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Cradle Mattress

Cradle Mattress

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 5 Stars

Exactly as stated

By: J.L., Virginia

This product was exactly as stated in advertisement. Received it in a timely manner.

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 5 Stars

Very Nice No problems fits cradle

By: Sveta Meadows, North Carolina

Just what I needed for an antique cradle.

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 5 Stars

Great price

By: C.B., WA

Exactly what I expected. Perfect price as it is something we will only use for a short time.

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 5 Stars

Excellent Service

By: JM, NY

The customer service rep/warehouse workers gave my order special attention and rushed the order along. This is what will make me a return customer!!! All about the service........very pleased with the quality of the product as well.

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 4 Stars

Just Right

By: Ellen, WA

My husband made a cradle for a dear friend. The mattress arrived as promised. Good e-mail communication. I liked the 2" thick rather than 1" that was available locally.

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 5 Stars

Quick shipment

By: Deb, CT

Arrived very quickly and product was exactly what I expected.

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 5 Stars

Cradle Mattress

By: Sue, NJ

My husband made a beautiful cradle for our daughter's 1st baby and this mattress pad was perfect.

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 5 Stars

Cradle Mattress

By: Harvey, AL

Fit the Cradle perfectly. Arrived quickly and in great shape.

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 5 Stars

Cradle mattress

By: Gloria Brown, North Carolina

Would highly recommend this item. Much softer than the old mattress that came with the cradle.

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 5 Stars

Cradle Mattress


Exactly what we needed to replace the mattress from when our kids were newborn. This will be used for our grandchildren. Great service!

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 5 Stars

Good sturdy mattress!

By: Maria Silvenis, TN

Good, sturdy mattress. Perfect for our needs. It came within a few days, much earlier than expected. Very pleased.

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 5 Stars

good buy

By: Amy, VA

good size mattress that fit the cradle well.

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 5 Stars

Nice Matress

By: Myron, Indiana

Just like what we thought it would be.

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 5 Stars

Very nice quality

By: Courtney, Arkansas

The cradle mattress was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks

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 3 Stars

cradle mattress

By: D. Trivolis, NY

Although this was received in a timely manner, the way it was shipped was unsatisfactory. The mattress was folded in half and stuffed in a shorter box with the remainder of the items ordered. This resulted in a plastic wrinkle in the middle of the mattress, which a month later, still has not flattened out.

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 5 Stars

cradle mattress

By: Judy , NY

Perfect fit, nice quality. The first one we received had a tear, and I notified the company, and the next day it was replaced. Great service!!!!!!!

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 5 Stars

Right size

By: Sylvia V, NV

I had the cradle that my son had used as a baby 30 years ago. I was having a hard time finding the 15x33 size mattress that I needed for an older cradle. I was very happy to find it at Ababy.

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 4 Stars

Cradle mattress

By: mom, ND

I was disappointed when the mattress came in the mail as it was folded in half to ship. However, after letting it sit for a couple hours, it smoothed out, and it worked out just fine.

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 5 Stars

A great find!

By: CM, Fl

I have an antique cradle & was concerned how this would work. It was received very quickly, good quality and fit like a glove!

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 5 Stars

Received quickly in good shape

By: Karen, CA

Just what I needed to replace the old mattress of my daughter's cradle for my grandchild.

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 5 Stars

replacement mattress

By: Tamara, CA

I found your website after many futile trips to stores around me. I was thrilled when it came, and fit the cradle perfectly. This cradle is over 33 years old and my husband and I gave it a face lift, now it is waiting for our 1st grandchild at our daughter's house. I am sure that I will be visiting your site a lot!

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 5 Stars

Cradle mattress

By: Sharon, Ny.

Perfect! Bought the cradle bumpers as well, the cradle looks great. Arrived quickly. Could not be more satisfied.

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 5 Stars

Cradle mattress

By: Eileen, CO

Nice thickness and fits cradle very well. Excellent quality and arrived very promptly.

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 5 Stars

cradle mattress

By: Charla M, WA

Just what we wanted. It fit perfectly in the family cradle. We had been concerned we coud not use the cradle for the upcoming birth as we had not found a mattress for it. I am so glad we did as now the baby can sleep in the same cradle as daddy did.

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 5 Stars

Cradle Mattresses

By: Quailly, TX

It fits perfectly, and this is the only place I found a cradle mattress this size!

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 5 Stars


By: JF, NH

Had a hard time finding the right size mattress for a small crib that had been in the family for 76 yrs. It looks great with all the bedding & ready for the next arrival.

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 5 Stars

Great Product

By: Michael & Marilyn Gleason, CO

Mattress fit oak cradle we made to a tee. All of the complementing items like sheets, protectors, bumpers were well made, very serviceable and maintainable. Our grandson seemed right at home with it. Thanks for making a lovely product and having a staff to work with us so well.

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 5 Stars

True Product Description

By: Amy, MA

I was so happy to find this mattress for the baby cradle that my husband once slept in. I had a difficult time finding a replacement for the cradle and was pleasantly surprised to find one at I received the product quickly after ordering it. Great purchase!!

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 5 Stars

Just In Time

By: Melody Christensen, CA

We had a preemie so we desperately needed a cradle mattress for our antique cradle. Thanks to the thorough description given I had peace of mind knowing it would fit and they shipped it super fast with no extra charges, it arrived the day she came home!

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 5 Stars

Great Service and Products!

By: Tiffany Jurkash, Texas

Great product.....everything was exactly as stated. Customer service was perfect and the mattress came in no time at all. I was a first time shopper on and will for sure come back.

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 5 Stars

What a wonderful purchase..

By: Kerstin, CT

The "mattress" that came with our cradle would fold over when putting on a fitted cradle sheet that's how flimsy it was. This one is thick and perfect for our little one. Soft enough to be comfortable yet firm enough like recommended by the AAP. Love IT

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 5 Stars

Cradle mattress

By: Alex, california

For our first baby we got a cradle that has been passed down from family to family. Finding the right size mattress 15x33 has been a real hassle. But ordering this mattress from the order came in on time and we have one less item to worry about.

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 5 Stars

Love the matress

By: Lisa T., NH

Thank you for having just what we needed for our first child. The cradle is very special to me since it was mine when I was a baby (34 years ago). I searched high and low to find one that would fit and your website was the only place I could find one. The matress arrived very quickly and is a perfect fit. My husband and I couldn't be happier. The cradle is ready for our daughter who should be arriving any day now. Thank you

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 5 Stars

Exactly What I Needed

By: M, NJ

I have an antique cradle and this mattress fits it exactly.

