Baby Mattress Bed Bug Covers – Cribs, Bassinets, & Large Beds

Our mattress bed bug covers offer allergy-free sleep & protect expensive mattresses from bed bugs. Get mattress covers for cribs, bassinets & large bed mattresses in lab-tested fabrics. For peaceful sleep for your child & to prolong mattress life

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Choose from our selection of bed bug covers to ensure peaceful sleep for your child.

Get covers made from 100% polyester, laminated to a urethane membrane. This makes the mattress waterproof and machine washable. It is soft and feels cozy. It goes beyond that; it protects the mattress from spills, stains, and moisture. The fabric is breathable with sufficient airflow – ensuring peaceful and uninterrupted sleep. The material is lab-tested and hypoallergenic – keeping your little one safe from irritation and allergens.

Our bed bug covers fit baby mattresses perfectly, offering fully covered, all-round protection. They are designed to keep your little one safe from bed bugs, mites, pests, and dust. Our covers effectively help prevent any form of infestation.

Few things are as important as the zipper in your baby mattress cover. Our mattress bed bug covers use unique zipper lock enclosures, securing the mattress from intrusion and making changing covers convenient and quick.

Add years to your mattress and save you a lot of money. Get mattress bed bug covers in a wide variety of sizes – find the right fit today.