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1 - 3 Inch Custom Mattress

1 - 3 Inch Custom Mattress

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Great fit for a mattress

By: Christina Lopez, NC

Never thought I'd get such a perfect sized mattress for the antique cradle that my grandfather has built. I purchased this custom mattress in my odd size and the cut was perfect! Thank you for enabling me to continue using this family heirloom!

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Great Service, Great Mattress, Great Price!

By: Colleen, VA

We received our custom-sized mattress in just over a week from ordering it. Since we needed a half-size, I called and spoke to a lovely, helpful rep named Miriam. She took my order, went over my shipping options (since they mentioned it may take 2-3 weeks to make and then still need to ship and our baby was due 3 weeks from when I called her). The mattress fits perfectly, looks great, is firm enough to be safe, yet soft enough for a comfortable night's sleep for our baby. We are very pleased with it and with! Thanks!!!

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Superb Service and Quality

By: Barbara G. Harris, Mississippi

I refinished the cradle that I used for my children -- to give to my daughter for her first baby (and my first grandchild!) The size was not standard for today's cradle sizes and I was delighted to find provided custom-sized mattresses. The delivery was extremely fast for a custom-made item (in about a week), the fit is perfect and the quality is great! Thanks, aBaby!

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By: Renee Leslie, TX

I bought an antique bassinet and couldn't find a mattress anywhere but here. The mattress was fitted exactly and everyone loved it!

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Custom Mattress

By: Sandra Flavin, Maine

Thanks, I received the mattress for an antique cradle that was made in the 1800s; it fit perfectly.

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Great Bassinet Mattress

By: Jennifer Levy, Tennessee

We had an odd-sized bassinet that we had restored to its former glory, and the custom-made mattress fit it just perfectly. We were delighted with it, and our new grandbaby will doubtlessly enjoy it as well!

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 5 Stars

Custom Mattress

By: Michele Lamourt, Florida

I was searching everywhere for a mattress to fit a mosses basket that was given to me as a hand me down. I could not find one anywhere. So, I ordered a custom mattress. It fits perfectly! I was so excited when I received it. It was worth the price.

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Custom mattress

By: Sandra L Baran, Pennsylvania

I ordered the mattress for an English pram and it fits perfectly!

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great quality, even better customer service

By: Stephen , Massachusetts

We received our custom mattress less than a week after placing the order. The mattress is a perfect fit and the high-density foam feels comfortable. I didn't receive an order confirmation email, I may have mis-typed my address, and when I emailed customer service they responded quickly and sent me the order information.

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 5 Stars

Great item, Excellent Service

By: Sheree, NY

I would like to say, I am very pleased w/ my order. Thanks so much. Not only is the quality superb ,but the fit is perfect. I'm glad I found your website. I was displeased w/ a couple others whom I made contact with. Again, thank you.

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Great Item

By: Sharon, IA

Just a note to thank you for your prompt, courteous service during the great mattress snafu. The custom mattress, in the size that I ordered, was received yesterday. Thank you again for your assistance. It's appreciated!

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Great item, great customer service

By: Fred, NJ

Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you again for your prompt and courteous service. The mattress arrived Saturday and is a perfect fit to the cradle. I'm sure my Granddaughter will be nice and comfy on it!

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Custome mattresses and sheets

By: Camille, Pennsylvania

We are refinishing an old cradle for my next new grand baby and it was an odd size. I ordered both the sheet and matress from Ababy and it arrived in just a few days. It fits perfectly and both are beautifully designed. I can't wait until the baby lays in it for the first time!

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Wonderful service!

By: Dora, AL

I ordered a custom-made mattress on Tuesday, you shipped it on Wednesday and I got it today (Thursday). I am just blown away! Thank you so much. It is perfect for the little cradle that my 85-year-old mother slept in. What wonderful customer service!

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 5 Stars

Satisfied customer

By: Sammy, AR

I have received my order and am totally satisified with the mattress. Thanks for your prompt service and keeping me informed. This was probably the best internet shopping experience I've had. Thanks again.