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 5 Stars

cradle mattres

By: Great Grandma, Wisconsin

It fit perfectly in the 161 year old hand made cradle my first great grandchild is now using.

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 4 Stars

Fits perfect

By: Gram, CO

It fits the custom made cradle perfectly!

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 5 Stars

Finally found the right size!

By: Kendra Backus, Texas

We needed a replacement mattress so bad for the cradle our family has been sharing. We needed the 15X33 size and this is the only place I could find one. I'm so glad I came across it. The price was good and it was delivered in plenty of time and looks great.

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 5 Stars


By: karen, illinois

this mattress not only fit the cradle PERFECTLY, it arrived at my house in less than a week after I ordered it! fabulous!

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 5 Stars

Cradle Mattress

By: Joan Simons-aka Grandma, VA

Wonderful! The service was great and so is the quality of the mattress. I can't wait for our little bundle of joy to get here so she can enjoy it.

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 3 Stars

Perfect fit, could be firmer

By: Kay, NC

All in all this mattress is ok. It fits the davinci futura cradle I bought perfectly. However to be frank I was expecting it to be a little firmer. It's not soft soft, but still I would have expected it firmer. It shipped in time, and I would buy from this company again as they are very good to work with.

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 5 Stars

Great cradle mattress!

By: B. Kovacs, WA

This mattress was great for our daughter. It held up just perfect. I recommend this to anyone looking for a great mattress to fit their cradle.

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 5 Stars


By: Marcia Lamanna, FL

This cradle mattress was a perfect fit for a small antique crib we have in our family. It arrived quickly and quality was excellent. We were very pleased with the product.

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 5 Stars

Thank You

By: Karol, CO

I am very pleased with the mattress. My grandbaby is very comfortable and Mom loves the fit for the cradle. Thank you for keeping me well informed, I really like your follow up.

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 5 Stars

Nice thick mattress with protective cover.

By: Jason, MD

The mattress is much thicker than the one that came with our cradle, and fits well. It is exactly what I was hoping for.

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 5 Stars

Cradle Mattresses

By: Jackie K, NY

The mattress came super quick and fits our cradle perfectly. Our baby loves it! Apparently it's quite comfortable, since he sleeps soundly on it. The protected cover makes it easy to clean also. Great product... will reorder for backup!

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 4 Stars

Just as you stated

By: Gene Fennema, Illinois

Mattress fits cradle and grandson seems to like it (altho he never really said that)

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 5 Stars

Just what I needed

By: KB, UT

I couldn't find a mattress in my area. Very happy with the product and delivered in timely manner.

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 4 Stars

Cradle Mattress

By: Laurie, California

The mattress fit perfectly and was delivered quite promptly. I appreciate your having it since it was for an heirloom cradle that was hard to fit.

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 5 Stars

Good quality/Excellent Service

By: Patricia, NH

I'm very pleased with the quality of the Cradle Mattresses & sheet I purchased. The price was great also. Baby is sleeping GREAT! Thanks from Derry NH

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 5 Stars

Cradle Mattress

By: Maria, TX

Wonderful fit and great service. My husband made a cradle for our daughter's baby due in Nov. I was worried I wouldn't be able to find a mattress for it, but did thanks to

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 5 Stars

Great Service

By: K., Georgia

Our order was received several days early. Item perfect for the handmade cradle we are planning to use.

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 5 Stars

Just Perfect

By: Babak, Bahrain

Everything was as described. I got exactly what I was looking for. I even received it before the expected delivery date.

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 5 Stars

Cradle mattress

By: Christine Weigel, Oregon

After refinishing our family cradle it was refreshing to get a mattress from that was such nice quality. I was very pleased with the service as well.

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 5 Stars

Excellent Quality Cradle Mattress & Customer Service

By: Sandra Roth, Oregon

My husband is making a cradle for our 1st great-granddaughter and the mattress, bumpers and sheet were perfect finishing touches. The quality is excellent for the price.

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 5 Stars

Great service

By: Amanda, SC

I got my mattress in a timely manner, it is perfect for my cradle. Thank You!

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 5 Stars

Cradle mattress

By: Sheri Justus, Oklahoma

My husband made a cradle for our baby 24 years ago. At that time I had to make a mattress and bumper pad. For our first grandbaby, I was thrilled to find a ready made mattress that fit the cradle perfectly. Thank you for a wonderful product

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 5 Stars

Great thick cradle mattress

By: V. Conroy, NC

I originally thought the mattress might be too big since it came before the cradle but it fit perfect and it is of high quality very nice and thick. A lot nicer than the thin mattress pad that came with the cradle. Definitely order this cradle mattress its covered in the same type of plastic crib mattresses are covered in so it is very durable

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 5 Stars

Great Buy

By: Desire, New York

I purchased this mattress for my newborn son’s cradle that he wouldn’t sleep in. This mattress improved his length of sleep while in the cradle. It’s a great quality and thickness for the price.

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 5 Stars

Just what I was looking for...

By: Heather, AZ

I have a cradle that was made by my grandfather and was worried I wouldn't find one with the same dimensions. The mattress is a perfect fit for my antique cradle. I also purchased the cradle sheet and mattress protector. I am very happy with my purchases.

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 5 Stars

Just as stated

By: MJ, New YORk

Thanks for the prompt service. Just as I wanted - perfect fit.

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 5 Stars

This is a great item.

By: Diego Krapf, CO

This was exactly what we were needing to replace an old matress.

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 5 Stars

cradle mattress

By: Beth Aversa, Washington

I was so happy to find the proper size mattress for the cradle we have in our family. My daughter can use the same cradle that my other grandchildren were rocked in.

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 5 Stars

Excellent Choice

By: Eve, Utah

I love this mattress. It was thicker and more durable than any other cradle mattress I had looked at. I highly recommend this one!!!

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 4 Stars

Perfect Fit!

By: Tracy, NY

We ordered a cradle that came with a paper thin mattress. I am very happy with this purchase because now it seems like my baby will have real comfort!

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 5 Stars

The Mattress Fits Perfectly

By: K. Stapleton, Washignton

It's exactly as described. What's more, I needed it immediately and I sent an email asking if they could rush the order. I got an immediate reply and the mattress was here as fast as it possibly could. Excellent customer service - EXCELLENT! I will be buying a lot more from in the future.

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 5 Stars


By: Rachel, MI

Great product at a reasonable price.

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 5 Stars

Just what I needed

By: Patricia Rawson, MS

Could not find a replacement mattress while shopping. This is just what I needed.

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 5 Stars

Cradle Mattress

By: Kathy, PA

I had a very difficult time finding a mattress that would fit a cradle that my father had made for my sons, and was going to be used for my first grandson. Not only did it fit, but it was amazingly affordable, too. I got a sheet set and bumper guard and it looks wonderful, especially with a newborn in it.

