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Dr. Michelle's Corner

For more than 20 years Dr. Michelle has been taken care of little patients. As a Pediatrician and a mother of three she brings you a unique perspective on mothering children.

Understanding Attention Deficit Disorder
It's not his fault that he can't concentrate.
Strep Can Cause Psychiatric Problems in Children
There's more to strep than meets the eye.
Care for your baby
A synopsis of methods for feeding, burping, bathing, and generally caring for baby.
Understanding Childhood Allergies
Mild or severe, know how to deal with your child's allergies.
Pacifiers Protect from Crib Death
Discover the secret to safe slumbering.
Keeping the Gains of Summer
Keeping fit and happy all year 'round!
Why we need to be Patient with Bedwetters
Bedwetting is not the child's fault! Find out why.
Understanding Infant GERD and Infant Colic
What's causing baby's constant crying and your constant exhaustion?
Activities for Everyone
Biking, skating, and swimming are enjoyed by young and old alike.
The Calcium Crisis
Give your bones the gift they deserve and enjoy long lasting strength.
What are we feeding our children
Healthy eating habits are acquired young.
Selecting and Using Car Seats
Using the correct car seat correctly can save lives!
Food for Infants
How baby transitions from formula to a 3 meal a day diet.
TIPP Injury Prevention
One of the biggest threats to your baby's life and health is an accident.
Summer Safety
Summer safety makes for summer fun!
Understanding Antibiotics
Ever heard of too much of a good thing?
The Truth about Immunizations
Make the smart decision and benifit your child for a lifetime!
The Facts about Fever
Fever - not always a cause to worry.
Understanding Sleep in Children
What's happening as your child slumbers? Why does sleep elude your child?
Street Safety
Teach your child about the dangers and safety measures of the street.
A Safe and Healthful School Environment
Let's make our schools safe for our children.
Self Settling
Help your child learn the art of self settling!
Skin Care for Infants and Babies
Baby skin is soft and delicate - it needs tender loving care.
Toilet Training
Training - when and how to begin.
Understanding Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding - the joys and the challenges.
Understanding Hydration in Children
Drink, drink, and drink some more ... water!
Winter Wisdom
Winter and the great outdoors!
Help Fight Bacteria with Probiotics
Probiotics work wonders.
Eating and Growth
Find out what constitutes healthy food intake for your child throughout the growing up years.
Constipation in Children
How to avoid and handle constipation in infants and children.
Is your infant sleeping safely
Be sure that your baby slumbers in a safe environment.
Fats In Your Diet
The right fats and the wrong fats.
Childproofing Tips
Learn how to childproof your home and avoid accidents.
Understanding the First Day of Life
An overview of baby's first hours.