Small Army WOT M4 Sherman (500 PCS)

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Small Army WOT M4 Sherman (500 PCS)

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The M4 Sherman is based on the chassis and many other elements of the former model M3 Lee, an American tank, produced during World War II. The new one was used by The United States, Great Britain, Poland, the Soviet Union, Canada and many other countries. It was armed with a M3 75mm calibur cannon and relied on its construction and low cost of production. This newly revised miniature vehicle made with construction blocks by COBI has many movable parts such as opening hatches, moving machine guns, spinning wheels and tracks. The tank’s tower and a barrel can be lowered and lifted. The rear armor is inserted inside, you can open it, see it and also see the engine. It is a very solid construction that truly reflects its original historical shape. The model of the Sherman M4 tank is a great toy, but also a special piece of every collector of military and armor weapons and video game World of Tanks.

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