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 5 Stars

Custom Mattresss

By: Chrissie, MA

I received the mattress and it is perfect. I searched and searched everywhere! This place is the best!

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Super Fit!

By: bb, CA

Fits like a glove...will be back for sheets soon.

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By: R.S.J., TN

We ordered a custom made mattress for an antique cradle. Received it today and it fits perfectly. We are now looking to buy bumper pads from you... Thanks for your time and great service.

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Thank you!

By: DF, California

Thank you for filling my order so quickly! I put in a request that my order be shipped asap and to my great delight-the perfect sized custom made mattress (it fits like a dream!) arrived in great timing.

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So glad to have found you!

By: Amy Cook, Ohio

When my parents bought us a beautiful, hand-woven, Amish cradle, my first thought was "Thank you". Then I looked and it had no mattress and was worried. I couldn't use it if it didn't have a safe mattress. I found ababy and their custom mattresses. I was so happy and suprised that I could chose all of the specifics I needed! The mattress came yesterday and fit perfectly! I took the whole thing over to show my parents and they were very impressed. Thank you for taking a lovely decoration and making it an heirloom bed!

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 5 Stars

Oval Custom Mattress

By: LK, MI

Perfect fit! Thank you!

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 5 Stars

Very pleased

By: EHK, Texas

I was thrilled to find a company that would make a custom mattress for our antique cradle without charging a ridiculous price. The mattress is great quality, and it arrived quicker than expected. Thanks so much!!

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 5 Stars

Awesome! Perfect!!

By: Greg, California

The mattress came in less than a week. Was exactly what I wanted and needed. The customer service operator was very helpful and made sure I got exactly what I needed.

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 5 Stars


By: Elizabeth K., Texas

Thanks for the great product and very quick turn-around time. I am impressed! Thank you again!

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 5 Stars

Very Pleased

By: Sandy, VA

I have to tell you that I was very pleased with this mattress. The construction looks very sturdy. My fourth grandchild is due in about 2-3 weeks and will be using a hand made cradle by my father-in-law and my husband back in 1975. I'll be sure to recommend your company. I did think that the price was a little high for the cradle sheet, but you need one!!!

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 5 Stars

Wonderful Purchase

By: IowaSunshine, Iowa

I ordered this mattress for a custom cradle that my brother in law made for the arrival of our daughter and the mattress fit perfectly and has been wonderful!

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Fits wonderful

By: Joe, CA

Hello, I wanted to thank you for your recent customer service. There were complications in the initial delivery of our custom cradle mattress, but you immediately took action. Yesterday, we received our mattress and our very pleased with the appearance, fit, and hopefully soon the quality with our little baby laying on it. Thank you once again for your product and service,

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great job

By: Bob, IA

Thank you so much for the prompt delivery of the above mattress. It was just what I wanted. Great workmenship on your part. Thanks again

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 5 Stars


By: Nannette, Washington

After trying several mattresses for our "old" bassinette that didn't fit (too big) this mattress turned out to be the perfect size! Great service and speedy delivery too.

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 5 Stars


By: Jessika, MI

This was the only place we could find that made a custom mattress for our handmade cradle. The mattress is great and it shipped well before we expected it. Don't forget to get your custom fitted sheets, too!

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 5 Stars

Exactly what I needed!

By: gorgeousgranny, TX

Perfect size for this hard-to-fit bassinet. I wasn't sure I'd be able to find a match, but this product was exactly what I needed! Very pleased.

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 5 Stars

I'm blown away!

By: Happy Customer who will be back, IL

I never thought we'd be able to use the heirloom cradle given to us for our newborn because we had no mattress to fit. My mom suggested I look online and I discovered this site. At the time that I placed my order I was 2 weeks away from my due date. I emailed customer service (on a Sunday) asking if there was any way to rush my delivery. Sure enough, on Monday, I received an email saying "No problem" and that they'd have it shipped before the weekend. Here we are, 5 days after placing my order - and it is fitting perfectly in the cradle. I'm thrilled. I have recommended this site to everyone I know who is pregnant. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to use the beautiful piece of furniture on our newborn!

