Baby Moses Basket Mattresses

Baby Moses basket mattresses - a cozy and snug way to carry your sleeping baby.

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A baby Moses basket is a really cute bassinet to keep your baby close by as you go about your daily chores at home or even out for a picnic or similar trips.

At aBaby, we offer the best in Moses basket mattresses to ensure that your baby’s sleep is not compromised. Our baby Moses basket mattresses are firm, comfortable and durable.

To ensure the mattress stays protected and lasts long, our baby Moses basket mattresses are reinforced with a tear-resistant and water-resistant vinyl cover to ensure that moisture does not seep into the mattress to damage it and to prevent a wet mattress from disturbing your baby’s sleep.

We also offer customized baby Moses basket mattresses to fit any size of Moses baskets you may own. Get in touch to have your questions answered before placing your order.