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 5 Stars

It's Great!

By: Barbara Wilcox, CA

I just received the custom made cradle mattress yesterday and wanted to thank you, it fits wonderful !!! Thank You !!

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 5 Stars

Very satisfied

By: Nanci M., Virginia

It's just perfect - fits well. The 2 inch depth makes it very comfortable for baby, but not too soft. And, it came quickly!

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 5 Stars

We are so pleased!

By: Grammy T, CA

Thank you...the mattress arrived as promised, and fits our cradle beautifully. It will allow my son's cradle to be used for his little girl when she arrives.

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 5 Stars

Fits Great

By: Kjersten, MN

We have an antique family cradle and this mattress fits it perfectly. I'm so happy I am able to use this beautiful piece of furniture for our little one.

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 5 Stars


By: Debbie B., Louisiana

Just as expected. We purchased the 18x36 size for a cradle my husband made for our first child due in December. Mattress fits perfectly and is firm yet soft.

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 5 Stars

Cradle Mattress

By: Kassandra, CT

Perfect for my antique cradle!! Shipping was very quick! I couldn't be happier!!

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 4 Stars

cradle mattress

By: ferona wiser, michigan

The mattress is as described. It was shipped in a box that required the mattress to be folded in half. This caused an undesirable deep crease in the product. Also the box was quite "battered" during the delivery.

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 5 Stars


By: Amber, Vermont

I ordered this mattress on a Tuesday and received it on Thursday. I can't believe how fast the delivery was. It must be comfortable because it is the first time my daughter has slept all night in her cradle. I am very pleased.

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 5 Stars


By: Amanda, Arkansas

Fits perfectly in my antique cradle. I had such a hard time trying to find one this size within a reasonable price range. The price was great and it arrived just in time!

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 5 Stars

Good fit


The size of this mattress was difficult to find in stores so I was relieved when I found it on this site. It fits my antique cradle perfectly. Quick shipping too.

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 5 Stars

Cradle Mattress

By: Kylie, TX

The item was exactly as described; received in a timely manner in great condition and fits the cradle perfectly! I would not hesitate to recommend this item.

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 5 Stars

cradle matress 15''x33"

By: linda amrein, pennsylvania

Great mattress, great price! Hard to find a mattress to fit antique cradles. Shipping is fast and custmer service is excellent.

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 4 Stars

Smaller than described

By: Julie, PA

The mattress was smaller than described but it actually worked perfect for my hand made craddle that was made slightly smaller than standard size.

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 5 Stars

Just what we needed

By: JF, New York

We needed a new mattress for my son's cradle . . . so he could use it for his son. Good fit, good quality, arrived promptly.

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 4 Stars

Perfect Fit

By: Susan, Mi

This mattress fit the old craddle my grandfather had handmade perfectly.

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 4 Stars

Hard to find Cradle Mattress

By: Rory, CO

Ordered mattress 15X33 as this is one of only three places I could find it on-line. Arrived in a timely fashion and product fits nicely and is as decribed.

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 5 Stars

Great find, fast delivery!

By: Mary - AZ, AZ

Great fit for our cradle. Could not find this size elsewhere.

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 5 Stars

Great cradle mattress!

By: ann, tn

The cradle mattress was just what i was looking for! It was the right size and very nice.

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 5 Stars


By: Christy, Georgia

Perfect fit. Replaces 45 year old mattress and is exactly the right size.

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 5 Stars

Cradle is now ready

By: Belle, NC

Mattress is well made and fits the cradle perfectly. Very good product. The new little one now has a comfortable bed!

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 5 Stars

Great quality

By: Cliff Worthley, Massachusetts

Mattress fits perfect. Quality is great!

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 4 Stars

Cradle Mattress

By: Sandra, New Mexico

Very satisfied with the whole shopping experience. I'm still shopping some more.

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 5 Stars

Perfect solution

By: Brenda, Iowa

Just what I thought it would be- came in a week's time. Cradle mattress' are not available in stores. This was the perfect solution.

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 5 Stars

Would Recommend

By: Candace, Mississippi

We received our cradle mattress in a timely manner. The mattress did not have any creases as others have mentions and fits perfectly in the cradle. I cannot not comment on the products performance since I have not used it yet, baby is due in 2 months. I would recommend this product to others

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 5 Stars

perfect fit

By: Rose, NJ

After looking in all the "Well Known" baby sites with no results I was able to locate the perfect size at the perfect price right here @

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 5 Stars

As Expected

By: Andrea, CA

The product was exactly what I ordered and expected. Easy transaction and quick delivery.

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 5 Stars


By: Amanda Buxton, Illinois

This cradle mattress fit perfectly into the cradle for new baby boy to be. It arrived very quickly and was exactly what it said it would be! Thanks:)

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 5 Stars




Review 97 of 264

 4 Stars


By: Jennifer, Georgia

Excellent customer service. Item was exactly as described and received quickly.

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 5 Stars


By: Sherrill, LA

I recently ordered a cradle matress pad and cradle sheet. Cradle furnishings are not always easy to find in the stores. I wanted a 2" pad and found it with you, not in the major baby store in our area. I also wanted a lavender crib sheet, and the same. I was very happy with the actual color of the sheet - very true to what I found in the picture on line. Both products arrived promptly. I will definitely use your site in the future.

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 5 Stars

Cradle Mattress

By: AnnMarie, NC

It seems like it took me forever to find a cradle mattress for my soon to be son's cradle. I was so happy when I found fits perfectly in his cradle. It finally looks complete!

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 5 Stars

Very satisfied

By: Nancy Albert, Illinois

Very satisfied with your delivery and the quality of the mattress.

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 5 Stars


By: Shirley Gelnaw, Florida

Absolutely perfect fit!! My Granddaughter and Grandson were so surprised to receive the mattress and that it fit to perfection. I have no need for anything else at this time although I will keep your company in mind if and when I do. Thank You so much! Shirley Gelnaw

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 5 Stars

The best

By: karen vreeland, NY

Looked every where for this mattress. Finally found it here-very satisified.

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 5 Stars


By: Sandi, Indiana

This mattress was exactly what I was looking for. The quality and price are unbeatable by any other website or store.

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 5 Stars

Product perfect

By: Harold S. Marley, Texas

The cradle mattress and waterproof cover was exactly what we wanted and they fit the cradle perfectly. These are hard to find items and we are very pleased. Product quality was also excellent.

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 5 Stars

Very Pleased

By: Deb, PA

I was very pleased with the quality of the cradle mattress. It arrived much sooner than I expected and was packaged well to prevent damage.