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 5 Stars


By: Michele, CT

I received the custom mattress for the bassinet and just have to thank you for the excellent job. It fits the bassinet PERFECTLY. I am so glad I found you online and had you make the replacement for it. I am also glad that I went with the 1 inch higher foam- It makes so much of a difference in appearance. I will definitely shop with you again. It is truly a a wonderful experience dealing with a company such as yours. Keep up the excellent work.

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 5 Stars


By: Cynthia, NJ

Rivky, Thank you for your prompt reply and for pushing my order through... and your right...that's service to please...I appreciate you & your warehouse employees doing what they did to get my grandsons mattress ready for shipping...a representative called me today to assure me that the mattress would be here tomorrow...I thanked her for calling me personally. Have a wonderful & Blessed day...

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 5 Stars

Quick and Perfect

By: Jess, SC

We have a long cradle that doesn't fit a standard mattress, so I ordered a custom mattress and two fitted sheets. I placed the order on Sunday and it was at my door by Friday! Everything fits beautifully- it's tight and sturdy in the cradle. (The only problem is now the cat won't sleep anywhere else!)

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Hello, I am 29 weeks pregnant with my first child. My grandfather, in his 80s, is so excited that I am going to use the cradle he made for me 33 years ago. Many of his grandchildren slept in that cradle and now a great-grandchild is! However, I was worried because I couldn't find a mattress that fit - my own parents had used a mattress from an old baby carriage. I was SO happy to find your site! Not only was I able to order the custom size mattress that I need, but also the order fulfillment was incredibly fast - I ordered on a Saturday and received my mattress today - Thursday! It fits the cradle perfectly. Thank you so much for helping us to carry on a treasured family tradition.

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 5 Stars

Perfect Fit

By: Melissa, Virginia

I ordered a custom oval mattress after my husband hated the mattress that came with the Fisher Price Zen Collection Bassinet that my parents ordered from our registry. I was a little skeptical at first about the request that I send a tracing/template of the current bassinet, but after receiving the custom mattress we couldn't be happier. Our baby should be here within the week and we're sure he will love sleeping in his new bassinet thanks to ababy!

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 5 Stars

fits great

By: G.B., PA

The mattress and fitted cradle sheets arrived today. They both fit my antique cradle perfectly. Thank you for your quick service and quality product.

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 5 Stars

My custom mattress

By: Vivian, GA

To Whom It May Concern: WOW - What great service. And so fast. Thank you for all you do in helping us to find the perfect item we need for our babies. One more item to ship and that is the mattress pad. Thank you again. So pleased with your company. :)Regards

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 5 Stars

Fits like a dream

By: Carol, OH

My baby cradle was made 33 years ago by an Amish gentleman named Johnathon. My son and his wife are now expecting their first baby in May. The cradle is in perfect condition, and thanks to you the baby will sleep on a wonderful mattress!!! Thank you sooo much for making the odd size mattress for me.

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 5 Stars


By: Lea, CA

We received a custom made cradle for our daughter's baby shower, and we knew we needed a mattress for it. I found this site and ordered a custom mattress for the cradle. It was perfect! Nice and soft, plus it fit the cradle perfectly. Mattress was high quality, and pretty thick!

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 5 Stars

Custom Mattress

By: Anna, NJ

Thank you for the prompt response. We ordered plans for a cradle and the mattress was listed on the plans with your site. This is the first time that I have ordered from your company. I am pleased that the order will arrive prior to the baby shower at the end of this month. The handmade cradle will look much nicer with the mattress in it. Thank you again.

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 5 Stars

Great Mattress!! Great Service!!

By: Karen Bingham, New Jersey

I just want to tell how pleased I am with the custom made cradle mattress. It's beautiful. Thank you for rushing it, it came so fast. I'm about to mail it out to my son and daughter in law for the new baby, due in a few weeks. I'm so excited about having the new mattress for the heirloom cradle. Thank you, I just wanted to let you know the workmanship is great and the customer service is terrific. I thought you may like to pass on my appreciation for the great job!

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 5 Stars

Exactly What I Ordered!

