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Baby Cradle Soft Bumper Pad, Machine Washable, Breathable Liner

Baby Cradle Soft Bumper Pad, Machine Washable, Breathable Liner

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Baby Cradle Bumpers

By: Terri Threadgill, Texas

I purchased a set for a 20 year old cradle that my son had used and they worked out great. I used another set for a moses basket for our new grandson. Both of these have been soft and are made extremely well. is a great site to look for hard-to-find-items.

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cradle bumpers

By: Sharon, Ny.

I purchased these for an old cradle (along with a mattress) and both were a perfect fit. Shipping was on time. Completely satisfied, and I will be back!

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Baby Cradle Bumpers

By: Sha Campbell, KY

This product was perfect for me. I was looking for a bumper in a primary color rather than the light, pale colors. this is the only place that I found what I was looking for. I got the navy blue bumper and it is beautiful!

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 4 Stars

great bumpers!!

By: Ashley, Kansas

These bumbers fit great!! The only issue I had was the color... there is no preview for kahki.. I was expecting a tan, but these were a green... they still matched though!!

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 5 Stars


By: Mary Carney, PA

I had a 65 year old crib that was a little smaller than cradle size. I ordered the bumpers and they were terrific. Great products and great service.

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Older Cradle

By: Patricia C, Maryland

I had difficulty finding bumpers of the correct fit. These fit perfectly. I'm having difficulty figuring out where to tie the ties but that's a small issue. I would recommend them to anyone with the smaller size cradle.

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By: Mary Ann, NY

After searching all over for 15x33 inch bumpers for my family cradle I decided to order from your web site. I received my order promptly and it was exactly what I wanted. My cradle looked beautiful for my first grandchild.

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 4 Stars

Cradle Bumper

By: Kathy, PA

I was pleased to see a bumper and sheet that matched for an unusually sized cradle. My only issue is that it was about 6 inches too long and had to be doubled around, even though i had the right dimensions. Still looked great!

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Cradle Bumpers

By: L. Bauer, NY

I loved the color selection. Service was unbelievable...I received them the day after I ordered them.

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Baby Cradle Bumper

By: Janet Chilton, North Carolina

I really liked the bumper. It is bright and soft. Just what I wanted.

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 4 Stars


By: Kathy H, pa

A little thin but it fit my antique cradle perfect for our 2 new grandchildren, one in aug and one in sept. It's perfect for Grandma's house!!

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 5 Stars

Great Bumper

By: Susan, New York

Very Cute.

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 5 Stars

cradle bumper

By: Deb, Vermont

We made a cradle for our daughter's first baby and had trouble finding the right bumper. These were perfect!

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 5 Stars


By: BF, TN

The bumper was exactly as I had hoped and definitely needed.

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 5 Stars


By: Ann, WA

Fabulous service and fabulous bumper

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 5 Stars

Perfect Fit and Match

By: Nancy, GA

I ordered cradle bumpers for a cradle hand made by my grandfather's grandfather before the Civil War. They fit perfectly and the color matched all the other bedding nicely! I will use your company again.

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Basic but fits nicely

By: Jennifer K, MS

This bumper seems to be well made with ties on both top and bottom unlike several others with one tie on top. It is not fancy in decoration, very simple but will go with most any decor and great for the price. Fits perfectly in the new cradle. I ordered the Ecru color but I would call it more white, not a bright white but it is much lighter than the ecru sheet I ordered from aBaby.

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 5 Stars


By: D. Rhyde, NY

I ordered these for a cradle that is 40 years old and they fit well!

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Great Quality!!!

By: Mom to be, LA

I had a hard time finding a bumper that would fit a custom made bassinet that is 30 years old and this was perfect! I did have to reshape it after i washed it but it held up good. I'm very happy with my order.

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Baby Cradle Buumper

By: Mike F, Texas

As advertised. Perfect fit for the cradle.

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Perfect Size, Great service, Fast Shipping

By: mommyX1_2010, Florida

The size of the cradle that I am using is 15x33 and I was not able to find anything locally in this size at all. This bumber fit great and was the perfect color.