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 5 Stars

mattress fits perfectly

By: Marianna Paprocki, OH

Just what I needed for my Jenny Lind cradle. It has been filled with dolls for several years and now it will be used for my new grandson. The mattress fit perfectly.

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 4 Stars

great fit

By: Aubrey E., TX

fits very well in my smaller than standard size cradle!

Review 108 of 264

 5 Stars

Very happy

By: Carol Bowker, Lynnwood, WA

The mattress is exactly right. Thanks for the timely delivery and great price.

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 5 Stars

Just as expected!

By: Bethany, Oregon

Everything was just as expected. It is exactly what we need. I received it in a timely matter as well!

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 5 Stars

perfect fit

By: kathy H, pa

Had antique cradle with bad mattress. Ordered this one and it fit perfect.

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 4 Stars

Very nice

By: Kerri Bosel, MI

The mattress is exactly as advertised and I am very pleased with the speed of the delivery, much faster than promised.

Review 112 of 264

 5 Stars

Great Quality

By: Kathi Jones, Florida

Received the product in a timely manner. Excellent quality, great price.

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 5 Stars

Great Product/Wonderful Employees

By: Nora, PA

The cradle mattress is exactly what I expected and the price was competitive. It fits perfectly and is of a better quality than the one in BabiesRUs. As stated the crib mattress is fine but your service people are amazing. I ordered two mattresses and though the shipping label read two the box contained only one. I held my breath and made the call assuming that I could be in for a disappointment. Well I explained my problem to the service girl and she simply apologized and assured that another one would be sent out immediately. Some colleagues of mine overheard my call and were so stunned by the response from your company that one young mother wanted your web page for her purchases! I'll be back for sure.

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 5 Stars


By: Nora, PA

The mattress quality was wonderful and better than the one in Babies R Us. The price was the most reasonable that I noticed on my search. Amazing. Also customer service deserves special commendations. There was a problem with the shipping. The label read two mattresses yet the package arrived with one. They apologized and sent out the other. No questions asked. No arguments. Just wonderful customer relations.

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 4 Stars

Got more for my money than I expected!

By: Linda L., Nebraska

Perfect fit & arrived in time for baby to come home. The mattress is about 1/2 inch thicker than mattresses I found at local stores.

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 5 Stars

Cradle mattress just perfect

By: L Lipscomb, GA

The mattress fits our heirloom hand-made cradle perfectly! This is just what we needed to make the cradle usable again. We are pleased with the quality of the product as well as the price.

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 4 Stars

Great mattress

By: M. White, massachusetts

Good quality.

Review 118 of 264

 5 Stars

Very Pleased

By: P. M., Myrtle Point, OR

The cradle mattress fits perfectly in the restored cradle that my daughter had when she was a baby. It is now ready for our granddaughter.

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 5 Stars

Fits well

By: adrienne, ohio

Good quality. Fits well.

Review 120 of 264

 5 Stars

Exactly what I expected

By: Barbara, Florida

No surprises. The item was received and looked exactly as pictured and described. I was surprised at how quickly it arrived.

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 4 Stars

Just what we needed!

By: Kathy Smith, IL

Perfect! Just what we needed for an old cradle. It came folded in the box but unfolded without any creases. Smooth surface, easy to wipe off, Medium firmness. Granddaughter sleeps beautifully on it:)

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 5 Stars


By: Rose, in

The mattress is just like advertised. It came quickly.

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 4 Stars

Just Right

By: Mary, Michigan

I was happy to find the perfect size for a replacement so my new grandchild will use their mother's cradle.

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 5 Stars

Exactly as described

By: Caroline, Iowa

Product arrived exactly as described. Quick shipping, and great buy!

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 5 Stars

Very Pleased

By: I. Wahls, IL

I have a cradle that is 200+ years old. It is being passed down to my new grandchild. This mattress fits as well as I could expect for a cradle that old. (It is just an inch short.)Shipping was very prompt and I am pleased.

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 5 Stars


By: Corinne Spaulding, AZ

Nothing was available locally. I was panicked as I put time and effort into restoring the cradle for my first grandchild. It was perfect.

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 5 Stars

Great Service

By: Judy Correro, Ms

The mattress fit perfect. I didn't think it would. After placing the order I had second thoughts and e-mailed to see about changing the size. I was impressed when I received a phone call to tell me it had already shipped. That is outstanding personal service something you don't see often.

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 5 Stars

Perfect Replacement

By: Mary Stanton, Maryland

This mattress fit the cradle just right. The 4" thickness is perfect. Good quality and nice covering.

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 4 Stars

Good Quality

By: Robert, Mo

Good Quality mattress. Shipped fast. The only reason I gave it a very good instead of an excellent was the measurements are not "true". Just slightly undersized.

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 5 Stars

Great fit

By: Janet, PA

This was perfect fit for a cradle that has been handed down in our family for years.

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 5 Stars


By: Gail, North Carolina

This fit my cradle perfectly. It is also nice and thick. Just perfect to lay my grandson on.

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 5 Stars

Excellent crib mattress!

By: Valerie Yoder, Indiana

This mattress was thicker and much nicer than mattress that came with our glider/cradle. Service was very good and delivery was fast. Thank you!

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 5 Stars

Great Item!

By: G. Cooper, GA

I love this mattress. It is a little thicker than the one that came with our cradle and it is so much more comfortable to our little one.

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 5 Stars

Perfect Fit...

By: Sue, Calif.

My son was given a used cradle with no mattress, he was not able to find one. He called me to see if I could help him. I went online, found this website, ordered the mattress and received it in less than a week. My son said it fit perfectly, and was very good quality...

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 4 Stars

perfect fit

By: Melissa, MN

This item fits perfectly in a cradle my grandmother made when I was a baby that I will now be using for my baby. It seems like it will provide just the right amount of cushioning while still being firm enough to be safe. It did arrive folded, but the crease was gone within hours of opening it up.

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 5 Stars

Great service...

By: Christy, Ga

Was exactly the size I needed for an antique cradle for my micropremie niece.

Review 137 of 264

 5 Stars

Crandle Mattress

By: J.P., Washington

Hard product to find locally...arrived well packed. Good quality, nice weight and depth.

Review 138 of 264

 5 Stars

quick delivery

By: Jo, OH

The cradle mattress was delivered promptly and matched the description perfectly. It fits the cradle my husband built and I can't wait for my first grandchild to use it! Thanks.

Review 139 of 264

 5 Stars

Perfect Mattress for Antique Bassinet

By: Carol, Arkasnsas

Fits the bassinet perfectly. Firm and works well with movement sensor. Great product.

Review 140 of 264

 5 Stars

Perfect fit!