By: Rebecca, Georgia

Within a week of placing my custom order, I received my mattress and it fit perfectly and was exactly what I expected. Based on how the mattress turned out, I have now placed an order for a custom sheet for it. I am very pleased with this purchase.

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 5 Stars

Thank you

By: Susan J. Cunio, ME

I received my custom oval bassinett mattress on Friday, July 22, two days after you must have received my pattern in the mail. The mattress is a perfect fit and so thick. Thank you for your quick response to my order.

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 5 Stars

Custom Mattress

By: B. Nagy, Georgia

I ordered a custom mattress for my hard to fit cradle via telephone. The customer service representative was knowledgeable and helpful (which is hard to find these days). She gave me an approximate time for my mattress delivery as it is a customer piece and to my surprise was here earlier than expected. The mattress is PERFECT! It exceeded my expectations, as did this company. I will definitely be purchasing additional items in the future. If you are looking for a quality custom mattress you have come to the right place. Thanks!!

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 5 Stars


By: S Carpenter, NY

LOVE it Thanks so much the quality is great and fits just right......Thank you so much

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 5 Stars

Great Job!

By: Pat, Kentucky

We received the baby bedding this week and are very happy with it. Thanks for doing such a great job!

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 5 Stars

Great Service!

By: Ron N./Karen H, Pearland,TX.

Wow, we placed our order for a custom mattress and sheets on wendsday 4/25 and recieved them on 4/28 and it was just what we wanted. Thanks so much.

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 5 Stars


By: Debbie Johnson, KS

The bassinet mattress arrived. It fits perfectly. Thank you!

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 5 Stars


By: Carol Koziolek, tx

The custom crib mattress I ordered and fits our 70+year-old crib perfectly. I appreciated your friendly and helpful lady Rifky (I believe) that answered the phone when I called and the quick production and shipment of of the mattress. Consideration: Offering different grades of vinyl covering- although I thought your price was great I would have been very happy to have paid a little more for a thicker vinyl. Thanks again for your prompt and courteous service and good quality mattress.

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 5 Stars


By: Bridger B., OR

Just wanted to say thank you. For a custom order, you guys produced as promised and delivered quickly. Thank you.

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 5 Stars


By: Rikki, NY

I ordered a mattress size 26 x 38 for my pack n play. I spoke to a very helfpful rep at aBaby since I needed it rushed...The mattress shipped the next day after I placed my order and it fits perfectly!

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 5 Stars

Great for Pack N Play

By: RF, PA

Just came home from a week long trip in the mountains. We used our Pack n Play for my daughter to sleep in. The mattress we custom ordered from you fit perfectly and was exactly what we needed for my daughter to sleep comfortably. Now that I'm packing the sheets a way...I see I should've ordered them in a different color than the white as I'll keep mixing them up in my closet with my white crib sheets! Perhaps next time we go away I'll purchase 2 more in green!

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 4 Stars

Fits but...

By: Laura, Florida

Fits just right but was very disappointed that the mattress came shipped to me folded in half in the box, I hope it does not crack now.

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 3 Stars

The photo is deceptive

By: Nana, IL

Was thrilled to find a custom made mattress for a 35 year old handmade cradle. It arrived today and appears to be of good quality. But I should have read the description more closely about being vinyl covered. The photo clearly shows a quilted covering. So Buyer Beware! The photo is not accurate. It appears to be actually showing a quilted cover sold separately.

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 5 Stars

Perfect fit!

By: Dawn. T, Ohio

I received the custom made mattress I orderd , and it was a perfect fit. The mattress was well made, and I will have no questions or conserns letting my 3 month old son sleep on it. Well Done!!!.... I also received it erlier than stated on the web site !

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 5 Stars

Cradle Mattress

By: MWitt, MA

Trying to find a solid cradele mattress proved dificult but ababy"s mattress fit perfectly. The quality was excellent. I would reccomend this mattress.

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 5 Stars

Couldn't find a mattress with the right dimensions

By: Andrew, Utah

My father-in-law built us a crib for our son, he accidently built it 5 in too short. We looked all over the internet and in stores to try and find a mattress that was close to what would fit. No luck! After many many hours we found and ordered our mattress. We received the mattress in the mail a week later. Super fast and exactly what we needed!

