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Heirloom and hand-made cribs are a privilege – so, stop worrying about getting the right mattress size! We specialize in custom baby mattresses in various shapes and sizes. Pick a product from our collection, select the dimensions.

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We love delivering the right baby mattress for heirloom, hand-made cradles and cribs.

When buying customized baby mattresses, please keep these important factors in mind.

1.Material: Get baby mattresses with high density, hypoallergenic, breathable premium foam to ensure maximum comfort.
2.Safety: Ensure the foam mattress for your baby is free of harmful chemicals or colored dyes; buy mattresses that are made of allergen-free materials to prevent itching and scratching. Mattress covers should be fire retardant, tear-resistant, and waterproof. Buy baby mattresses that include a soft, integrated, and sewn in wipeable vinyl protector. This protects the mattress from stains, spills and harmful bacteria.
3.Fit: The fit is the biggest factor after the safety and comfort of the crib mattress. We allow customization of every aspect of the mattress – thickness, length, width, color, shape, and even sheets with flat or fitted styles.
4.Portability: If you need your baby’s mattress to be portable, aBaby offers soft, compact, double sided bed mat, which makes the perfect travel bedding solution.
If you have questions, please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you. We can accommodate all sizes and shapes.

Our mattresses are made in the USA and meet fire safety requirements. Buy from our range of custom size crib mattresses and bassinet mattresses today!