By: Megan Hay, Alberta

I was worried I wouldn't be able to find a mattress to fit my antique family bassinette, but the mattress arrived quickly and fit perfectly!

Review 141 of 264

 5 Stars


By: Debra Kennelly, Pennsylvania

After searching high and low for the right size cradle mattress, we finally found it at ABaby! We're delighted with the product. It came right on time too - 1 day before the baby came home. Thanks ABaby. We will gladly do business with you again should the opportunity arise.

Review 142 of 264

 5 Stars

Excellant Service!

By: Judith Hermenau, Connecticut

Wonderful service and product. Twin grandchildren coming in October. We will be back!!! Thank you very much.

Review 143 of 264

 5 Stars

perfect fit

By: Shelli, Ohio

Fit perfect. Nice and thick...

Review 144 of 264

 4 Stars

Just what we needed

By: Greg, PA

Perfect. Havent used it yet, but it looks and feels good. Very satisfied!

Review 145 of 264

 5 Stars


By: Susan Caruthers, Al

My husband made a cradle for our first granddaughter. The mattress and sheet came in just a few days and fit perfectly. I plan to order more sheets and other things.

Review 146 of 264

 4 Stars

Cradle Mattress

By: Terry, Illinois

Received very quickly. Vinyl was a little thinner than the mattress it was replacing buy baby Sydney is sleeping soundly in the cradle her mommy and aunts and uncles used.. :o)

Review 147 of 264

 5 Stars

just what we needed

By: Rhonda, Minnesota

Fit the cradle my grandfather had made for my son 22 years ago, now his baby girl is sleeping in it thanks to the perfect fit of this mattress, price was great!

Review 148 of 264

 5 Stars

Cradle Mattress & sheet

By: Darlene , Florida

The cradle mattress and sheet arrived as promised and fits just fine.

Review 149 of 264

 5 Stars

Good Product

By: Carrie Morrow, New York

I requested 2nd day shipping and got it right on time. The quality is very good, it fits perfectly in the cradle, the thickness is good and I'd recommend this product to anyone.

Review 150 of 264

 5 Stars


By: Debi, ca

My product is just what I expected it to be and arrived on time. I will definitely keep on my list to order from.

Review 151 of 264

 5 Stars

New mattress for antique cradle

By: Claudia Oliver, Massachusetts

Our cradle has held 3 precious generations with the fourth coming soon. When we took the cradle out, the makeshift mattress just wouldn't do. The cradle was so old and I did not know that I would be able to find a mattress to fit. I found it immediately and it is great and was shipped right away. Thank you!

Review 152 of 264

 4 Stars

Good Value

By: Anne Sellers, CA

This mattress fits perfectly in my antique cradle. It has good cushion and is a great price. The only reason I give it a 4 instead of 5 is that it does not come wrapped in plastic. However, I'm not too concerned b/c you cover it with a pad and a sheet!

Review 153 of 264

 5 Stars

Perfect for Antique Dressing Table!

By: freedomflyer, Wisconsin

Mattress as advertised, waterproof and priced right. Using this on an antique dressing table/dresser combination. Fits great.

Review 154 of 264

 4 Stars

Great Find

By: Expantant Grandma, MI

This mattress fits perfectly in the cradle and came in a timely fashion.

Review 155 of 264

 5 Stars


By: N_Davis, California

Someone blessed us with a cradle, and we just had to purchase a mattress. I ordered the mattress from this site, and it arrived very quickly. It fit right in, and the cradle is now awaiting my bundle of joy to arrive!

Review 156 of 264

 4 Stars

looks good

By: Candace, Michigan

Baby has not arrived yet, but mattress looks good and came quickly. So far happy customer, waiting for grandpa to finish cradle to see if it fits.

Review 157 of 264

 5 Stars

Excellent fit and quality

By: T Brown, WA

Fit the cradle perfectly. Totally pleased with service and quality so we ordered crib sheets, bumper pad and matress pad.

Review 158 of 264

 5 Stars

A Perfect Fit

By: Grandma & Grandpa, Ohio

The cradle mattress was perfect for the cradle my husband made for our 1st grandson. As a preemie, we were concerned at first about buying 'on-line' but the mattress was a perfect fit!

Review 159 of 264

 5 Stars


By: Candise, Montana

Exactly Like the description. Great Price!

Review 160 of 264

 4 Stars

Great fit

By: Elizabeth M., Tx

The fit was perfect. It was a little softer than I was hoping for and there was some confusing information emailed regarding the tracking number. Otherwise, it showed up very quickly.

Review 161 of 264

 5 Stars

cradle mattress

By: Marlene, Colorado

This mattress is perfect for my cradle. The description was accurate. This company was very informative and I would order from them again.

Review 162 of 264

 5 Stars

Cradle Mattress

By: hoofer, FL

Most satisfied. Perfect fit. I like the 2" depth better than the 1" cradle mattresses...take up more room but worth it.

Review 163 of 264

 5 Stars

Quick Service

By: 1st time grandma, Ohio

When I ordered this it said it would take about 10 business days --- I received this item within 3 days

Review 164 of 264

 5 Stars

Perfect Fit

By: Mike F, Texas

The matress was a perfect fit for the cradle. Our granddaughter sleeps great on it.

Review 165 of 264

 4 Stars

Cradle Mattress

By: Andrea, WA

The mattress arrived quickly and was as stated. It fits the cradle perfectly. The only thing I disliked about it is it arrived folded up in the box and took a while to flatten back out.

Review 166 of 264

 5 Stars

Cradle Mattress - Glad I Found It

By: Sarah, Missouri

We have an antique cradle in our family and I looked several places for a mattress. This was the right size, nice thickness and has good firmness for a newborn. I only use the cradle for about 2 1/2 months, so the price is good.

Review 167 of 264

 4 Stars

Cradle Mattress

By: Connie, TX

This is a good replacement for our original mattress. It fits well and the quiality is very good for the price. Shipment was quick.

Review 168 of 264

 4 Stars

Cradle Mattress

By: Jennifer, Ohio

I think my cradle may not be a typical size. The bassinett mattress was too small and this one fits as close to perfect as i imagine is possible. it came very timely and in good condition.

Review 169 of 264

 5 Stars


By: Isabel Dias, Fl

I love the way it looks....fits perfect on cradle. Easy to wash! The shipping was on time.

Review 170 of 264

 5 Stars

Cradle Mattress

By: Cindy, Rhode Island

Very happy with mattress and speedy shipment.

Review 171 of 264

 5 Stars


By: Diana, New York

It fit perfectly and is so much softer than the one I had which was at least 33 years old.