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 5 Stars

Wonderful Mattress! Fits like a glove

By: Alecia, Iowa

I found this website through MSN search and am very pleased. My uncle made a colonial cradle for our first born and we could never find a mattress to fit. Thanks to this website baby #3 can enjoy the cradle. It is perfect.

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 5 Stars

Don't Hesitate - Buy It!

By: Mary, PA

Bought this and had it within a week to use in 50 year old cradle. Fit perfect, excellent quality. I'm sure my new grandbaby will sleep soundly in the same cradle his Daddy did!

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 5 Stars


By: DGreer, SC

We have a cradle that we absolutely could not find a mattress for. We special ordered one from and it it perfect! Exactly what we ordered!

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 5 Stars

Custom Mattress

By: Louann Swink, SC

I am very pleased with the custom size mattress. Although it was a little expensive, it is worth it to be able to use the small crib that was made for my mother in 1933! The quality is great and the size is perfect. I hope both of my granddaughters will keep it in the family for another 80 years.

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 5 Stars

Highly Recommended!

By: Jane Conley, ar

I recently ordered a custom bassinet mattress and have since received it. It perfectly fits an antique wicker bassinet that is now being used by the third generation of our family. Thank you for your prompt service and for the quality of the product. We will definitely recommend your company.

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 5 Stars

Exceeds our expectations!

By: Andrea S, WI

We came into the crib that my mom slept in as an infant, but it needed some work and a mattress. After fixing it up, we struggled to find a mattress that would fit inside-until we found We ordered our mattress on a Sunday morning and it was here by the next Friday.It fits PERFECTLY inside the crib!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'd recommend this site to anyone looking for great service, fast shipping and a great mattress!!

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 5 Stars

Cradle mattress

By: Dianna D, Indiana

Very pleased with a cradle mattress I purchased for a 45 year old cradle. It is 4 inches thick and my grandson sleeps like an angel on it. I could not be happier with it. Also ordered the custom sheets and they are a perfect fit. I would highly recommend ordering from this company.

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 5 Stars

Fits perfectly

By: Betty, KY

Got my mattress! Fits perfectly. So pleased. Thank you

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 5 Stars

Great mattress

By: Donna Mason, fl

Received the mattress very well made.

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 4 Stars

Very Happy

By: Ann, Va

We ordered this mattress for a cradle that required a carriage mattress in the early 70's. Since we were unable to purchase that, we were happy to find this custom made mattress. It arrived promptly and fortunately, they will make sheets for it.

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 5 Stars

Custom Cradle Mattress

By: Sarah, Colorado

I ordered a custom mattress for a cradle that was handmade and has unusual measurements and just recieved it today. It arrived in a very timely manner was even more perfect that I imagined. It fits perfectly and was made very well! I'm very happy with my order. Thank you so much!

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 5 Stars

Thank you!!!

By: Jaime Jones, TX

The mattress and sheets just came in the mail! They fit PERFECTLY!! :) If I could, I would hug you! My grandma will be visiting this weekend, and I just know it will warm her heart to see us using the cradle my grandpa built for my uncle in the 50s!! ;) Thank you!!!

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 4 Stars

Just got my order today.

By: Camales, J., Virginia

The custom mattress I ordered just came in today. Though I've waited a bit long for it, it was worth the wait. They got the size right, it really fits the crib and I can say the quality is really good. Good job.

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 5 Stars

Thank you

By: Beth and Andy, MD

The custom made cradle mattress arrived today and it fits perfectly. Thank you so much for your product and service. Sweet dreams for a sweet sweet baby.

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 4 Stars

Makes Bassinet Usable

By: HeatherB, DE

We were gifted a bassinet used by the past three generations of my husbands family for our new baby. Unfortunately, there was no mattress included and it's not a standard size. The mattress ordered fits the bassinet perfectly and we received it a week after order. My only minor complaints are in regards to the vinyl covering. It's very noisy/crinkly sounding.

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 5 Stars

So fast!

