Dollhouse Bed

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  • 94"H x 84"W x 51.5"D
  • Crafted Of: MDF Wood
  • Assembly Required

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    For Your Precious Little Doll!
    Stimulate your daughter’s imagination and creativity during bedtime as well! Our Dollhouse Bed will become your darling’s favorite as she drifts off to sleep in her very own abode. Your little one can peer out the open window while ensconced in the coziness of her home. With a 5 shelf bookcase, storage area, and room under the loft to be used for play or for a twin/full size bed, this is a purchase that is worth your while!


    • 94"H x 84"W x 51.5"D
    • Crafted Of: MDF Wood
    • Assembly Required
    • Top loft/bunk area accommodates a twin-size mattress (not included)
    • Bottom area can accommodate a twin/full-size boxspring (not included) or be used as a play area
    • Access to loft is by climbing up side cut out steps
    • Bookcase included

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    Average Customer Rating: 5 Stars (9 reviews)

    Review 1 of 9

     5 Stars

    This is a great bed

    By: Tammy, California

    I love this bed. It is extremely sturdy. Only downfall is that it is very tall. I didn't account for that. Luckily I was giving 2 inches of wiggle room between the roof & ceiling. Make sure you are set on the location because once you set it up, you won't want to move it. My girls love it. We put a queen pillow top mattress with 9 inch box springs without a bed frame and the girls have plenty of room for their heads.

    Review 2 of 9

     5 Stars

    Happy Customer

    By: Tiffany, IL

    I used to go to the furniture store just to drool over this bed for my girls, then a few weeks before we moved out of state, I wanted to go to the store and drool over the bed one last time. Well that one last time did me in and they were selling the floor model, so Ijumped on it and have been happy ever since. We have had ths bed for 3+ years now and are now n our 3rd move and it is still strong and sturdy and my 3 girls love it ranging from 9-2. You do need to be careful with ceiling fans and space, but if you have the space why not :)

    Review 3 of 9

     5 Stars

    awesome bed

    By: VegMom, MO

    We've had this bed for years and it looks as good as the day we got it!

    Review 4 of 9

     5 Stars

    Long lasting!

    By: Karina, Oklahoma

    I've had this bed since I was 7, and I'm 12. It is in perfect condition! It's great for kids! Highly recomended! Sadly I will have to get a new bed because I am almost 13, but I have enjoyed this bed very much. Totally worth it.

    Review 5 of 9

     5 Stars

    Great even for big kids!

    By: Queen lil� Naenae 4K, Illinois

    Looking for a bed after recently being evicted by my parents and this caught my eye. I absolutely love this thing. I moved it into my Low Income Housing unit and now I finally have a home of my own where accusatory judgmental people can�t tell me how to live my life and who can and can�t stay the night. Now I�m the queen in the castle. Thanks Dollhouse bed maker people.

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