Review 172 of 264

 5 Stars

cradle mattress

By: TCosta, Maryland

It works well in the cradle and was here quick. Thanks! Exactly what I was looking for.

Review 173 of 264

 5 Stars

Wonderful Fit

By: Gypsee, MO

Was happy to find a mattress that fit a handmade cradle I was given. Only aBaby had the correct size. Thanks!

Review 174 of 264

 4 Stars

Nice firm mattress for crib

By: Expecting#2, Colorado

Bought this as a replacement for a 1" mattress that came with a cradle I just purchased. This 2" mattress is significantly better, firm and supportive. Mattress pad and fitted sheet, fit perfectly with no folding up of the mattress. No problems with shipping or anything.

Review 175 of 264

 5 Stars

Price is right

By: Soon to be Grandma, WA

The mattress is perfect for what we needed it for. It is a replacement for our original mattress which has not been used in 18 years and seems to be mia.

Review 176 of 264

 5 Stars


By: Y Heller, WI

I was alittle disappointed that the mattress was folded in half in a box but I think everything is going to be fine. It doesn't fit perfect but again everything will be fine I think it is just my cradle. The service was wonderful took less than a week to get my order. Thank you!

Review 177 of 264

 5 Stars

daughter loves it

By: Dad, OKLA

Bought with cradle for my daughters twins -she loves it.

Review 178 of 264

 4 Stars


By: gramma, florida

just what I needed for a 40 year old cradle..So glad to find this one & get the correct size. It will be great for our new grand-baby!

Review 179 of 264

 5 Stars

Perfect for my cradle



Review 180 of 264

 5 Stars


By: Linda K., New Jersey

Could not find a cradle mattress to fit my daughters baby cradle, now my first grandchild's cradle. This is perfect and very good quality.

Review 181 of 264

 5 Stars

Cradle Mattress

By: Kmoltzan, Minnesota

This cradle mattress is exactly what I wanted, priced right and delivered on a timely manner.

Review 182 of 264

 5 Stars

Perfect Size

By: mommyX1_2010, Florida

I never thought that I would be able to use my grandmother's crable due to the size15x33. This mattress was the perfect size and this was the only place I have been able to find anything in the same size ie. sheets & bumper. I was really impressed by the prices, very reasonable for the amount of time that the cradle is actually going to be used. Very satisfied with price service and the shipping was fast.

Review 183 of 264

 5 Stars

The Family Cradle

By: Kristin-West Haven,CT, CT

It was so nice to find a mattress that fits the family cradle! When I received it I was so happy with the product & couldn't believe how fast it came. I was more then pleased!!!

Review 184 of 264

 5 Stars

Cradle Mattress

By: HP, Texas

It is a perfect fit, made for the Jeny Lind cradle, and the price was right.

Review 185 of 264

 5 Stars


By: Betty, IL

I want to thank you for the promptness of filling my order for the cradle mattress. My grand daughter was having a baby shower within a week of the order and they put a rush on the order ASAP, So by the shower date, the mattress was in the cradle that Grandpa made for the first Great Grand Son. Thanks for trying to please.

Review 186 of 264

 5 Stars


By: Nana, Maryland

So much nicer than the one it replaced. It took less than 5 days to receive the order. Great service.

Review 187 of 264

 5 Stars

Excellent product

By: Queenbee, Louisiana

I was extremely pleased with this cradle mattress. It arrived earlier than expected (which was great because it arrived before the baby shower). I highly recommend

Review 188 of 264

 5 Stars

Cradle Matress

By: Tom, Michigan

The process of finding what I needed, ordering it and getting delivery within 3-4 days was beyond my expectations. Thank you for your dedicated employees.

Review 189 of 264

 5 Stars

Great mattress

By: Linda, New Mexico

Fit cradle perfectly. It arrived very quickly!

Review 190 of 264

 5 Stars

Great Fit!

By: Jay, CA

Wow-fits perfectly, perfect mattress!

Review 191 of 264

 5 Stars

Cradle Mattress 18" X 36"

By: Ruth Toomey, Iowa

Fits great in the antique baby bed that has been in my family for 100+ years. Rapid fire delivery time. Shipping cost was reasonable. I'm very happy with this purchase.

Review 192 of 264

 4 Stars


By: Subee, Iowa

Item was shipped quickly and nice product.

Review 193 of 264

 5 Stars

Great replacement mattress!

By: LS, MN

Very had awesome communication, and quick shipping.

Review 194 of 264

 4 Stars

cradle mattress

By: Cat, TX

the cradle mattress was just as it looked online. we are very happy customers. it also shipped quickly for which we were very grateful

Review 195 of 264

 5 Stars


By: dmcollin, Texas

Ordered this cradle mattress for my son's old cradle of 23 years. It fit perfect and thicker than the one that originally came with the cradle. I believe my grandson will just love sleeping on it.

Review 196 of 264

 4 Stars

Hard to find

By: Tracy, Arkansas

needed to replace a cradle mattress and had a hard time finding the right size as well as affordable bedding. Found everything needed on Very Satisfied.

Review 197 of 264

 4 Stars

Cradle Mattress

By: randi, arkansas

It is more of just a padding not really a mattress but I am sure it will be perfect for my little one when he comes! Size is true...

Review 198 of 264

 4 Stars

Cradle mattress review

By: Stacy, South Dakota

The mattress works great and it arrived very quickly.

Review 199 of 264

 5 Stars

Best Replacement Cradle Matress

By: New Grandma Again, California

Looked almost 5 years ago and couldn't fine a mattress to fit our cradle. Having a new grandchild coming in a few months. Found this mattress and it fits perfectly. What a deal!! Just what I was looking for.

Review 200 of 264

 5 Stars

Great price, Good quality

By: sbenny, Louisiana

Fit perfectly and was a great price, this was a good purchase.

Review 201 of 264

 5 Stars


By: Tonya, IL

I have a hand-made, 1-of-a-kind cradle that was made 30 years ago. I spent much time searching for a mattress to fit this cradle, and was suprised when this one arrived that it fit perfectly! I am very happy with the quality too!

Review 202 of 264

 4 Stars

Good mattress!

By: CA Mama, California

The mattress that came with the cradle I purchased was a joke! I found this one through a simple Google search, and it's perfect! The fit is great, it's sturdy & firm, perfect for my little girl!

Review 203 of 264

 5 Stars

Cradle Mattress

By: Vicki, TN

I was impressed by the quick delivery of the mattress after I ordered it. The mattress is what I expected, and the price was very affordable. I'm happy with my purchase.

Review 204 of 264

 5 Stars

Just what was needed!

By: marie, ma

Received perfect and fits perfectly too!