By: Hunter, Minnesota

I am immensely impressed with working with My custom mattress showed up just 9 days (not 9 business days - 9 calendar days) after I ordered it, I figured it would take a while to make and then still need time for shipment. It fit perfectly in my custom cradle and was exactly as described. I am so happy with it and can't wait for my newborn to sleep on it! Having a custom mattress maker is so much easier than trying to find an alternative mattress and some sort of waterproof cover for it! I will definitely keep this site in my mind for future purchases.

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 5 Stars

A Perfect Fit

By: Linda, North Carolina

Thank you so much. I ordered a mattress for a size that was not listed. I called and spoke with someone who was extremely helpful. This was a custom size for a custom made infant bed. I also got two fitted sheets made for the mattress and the fit is perfect. My items arrived in about a week as promised. I am very pleased with the quality and professional job you did for me.

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 5 Stars

Fantastic For An Odd Size Bassinet

By: Emily Thomas, Maryland

We are using an older bassinet that no longer had its mattress. This was simple and easy to order, arrived very quickly and is great quality. I was worried about the foam being too soft but it's perfect. Smells a little right out of the box so we let it air out for a number of days before covering with the sheet (or in our case, a pillowcase that fits perfectly on it). Very pleased. Would definitely use again if needed! We ordered the 2" and it isn't too thin or too thick.

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 5 Stars

Perfect fit

By: Daniel, Wisconsin

This was exactly what I was looking for. Fits perfectly in our custom cradle. Has a waterproof material on the outside, and is thick enough to be comfortable and safe for our little one. So happy I was able to find this unusual size pad.

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 4 Stars

Perfect fit!

By: Naria, KY

This was exactly what I was looking for. This Custom Mattress Fits perfectly in our custom cradle. It Has a waterproof material on the outside too!!

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 5 Stars

Mattress is perfect!

By: Amanda, Fl

I was a bit nervous ordering it but it came so quick and is perfect. Thank you!

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 5 Stars

Perfect fit!

By: Dareth, VA

I was slightly hesitant to order a custom mattress, but I’m so glad I did!! Our custom mattress is a perfect fit and great quality. I am so pleased with it! It arrived in less than 2 weeks after placing the order (also ordered a custom sheet). I tried numerous stream-line mattresses, trying to fit our antique crib that was passed down to us, without any luck - I’m so glad I found this company. I couldn’t be happier!

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 4 Stars

Good mattress but don’t like the vinyl cover

By: Alyssa, Ca

Mattress is comfy for baby, but the cover is REALLY crinkly... would have paid more for a better cover. Almost contemplating cutting it off but don’t want it to be exposed... wondering if I can find a different whole cover for the mattress so I can remove it. Almost perfect, but the vinyl is like the plastic cover you want to rip off your grandmas couch.

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 5 Stars

The Perfect Mattress

By: Georgia Butler, Georgia

Just happened to run across your website when looking for a mattress to fit an heirloom cradle for my first granddaughter. Thought about making it myself but why would I when I could get The Perfect Mattress and fitted sheet in 3 days for a super deal! Thank You aBABY!

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 5 Stars

Custom mattress for vintage bassinet

By: Autumn May, Oregon

It took a little while to come but it was no problem, I didn�t need a rush on it and it was still made and shipped within the 2-3 weeks that�s stated on the site. The biggest thing is it fit just perfect ! I got a very old vintage bassinet from a vintage store and my dad spent weeks stripping the paint, then I primed and painted it. I was worried about finding a safe mattress, I couldn�t find a mattress anywhere that would fit properly until I found this site, thank you so much I�m thankful for this custom made mattress.

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 5 Stars

Perfect fit.

By: Shelley, California

The mattress was a perfect fit for the cradle my brother made for my daughter over 33 years ago. At least our granddaughter will have a mattress that actually fits. Shipment was quick and quality good. Thank you.

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 5 Stars

Wow! So Fast!

By: Melanie, CA

Oh my goodness!!! The custom mattress and linens arrived and were on the cradle an hour before the new parents arrived!! And two days after ordering - ya�ll are the best!!! Grateful thanks!! Greatly appreciated!! BBB Business Review