pieces of luggage to look after. Carry lightweight toys that are not bulky and can be folded down or slipped into a corner easily.

5. Diaper Backpacks

Oh yes, if you haven't used these, it's time you started! Diaper backpacks give you a compact space for all your diapering paraphernalia. It is comfortable to carry and can be a very handy piece of luggage when you're running from terminal to terminal, trying to catch your next flight!

Pack enough baby clothes

When it comes to baby clothes, there is no such thing as overpacking. If you're going to a place that is fairly warm, pack plenty of cool clothing

6. Can there be a vacation without a Bjorn?

The answer is no! Let's face it; it's quite likely you won't be able to take the stroller with you everywhere you go. A Bjorn frees up your hands to carry other essentials while still being able to keep baby safe and close to you. If you plan to go shopping, the Bjorn goes on vacation with you, no questions asked.

7. Can I fly hassle-free with my baby?

There are a number of airlines that are baby-friendly within the United States. Some allow your little one to travel with you free of cost, without a ticket if your baby is under two years old. A lot of airlines will also allow you to carry your baby formula and other baby-related liquids in your carry on. You may also be allowed to gate-check your stroller if it is the right kind so that you don't have to lug it around with you everywhere.

8. Odd hours for your meals

Your little one has his feeding schedule to stick to. But you are on vacation, and so you can go nuts and eat whenever you want! Try going for meals at in-between hours. For instance, try dinner at 5 p.m. or lunch at 11 a.m. Most restaurants will be quite empty at these hours. This will give you enough space to keep your stroller. Your food will also be served faster. And all in all, you will be able to have a relaxed, peaceful meal with your family.

9. The Takeaway

Vacations with toddlers and babies don't necessarily have to be stressful. The key is to plan ahead of time and to plan for every possible outcome. When on vacation with family and friends, remember that you are not alone. Your aim should be to relax. So let your family take turns watching your baby while you enjoy some much-deserved downtime.

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