Review 205 of 264

 5 Stars

Very Pleased

By: Helen Druker, New York

The cradle mattress was a gift and the mother to be was more than pleased with the quality. I was grateful how quick and easy it was to order and recieve.

Review 206 of 264

 5 Stars

Perfect mattress at a good price

By: Mel, PA

I bought this mattress to fit in rocking cradle for my third baby. Having been unhappy with the products I used for my first two children when they were babies, I decided to try something new this time. This mattress is perfect at a fraction of the price I expected to pay.

Review 207 of 264

 5 Stars


By: Diane, VT

We needed a mattress for an older and odd size cradle for our grandson. This mattress fit the bill and for a reasonable price. The 2 inch thickness will give our grandson firm support. Received this mattress and 2 cradle sheets (fit perfectly) in just a couple of days. I will order from this company again.

Review 208 of 264

 5 Stars


By: Juanita, MS

The matress was a perfect fit for the cradle.

Review 209 of 264

 5 Stars

Mattress for "Antique" Cradle

By: Rob Balfour, California

So glad you gave dimensions for the cradle mattresses on your web site. Your "antique" size was the best fit for a handcrafted cradle that is being passed down to each generation in our family.

Review 210 of 264

 5 Stars

Cradle Mattress

By: AJ's Mom Mom, PA

This mattress was much better than thiose I have seen in stores. It is thicker and was a perfect fit for the family cradle being used by a second generation.

Review 211 of 264

 5 Stars

Best price,easy ordering,timely delivery.

By: Angel Gabriel, Illinois

I would use this website again to order any baby items I need in the future.

Review 212 of 264

 4 Stars

cradle mattress

By: Diana, PA

Mattress came in a timely manner. I was a little nervous about shipping since some of the reviews said that it was folded when it ships. As soon as I got it I layed it out in the cradle and the crease came out immediately to the point where you would never even know that it was folded. Can't wait for baby to come to test it out!

Review 213 of 264

 5 Stars

Perfect fit

By: Ters, Missouri

Perfect fit for our cradle for our grandbaby. It was her mom's when she was a baby

Review 214 of 264

 5 Stars

Perfect Mattress

By: JW, California

Cradle Mattress perfect size and firmness for newborn cradle. Was shipped quickly and is of good quality.

Review 215 of 264

 5 Stars

Nice Cradle Mattress

By: Shaylynn's Grandma, Texas

Great Mattress! Fit the cradle perfectly. Nice and soft. About 2" thick which is nicer than those little thin mattresses.

Review 216 of 264

 5 Stars

Great mattress AND a great retailer.

By: Troy's PawPaw, Oklahoma

The mattress is much nicer with more padding than the one we were using. Highly recommend. The more impressive thing is this retailer. We ordered a number of sheets along with the mattress and we got the size wrong on one sheet. I promptly got an email from aBABY to clarify if we indeed wanted that size. GREAT customer experience!!!

Review 217 of 264

 5 Stars


By: VJ, Colorado

The cradle mattress we purchased for the cradle that my husband built for my daughter fit perfectly. It has been really refreshing to have something work the first time and not have to go back and reorder several times to make something work.

Review 218 of 264

 4 Stars

Good product

By: Amy, Illinois

Mattress is great! Thanks for shipping it out so quickly!!!

Review 219 of 264

 5 Stars

Perfect fit for the family heirloom cradle

By: Mary Mom, Texas

Mattress is nice and thick and will be comfortable for the my baby. Bought the protector for added comforter.

Review 220 of 264

 4 Stars

Just what I was looking for!

By: April, Oregon

The mattress fits perfectly in the cradle that I have. My cradle is almost 30 years old so I was impressed to find a mattress that fit, I didn't think it was possible.

Review 221 of 264

 5 Stars

very good

By: Pam H, Minnesota

I was happy with the mattress - came very fast

Review 222 of 264

 5 Stars

Cradle Mattress

By: Trudy Stanek, Maryland

Exactly what we were looking for. Perfect size to fit my new grandchild's cradle. Old mattress was from my daughter 30 years ago. Came faster than I expected. Very pleased with product and service and price too....

Review 223 of 264

 4 Stars

A Mattress

By: Jane, MI

It is an okay mattress; not too hard, not too soft, but the covering is a bit stiff and I am going to order the cover I had planned to order in the first place.

Review 224 of 264

 5 Stars

just what we needed

By: PJ, PA

well made product, fit cradle perfect arrived on time no problems.

Review 225 of 264

 5 Stars

Works Perfect

By: NW Illinois Person, Illinois

Needed a matress for a 70's cradle now used by the younger family members as babies arrive. Fits perfect.

Review 226 of 264

 5 Stars

cradle mattress

By: New Grandma!, texas

perfect in every way: size, depth (2"), price, delivery on time, user-friendly web site.

Review 227 of 264

 5 Stars

Cradle Mattress

By: Linda, Illinois

Worked out perfectly. Wasn't sure I could get a mattress to fit a 200 year old cradle. Fit nicely.

Review 228 of 264

 5 Stars

fit perfectly

By: Nana, New Hamphsire

I have a Jenny Lind style cradle that is 32 years old and now my oldest son has given me my first grandchild. Couldn't find the old mattress and would have wanted to replace it anyway. True to size and fits perfectly. Felt it was reasonably priced and of good quality. .

Review 229 of 264

 5 Stars

Great customer service and fast shipping!

By: D. Whitley, AL

Recieved cradle mattress exactly as described and very quickly! Loved your customer service with emails updating the shipping in progress. Will use again!

Review 230 of 264

 5 Stars


By: Mary, Louisiana

Fit perfectly.

Review 231 of 264

 5 Stars

cradle mattress

By: Cammie, CT

No problems...good fit, good price.

Review 232 of 264

 5 Stars


By: Kelli, IN

This item was perfect. Rec'd it very quick and was just what I needed. My grandson loves it.

Review 233 of 264

 5 Stars

Great Mattress

By: Jessica, New Mexico

This is a great mattress for the price. It's not too soft and not too firm. Just the right support that a newborn needs for growing bones. And it's a foam mattress, so it actually promotes healthy growth of bones in infants, where sping mattresses do not. I would recommed. It fit well in our custom built cradle that didn't have a mattress.

Review 234 of 264

 5 Stars

Granny To Be

By: GMom Sue, nj

This cradle mattress fits perfectly. I had initially ordered the wrong size. Customer service sent the correct size instantly and promptly credited me for my return. Excellent service and good product.

Review 235 of 264

 4 Stars

Nice mattress

By: Jcap, NY

My neighbor has lent me her cradle. I was uncomfortable using the original mattress based on what I have read so I purchased this mattress as a replacement. Have not used it yet, as our baby is due in March, however, it seems to be a perfect replacement. Good fit and I believe firm enough, comparable to the original.

