Kids’ Bedroom Wall Mirrors

Add a touch of classic charm to your little girl’s nursery or bedroom with our delightful wall mirrors. Your little princess would love to receive one of these as a gift, making her feel like the fairest in the land!

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Which little girl wouldn’t like a mirror to admire her pretty face in! A mirror helps children as they dress themselves and learn to recognize their distinctive features, thereby adding to their sense of identity. Our selection of charming mirrors would look lovely on your little girl’s wall, next to her vanity corner.

Our exquisite mirrors have delicate hand-painted accents which add a spirit of elegance to any room. We love the mosaic mirrors, crafted from wood and broken china, these elements add a touch of uniqueness as no two pieces are the same. These would make the perfect gift for a birthday.

The round wall resin mirrors have a clean, crisp finish and are hand-painted in lovely pastel shades according to your choice. The hand-painted scalloped mirror is so pretty, it’ll please any princess! The round scalloped frame has a dainty vine design that adds a perfect finishing touch.

Skillfully made and crafted from durable materials; these are the kind of pieces that will last for years to come. As lovely keepsakes, every time your little one looks into one of our mirrors, she’ll even be looking back at some wonderful memories!