Personalized Just-a-Potty Chair



Personalized Potty Chair

By: Little Colorado

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  • 16"H x 18"W x 13"D

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    Treasure That Classy Look!
    Enjoy the look of a traditional potty, while your toddler will be pleased feeling like an adult. The chair is stable, yet comfortable, and of course very easy to clean. The removable plastic chamber slides out from the rear to minimize messy complications that may arise during use.


    • 16"H x 18"W x 13"D
    • Made of birch wood.
    • Chamber is made of plastic.
    • Height from floor to seat: 6.5".
    • Made In USA

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    Average Customer Rating: 4 Stars (9 reviews)

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     5 Stars

    Much better than a plastic potty!

    By: Aletheia, OR

    We EC, but my son (a small 20 month old) has hated every plastic molded potty we've bought. As a young toddler, the main point of having a small potty is that he can get on and off it easily BY HIMSELF; the splash guards on the others always made that tricky. Granted, he does sometimes pee over the top of this one, but that's still better than peeing in his diaper. The construction is sturdy: when he got both feet into the bowl and stood up, it didn't cause any damage (he does only weigh 20 pounds, though!). The feet do slip a bit on our linoleum floor. We have it up against the wall. This also helps keep him from trying to pull the bowl out (it slides out the back). I guess the fancier version would be nice to have; we do have a pile of books just sitting on the floor next to the potty. But this basic little potty does the job, is easy to look at, and promises to still be around for the next couple of kids.

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     4 Stars

    Just-a-Potty Chair

    By: Peggy, FL

    It works very well for my Grandaughter. She likes it better than the plastic one I'd gotten first.

    Review 3 of 9

     5 Stars

    Just a Potty Chair

    By: Heather Holland, Arkansas

    Love this potty. My 17 month old will sit on this potty for much longer than she ever would on our plastic one. It is much wider and has more stability. She has used it twice while reading books.

    Review 4 of 9

     5 Stars

    Just a Potty Chair

    By: Liz Green, Virginia

    My grandson likes to sit on this potty, compared to the first one I bought. We are very satisfied.

    Review 5 of 9

     5 Stars


    By: Debbie, Florida

    We love it!!! I bought this for my grandson, after trying 3 plastic ones. He would not sit on the plastic chairs at all. I remembered using wood for my two girls when they were that age and decided to see if they still made wood. Then I found this chair. I put stencils of his name on the chair that could be re-painted with my next grand child. I also put a round plastic ring for him to be a little softer when he sat down. To many distractions on those plastic ones prevent a child from going potty. This chair I recommend to all the mothers out there!!! This will last for a lifetime and can be saved for your future grandchildren.

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