Review 236 of 264

 5 Stars

Perfect value

By: Tim B, CA

I build high end cradles; and this is my mattress of choice; their size is right on the money so it’s always a perfect fit. Not too firm, not too soft and thick enough that the little ones don’t completely compress it as they get heavier. The seams are sealed tight, they are sized for a perfect fit with “off the shelf” fitted sheets; and foam holds up just great as each sibling joins the family and uses the cradle.

Review 237 of 264

 5 Stars

great product

By: Nicole, MN

Love how thick it is!!! The one we had for our first baby was horrible but one is great!!

Review 238 of 264

 5 Stars

Splendid Mattress

By: Pam, Virginia

I was having my daughter's cradle re-finished for her first child. Since the cradle was over 30 years old, I was having trouble finding the mattress that I needed until I stumbled onto What a fantastic website. Not only was I able to get the mattress I needed, I was also able to get the bumper pad, the sheets, and mattress pads for it as well. I will buy more products in the future.

Review 239 of 264

 5 Stars

Cradle Mattress

By: Emma's and Xavier's Mommy, CA

I bought The cradle mattress and I loved it. Its nice and thick 2' so its very comfortable for the baby and the perfect size for the cradle. I definitely recommend

Review 240 of 264

 5 Stars

Great price!!

By: Evelyn Lynch, OH

Recently I needed anew bassinette mattress for my granddaughter's baby. I could not find one anywhere. Somehow, I came upon the website for I found what I needed and at a great price. I recommend this mattress to anyone.

Review 241 of 264

 5 Stars

Cradle Mattress - Perfect

By: Kathy H, Oregon

I purchased this for my unborn grradnchild, as I had the cradle from when her mom was a baby. This was the perfect size and I had a hard time finding it. My purchase was perfect and fast!

Review 242 of 264

 5 Stars

Very Happy

By: Carol, Colorado

This was the only site that had the mattress I was looking for. I could get it sized to my home made cradle. I was very happy to see all the items I need as well. The protected top mattress and sheets as well.

Review 243 of 264

 5 Stars

cradle mattress...

By: Rosalie, New York

Exactly as it was presented in the description. it is thick enough for a newborn to sleep on and not flat as a pancake, like what you find in the stores today for sale. It fit my cradle from 30 years ago that I had saved for my grandchildren. Love it.

Review 244 of 264

 5 Stars

Cradle Mattress

By: Karen, GA

Great product. Very satisfied

Review 245 of 264

 5 Stars


By: Mrs. Myers, Indiana

This mattress came as pictured in just a couple of days. Loved the speedy delivery. I wish they would list the materials in the mattress on the website, though. I didn't want urethane, but got it. I took a gamble, though, so I'm sticking with it.

Review 246 of 264

 5 Stars

Exactly what I needed

By: FlMom, FL

Perfect size/thickness for cradle. Great value. Arrived quickly.

Review 247 of 264

 5 Stars

A Perfect Fit

By: Happy Grandma, Indiana

The 15 x 33 cradle mattress was hard to find in stores. I found on line and had no problem finding EVERYTHING I needed for the cradle my husband and son made for our daughter/sister's baby! I love the 2" thickness of the mattress. Just seems so much more comfy than the 1". Thanks aBaby for this great product and friendly service! I will be shopping with you again.

Review 248 of 264

 5 Stars

I am a satisfied customer!

By: Marisa, CA

Thank you so much, the cradle mattress I purchased was the perfect size!! Great customer service and I received it on the day it was promised......I am a satisfied customer!

Review 249 of 264

 5 Stars

craddle mattress

By: Veronica, Ma.

Was just as pictured and recieved a faster than I expected. Would highly recomend this site to anyone.

Review 250 of 264

 5 Stars

Just perfect


The mattress was just what we were looking for. We are very happy with it. It was difficult to find the right size and we were very happy when my husband found this site.

Review 251 of 264

 4 Stars

cradle mattress

By: gailcf, MA

exactly as described...arrived quickly...thank you

Review 252 of 264

 5 Stars

cradle mattress

By: Susan O, New York

My uncle built this cradle over 37 years ago and I was having a tough time finding a suitable mattress that fit the dimensions. This mattress was an exact fit and seems quite durable. Unlike some other reviews I read, the mattress arrived fully wrapped.

Review 253 of 264

 5 Stars

cradle mattress

By: Denise Maccari, Philadelphia

Great product for a great price.

Review 254 of 264

 4 Stars


By: Janelle, Connecticut

Fantastic fit and selection services here on this website. Thank you so much!

Review 255 of 264

 5 Stars


By: Renata, Manitoba, Canada

Fit my antique cradle perfectly! Shipping was quick and painless!

Review 256 of 264

 5 Stars

Fits perfectly

By: Dawn, Nj

Had a hard time finding a cradle pad to fit my cradle until buying from this site. Quickly shipped and received.

Review 257 of 264

 5 Stars

Cradle Mattress

By: LC, NY

Perfect Fit! Order was easy and delivery was as promised. Would have to go on sale after I bought it, always seems to happen - lol

Review 258 of 264

 5 Stars

Just what I wanted.

By: Beverly, Texas

The mattress is a perfect fit. Thickness is just fine for a newborn. I am quite pleased with this product.

Review 259 of 264

 5 Stars

Cradle Mattress

By: Cindy, MA

Perfect for our new little guy! I accidentally sliced the pad while opening and the company gave me a deal on new one. Thanks.

Review 260 of 264

 5 Stars

4th Cradle Mattress

By: Sparkswoodworking, Tx

I've built 4 cradles and ordered 4 mattresses. For the short period of time a baby actually uses a cradle, this mattress is perfect at a great price.

Review 261 of 264

 5 Stars


By: GJ, TN

I called Ababy with questions concerning a custom mattress and decided the standard 18 X 36 would likely work. Our three generation cradle has a rocking mechanism with a wooden piece on the end. The old mattress as vinyl covered and had a notch for the piece. Our cradle is now ready to rock as the mattress simply compresses at this piece and is not a problem. Great buying experience. 

Review 262 of 264

 5 Stars

Mattress for cradle

By: Cindy, In

Just what I was looking for!!

Review 263 of 264

 4 Stars


By: John Briggs, GA

Very nice mattress for a baby cradle. Size and quality as advertised.

Review 264 of 264

 5 Stars

Just Perfect

By: Erin Morabito, CT

Perfect fit to my 35 year old cradle! Can't wait to bring our new little one home in the cradle I slept in as a baby. BBB Business Review