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 5 Stars

Very Pleased

By: Kathy, IA

I was very pleased with the cradle bumper, sheet and mattress I ordered from your company and have now passed the word on to the person who makes the baby cradles as he didn't have a name of who to direct people to for the mattress, bumper etc.

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 5 Stars

Round #2!

By: Christina, TN

I purchased the pink cradle bumper for my first little one almost 2 years ago. It is for an old cradle and looked everywhere for a bumper that would fit. Then I found this site and I'm back again for baby #2!

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 4 Stars

Excellent product

By: Happy mom, Idaho

I purchased this bumper for a very old cradle that wasn't a standard shape. The bumper fits perfectly and provides excellent coverage. I would definitely recommend this product however the pink was muCh brighter than I expected so I might have gone with a lighter color.

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 5 Stars

Cradle Bumpers

By: Becky, Texas

I didn't think I was going to find the perfect size for our 4th generation cradle. I was wrong. And not only that, I had more color choices than I had expected. Quality was very satisfactory too. Will return for more shopping. Thanks

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 4 Stars


By: Kristin, FL

I ordered these to fit a 32 year old cradle that I have. The fit was almost perfect (certainly good enough) and the bumper looks great and is in excellent condition. I'm so excited to find a site that has what I need for the cradle!

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 5 Stars

Nice Bumper

By: Shalynn, Texas

Nice Cradle Bumper. Fit 18x36 Cradle. could do better than 5% coupon.

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 5 Stars

Just what I wanted


I couldn't find a bumper for the wicker bassinet I bought for my grand daughter, I had to buy a whole set just to get a bumper and nothing in the color I wanted. I bought the ruffled one and it fit perfect and is beautiful.

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 5 Stars

Baby cradle mattress, sheet and bumpers

By: Linda K, Arkansas

I purchased an old handmade cradle from a resale shop for my newborn granddaughter but had no mattress, sheets or bumpers for it. I was so happy to find a company that makes all of them special order for the unusual size cradle I have. I received my order in a matter of just of few days and they are all made perfectly sized as ordered and beautifully made! I couldn't be happier with them!

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 5 Stars

Lovely product

By: Dawn, New Hampshire

The cradle bumper I ordered came w/in days and it was the perfect color, fit, and softness. It will be a wonderful addition to our heirloom cradle!

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 5 Stars

In Love

By: lindsy mami of two, NY

I am thrilled the bumper fitted perfectly around my very antique cradle i would recommend this to anyone in a heartbeat.

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 4 Stars


By: Amanda, NY

I bought the yellow bumper for a cradle that will be a gift to my sister. The bumper color is as picture and is soft. It should work well with the rest of the decor for the cradle.

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 5 Stars

Cradle bumpers

By: Granny, California

Well made bumpers, very reasonabley priced. Buy a couple for different looks!

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 5 Stars

Baby Craddle Bumpers, Cradle Mattress, and Sheet

By: Valerie, Virginia

I recieved all item fast. I have a hand made oversized cradle and the bumper, mattress, and sheet fit like a glove. I am very happy with everything I ordered and will definitely order from again. They have awesome customer service.

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 5 Stars

Excellant fit.

By: Beverly, Texas

I ordered this in the tailored, Royal Blue, for the cradle. The fit is great and I'm quite pleased with the product. I, also, ordered the sheet and mattress. Both items are just what I wanted. The only regret, which I will rectify, is that I did not order the mattress pad as well

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Baby Cradle Bumpers

By: V, Texas

I ordered 2 sets of the white bumpers, and they came as promised. They look great, and fit the bed just right. Having two sets, one will always be on the bed, and one in waiting... There are ties for the bed rails on one side of the bumpers, but I suppose that allows movement rather than restriction on the bottom side. I am very happy with the purchase.

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cradle bumper pads

By: Gloria, LA

I was looking for a solid color cradle bumper thats when i saw this product online. I got the red colored bumper. This is really soft and good quality product. BBB Business Review