Organic & Natural Cradle Mattresses, Protectors & Sheets

Keep bacteria, odor, dust mites, and wetness away with thoughtfully designed mattresses made of natural, chemical-free materials. Get baby cradle mattresses with waterproof covers & custom designs for your little one to sleep in for hours on end.

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Whether you’re preparing the nest for the arrival of your newborn or simply looking to refurbish an heirloom cradle, we’ve got a range of baby cradle mattresses in various sizes to help you find the right fit. Made with all-natural materials, your little one can now spend long precious hours of sleep on these cradle mattresses.

Explore the benefits of our selection of natural & organic mattresses, pads and sheets:

1.As a parent, you do the best to protect your precious one from harmful chemicals and toxins. A lot of commercially produced cotton bedding may have remnants of chemical pesticides and treatments that can irritate the delicate skin of your baby. At aBaby, you can find cradle mattresses made of 100% natural and organic materials including cotton, premium eco-wool and natural latex rubber.
2.If you’ve just handcrafted your baby cradle or received one that’s been passed down, specify the exact shape and dimensions of the cradle. We’ll ensure you get the perfect fit. Our customizable mattresses are made of high density, fire-retardant foam and are both safe and comfortable for your little one.

Make the most of our combo deals with sheets and waterproof mattress protectors to ensure your mattress is safe from stains and germs.