Strider Sport Prebike



Strider Sport Prebike

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  • Adjustable Seat
  • Recommended Ages: 1-5 Years
  • Assembly Required

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    Helping Your Toddler Learn Riding Skills Early!
    Say goodbye to training wheel wobbles and tricycle tip overs, and say hello to the safe ride of the Strider Prebike, powered by your child's own two feet. If your child can walk, then your child can ride the Strider. Designed for kids ages 1-5, this bike is light weight, easy to control and features an adjustable seat and handle bar that grows along with your child. These bikes teach children how to balance, coordinate and gain self confidence. The unique frame design has integrated Launch Pad™ footrests for gliding and learning advanced riding skills. Your child will feel safe riding this no peddle bike, because at the first feeling of instability, he will instinctively place his feet firmly on the ground. With the durable tires, this bike can go anywhere your child wants to ride it. It's great fun, and no more fear of riding bikes!


    • Adjustable Seat
    • Recommended Ages: 1-5 Years
    • Assembly Required
    • 12.7mm Steel handlebar (43% smaller than standard to allow better control with tiny hands)
    • Fits Riders from 30" to 44" Tall
    • Saddle height adjusts from 11" to 16" from ground
    • Includes padded XL saddle and long seat post to fit kids over 3 yrs. old (up to 19" from ground)
    • Puncture-proof all-terrain EVA polymer tires
    • Durable welded steel frame, fork, and handlebars
    • Light weight: Less than 7 pounds
    • Rider weight limit of 60 pounds

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